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  1. I served in the Marine Corps for 4 years. I know a little about freedom too. I also learned a little disipline along the way.


    I asked permission from the State Parks. I got a no. I persisted and with the help of a bunch of other people the State Parks created a geocaching policy. Now the Arkansas State parks are a geocaching partner. (There is a link somewhere).


    I caught a lot of flack for my efforts including a considerable amout from [those] who manage this site. I guess they wanted all the credit.


    I am not surprised that an airforce lifer thinks tresspassing is a suitable practice. They don't normally have to get on the ground with the land owner.


    [Edited to remove offensive term.]

  2. quote:
    Originally posted by Keystone Approver:

    This is one Sock Puppet posting that I won't be moderating. Rather, I'll be printing it out and framing it. Thank you for your expression of confidence. And thanks, too, to Solohiker for starting this thread, which has sparked some useful discussion.



    smile.gif Signal says, "Drink the Kool-Aid!" smile.gif


    You are welcome!


    So can you help me with the threads I start that are immediately deleted?

  3. quote:
    Originally posted by Jeremy:

    Originally posted by solohiker:

    So we have a bunch of inexperienced amateurs running this site?


    Who woulda guessed?


    It's good enough to keep you coming back, isn't it?


    smile.gif Jeremy Irish

    Groundspeak - The Language of Location


    Yes Sir, May I have another, Sir.

  4. I applaud the new policy to remove sockpuppets from the forums. I wasn't too sure what a sockpuppet was, but now that I know and I also know that a policy exists. It makes sense.


    Enforcing a policy like this seems simple enough. There is no reason for this to be subjective. I would like to offer my expertise in programming services to insure that no sockpuppet ever posts another thread.


    If interested, you know how to contact me:-)

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