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  1. I think the forums should be a place to exchange ideas and crack jokes. On topic jokes of course. As far as paying for additional services... How many moderators were non-paying members? Off topic I know. Should I start a new thread?
  2. I just bring extra batteries. Since geocaching has become mainstream there don't seem to be as many trail caches. Puzzle caches in parking lots? Go inside the Wal-Mart to fix anything.
  3. As far as boot fit goes I am a non-traditionalist. I now buy most of my boots and shoes off the web. I know my size and I rarely send footware back. I walk more than most and my experience is that if the fit is close the footware will conform to my foot. Of course I live in the middle of no-where so just about anything that Wal-Mart does not carry is 100 miles away. I have wide feet 10 1/2 EE. Not too wide, but not a size that everyone makes. I tryed on some Aslo 510 boots (I think) that were really nice, but too narrow. They don't make a wide boot. The salesman brought out a 11 1/2? It was not as tight, but a poor compromise. My footware for the last 15 years has been Vasque, Rockport or Asics.
  4. In regards to posting racially insensitive words I agree. I made an inappropriate racial post and was moderated. My comments were not intended to be racially insensitive, but it was a lapse in judgement on my part. I appreciate the moderator's sense of duty and apologize. Ack! I am off topic again
  5. Solohiker, I note first that your posts about the perceived unfairness of the moderators and about profanity are both off-topic to the subject of off-topic posts. Nevertheless, after trying initially to ignore your first post, I now feel compelled to respond to your second post. Informally, we use "broadcast standards" for profanity in posts. Initially when the moderating system was implemented, I tried enforcing a stricter standard and I was asked by both TPTB and the community to back off a notch. I've done that. Therefore, an occasional "dadgum" or "this pisses me off" won't set off anyone's warning meters. On the other hand, something like a racially insensitive word will set off a warning meter. dadgum, language like that really pisses me off. I did not say the moderating was unfair just unpredictable, capricious. The moderating seems to have changed since my last ban. I hope that in some small way I was a part of that. As far as off topic I never really did understand the off topic rules. These threads are simply conversations. When I talk to people the conversation leads to related topics as well as unrelated topics. If the conversation is interesting then others join in. At the point it becomes a quagmire between two people who never will agree then I agree.... Off with their topic!
  6. Stuff like that is posted a lot and it makes me think that there are those out there that would like there to be no subjectiveness what-so-ever and more moderation in return. Personally I think some OT is ok as long as its not meant to derail threads and as long as its not meant to hurt anyone else. The keyword is 'some', in moderation if you will. I agree, but the rules clearly state that no profanity should be used, but it is allowed for some people.
  7. If you are refering to the Sundowner MX II then I agree. I don't see any advertisements for Sundowner II that list the country of origin. The word on the street came from people I know who have had Chinese Sundowners so it is worth something to me.
  8. My personal observation is that the rules are enforced in a capricious and arbitrary manner. More subjective than anything else.
  9. I needed a new pair of sundowners, but the word on the street was since Red Wing (who now ownes Vasque) moved the manufacturing to China the quality was not near as good. I bought some MX II sundownders which were still being made in Italy. They are made with a little thicker leather and come up higher than my old sundowners. They fit like a glove, but the leather collar squeaks even after a year. I love wearing them to work on snow days. Squeak Squeak Squeak.
  10. I don't know why I do it. I don't do it much anymore.
  11. That brings up another question. What is up with the puzzle caches? I remember when geocaching took me to interesting places in interesting locations. Now it seems everyother cache is a puzzle in a parking lot. I have a puzzle book in my bathroom for those times I need to concentrate.
  12. At least, it would if the world were flat. Have you ever calculated the arc that you travel in a day?
  13. I can say that the moderators have eased up considerably since my first warning. Profanity is clearly against the rules, yet I see it posted often. I wish the rules were enforced uniformly. I don't think profanity belongs in the forum.
  14. My warning meter is only 20%. I'm not sure what the rules are. I suppose that is why I get banned.
  15. I just got off a 30 day ban. My second since the moderators showed up:-)
  16. I have my own opinions on this, but a reliable spell checker couldn't hurt.
  17. I have tried recently, but I just got off 30 days moderation probation so very few of my posts were getting posted.
  18. I use UTM. It makes more sense to navigate with linear dimensions than angular lines.
  19. I am looking for some cachers from LA who sign their logs as the Fords. They entered a log in an Arkansas cache on 3/2/03 and took the spinning platter travel bug. They did not log on the website and never logged the spinning platter bug. The cache has been archived an I was trying to locate the bug for the owner. Cache was GC8CD. Thanks
  20. You can use UTM format and everything is measured in meters.
  21. You might want to invest in an inverter. It makes it easy to keep the laptop charged on the road. I have mobiledesk in my truck also. www.brohmsonlinesales.com www.mobiledesk.com
  22. I worked hard at maintaining the quality of my caches for the first two years I cached. Not any more. My favorite was, "took dollar left quarter." The first rule of geocaching as defined by me: "No matter how worthless the items contained in a cache they will be replaced with something of lesser value."
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