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  1. I have an REI shell that is three layer goretex. It has lasted. I carry a small umbrella too.
  2. Knives and multitools? You people are living large. I had to remove a few of my caches when my permits expired and I brought home a used range ball ball, a bumper sticker, piece of what was once hard candy, used crayon, fake $100 bill. In my opinon these are the trade items that need to be banned. The first rule of geocaching as defined by me, "No matter how worthless the junk a person puts into a cache it will be replaced with something of lesser value."
  3. When I hit 100 I got frustrated with the new breed of cachers. Film canisters in a mall parking lot??? How much duller can it get:-( I remember caches that took me to places I would not have found otherwise. I still find an occasional cache, but I don't log them anymore.
  4. When I am out backpacking it is nice to have preset waypoints to establish location. Many of these places have historical significance as well. I also download these waypoints into Maptech's Terrain Navigator so they will display on my topo maps.
  5. I think many of the non-premium members are disapprovers.
  6. In the past I have downloaded place names that are nearby a particular cache. I don't see this option anymore. When I click on place names I get a list of the places, but no download feature. Has this been changed or is there another way to download place names? Thanks
  7. I posted my picture. It was deemed inappropriate and removed by Admin.
  8. I used to maintain my caches. Not anymore. In three years it seems to be getting worse. I initially coined the phrase... "No matter how worthless the contents of a cache it will be replaced by something of lesser value." Now I realize many just take stuff and don't leave anything.
  9. The local papers have run a couple articles on geocaching. It has created a spurt.
  10. The leaves in the trees make the search more difficult than the leaves on the ground my son. -- solohiker
  11. You know you are addicted when you are banned twice and return each time. Or is Jeremy addicted to me....? MoooooHaaaaaHaaaaa
  12. Caches on private property are worse. I have only found one cache on private property that was actually posted by the owner. Everyone else seems to have permission. I own private property. I would never give someone permission to invite strangers. Creepy.
  13. I would say any number of recent caches that are surrounded by private property. I don't like people. I hate trespassing even worse. I remember when a cache took me to a path less traveled.
  14. This place has been a cash cow for years. I'll bet Jeremy makes almost as much as I do.
  15. During my efforts to promote this hobby with land managers I relied on Jeremy to be the heavy on rouge cachers. It blew up in my face when Jeremy, the admin folks, the cachers and I had a face off. My advice is to let Jeremy handle all the land management issues and publicity.
  16. Ouch , the moderator replied and told me when to use the button
  17. What is it? I have sent IM's to moderators to report inappropriate posts and received sarcastic comments in return Is there a button I haven't pushed? Is there a button I could have pushed?
  18. Free bandwidth, free disc space and free use of the software for any topic we want? Uh, Ok! Where do I sign up?
  19. Wow, the original post was off topic! Dogs are OK, but not many dog owners are not.
  20. I live in a tick infested area. I never used duct tape to pick them off. I usually find them in a hairy part of my body. Duct tape? Ouch!
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