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  1. Knives and multitools? You people are living large. I had to remove a few of my caches when my permits expired and I brought home a used range ball ball, a bumper sticker, piece of what was once hard candy, used crayon, fake $100 bill.


    In my opinon these are the trade items that need to be banned.


    The first rule of geocaching as defined by me, "No matter how worthless the junk a person puts into a cache it will be replaced with something of lesser value."

  2. When I am out backpacking it is nice to have preset waypoints to establish location. Many of these places have historical significance as well. I also download these waypoints into Maptech's Terrain Navigator so they will display on my topo maps.

  3. In the past I have downloaded place names that are nearby a particular cache. I don't see this option anymore. When I click on place names I get a list of the places, but no download feature.


    Has this been changed or is there another way to download place names?



  4. I used to maintain my caches. Not anymore. In three years it seems to be getting worse. I initially coined the phrase...


    "No matter how worthless the contents of a cache it will be replaced by something of lesser value."


    Now I realize many just take stuff and don't leave anything.

  5. The mods forum is on a seperate server.

    There is nothing stopping those that want a seperate forum like the mods have from starting one. All you need is some one to host the thing. Thats really not a bad idea. That way you could flame away with out fear of warnings. Anyone want to host the Off Topic Forum for those that seem to need one?

    Free bandwidth, free disc space and free use of the software for any topic we want?


    Uh, Ok!


    Where do I sign up?

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