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  1. quote:Originally posted by Team Geo-Remdation:Yep, but you have to log it online. When you do there is an option to to chose that says "Cache should be archived" the admins get these notes and look into it. PSUPAUL of Team Geo-Remdation This is not my exerience. I have posted 'Cache should be archived' and the cache remained unarchived and never found again.
  2. quote:Originally posted by BrianSnat: Do they collapse and fit in your pack when you don't need them, or in your suitcase if you are travelling? Can you switch the basket and use them for cross-country skiing and snowshoeing in the winter? Can you adjust the length when you need a longer pole for downhill walking, or a shorter pole for uphill, or so your kid can use it? Do they have a pointed end that fits nicely into the gromment of a tarp shelter, so you don't have to bring extra poles along on a camping trip? Can they double as a wading pole when you are flyfishing, then fold up so they're not the way while you're casting? I don't recall having a need to flip over a log or rock while hiking, so I'll stick with my Komperdells. A treking pole is not sufficient if you really have to wack something. If I am hiking I don't normally carry skis and snowshoes. A wooden stick works great as a wading pole. The areas I hike are up and down all the time. It would be a waste of time to change the length of a treking pole. I just grab the stick at a different height. I would not give a kid a treking pole, they can't keep up with a stick. Where I hike there are an abundance of sticks to use for setting up a tarp. Treking poles are good for hauling heavy loads, but sometimes a stick is enough. I can do a lot of trail maintenance with a stick that I cannot do with a treking pole. Flipping limbs and stones off the trail with a treking pole is not efficent. I have tried it.
  3. The domain geocache.org is being retired. There is a thread in rec.backcountry with specifics.
  4. Why is woodsters making such a case for vacation caches? Is he just trying to promote his vacation website with his signature tag? He has not placed any caches!@!! Place a cache woodster and find out what is involved in maintaining a cache, before you climb on a soap box. I suggest this thread be killed.
  5. The last time I got this excited about a flashlight was..... never? Get real. Dollar General has LED lights for a dollar. We stopped rubbing two sticks together, before I was born.
  6. quote:Originally posted by pnew:hey man no worries! You can still go caching by using topographical maps with very accurate coords. Thats how Web-ling does most of his caching. Shoot him a quick e-mail and he might be able to give you an online map source or something. http://www.texasgeocaching.com The Department of Redundancy Department A geocache a day keeps the debtors away (cause your never home to take the call...) I use a lot of topo maps and I own some sophisticated mapping software. I have found caches that I located by description only, but there is no way that topo maps substitute for gps coordinates on a legitimate 2 or 3+ cache.
  7. The first rule of geocaching is that no matter how worthless the junk placed in a geocache is, it will be replaced with something of lesser value. I believe it, I live it. I defined the first rule of geocaching years ago. I own the copywrite. Occasionally, I lambast cachers who leave crap in my caches. I don't know if it helps, but I love sending nasty emails!!. I also enjoy shopping for bargains so I continually repensish my caches. None of the pinheads I emailed has ever retaliated by stealing a cache. Some people just need direction. I enjoy being a moral compass.
  8. The person below me does not appreciate a bowel movement like I do. But one day he will.
  9. I thought the paying members could download cache pages directly into their PDA's.
  10. quote:Originally posted by Jeremy:It's an excellent idea. The entry fee means lots of legal issues that we may not want to get into, but we have almost a quarter of a million photos deep in the site now, and I'm working on better ways to share these images. One problem is that we have a lot of photos but they aren't organized well. My solution is to create another web site IsMyCacheHotOrNot.com that will allow folks to define the image they see and rate it. So you can say that the photo is of a person, of scenery, etc. and you rate it an 8. After a while we can "bubble up" lots of the more popular images for display in a gallery. Prizes would follow Jeremy Irish Groundspeak - The Language of Location Mention $10.00 per pic and Jeremy is all over it.
  11. quote:Originally posted by umc: quote:Originally posted by ZingerHead:archived. Jeremy. There are 10 kinds of people in the world: those who understand binary numbers, and those who don't. I like that but I also like: Discuss geocaching and don't be a hairless rat. http://www.mi-geocaching.org/ ______________________________________________________________________________________ Caching without a clue.... There are only two kinds of people in the world.
  12. I say if you have to bring it to the forum you may be too ate up with it. or You should post it to one of the other geocaching websites, because you are definitely ate up with it. YMMV
  13. quote:Originally posted by General Bracket:You come to Arizona and do a 3.5+ terrain cache in 118 degree weather and then we'll talk about lazy caching. Around here you hit x/1 caches much of the year, or... 1. You die of heat stroke. 2. You simply don't cache. I have a 2/3.5 cache. I'm very healthy and able-bodied. But I went to do maintenance recently and almost passed out. I had 140oz water (70oz CamelBak with an extra 70oz bladder) and still ran out half way. I really don't think you thought much about your comment before making it. How far was the hike? What kind of elevation gain? A gallon of water is not an unreasonable load. Do you carry mineral tablets?
  14. Guns are fun. At my age they are not as fun as they used to be. My eyes aren't as good as they used to be either. I don’t carry a gun for personal protection. At one time in my life I believed in the creed: Live fast, die young, and leave a good-looking corpse. Well it is too late for that. I always liked Gunnery Sergeant Dan Daly’s quote: "Come on men, do you want to live forever?" Dan Daly extolled this challenge as he rallied his Marines out of the trenches during WWI. I don’t want to live forever so I don’t carry a gun for self protection. If a man wants to kill me, bring it. If a bear wants to kill me, even better.
  15. quote:Originally posted by GeoPernas:Thanks for the advice! I did see Vasque at several places, but they were horribly expensive (>$180). I do wear Doc Martens at work, and they're great shoes.. if I could find someplace that sells their hiking boots, that would rock. They're solid - they last about three years (I'm on my second pair in 5 years), and comfortable as heck. A hiker/backpacker with bad feet is stranded. The money spent on quality footware is well spent if you plan on hiking more than a few miles.
  16. quote:Originally posted by CoronaKid: quote:Originally posted by Sissy-n-CR: quote:Originally posted by TMAN264:I agree with Solohiker that there should be non-member caches, ... Actually, no, solohiker said, "We need non-member _only_ caches." For whatever reason solohiker, as far as I remember, has always had a problem with becoming a member and those that are a member. To each their own, but I doubt very seriously there will ever be a time that there will be a type of cache that paying members can't access simply because they are paying members. I don't have any MOCs, but I do reserve the privilege to do so whenever I choose. Have a problem with me wanting to make a cache of mine a MOC? Tough. Am I being elitist? Hardly. If I were to be elitist I'd post them on a private site and email a close circle of friends. Now, _that_ would be elitist! CR http://img.Groundspeak.com/user/72057_2000.gif I think Solohiker was just trying to add a little humor to the thread. He likely knows that there will never be a non member only cache. --CoronaKid You both get partial credit. I was making a joke, but I would not want people like Sissy-n-Cr hanging around me.
  17. quote:Originally posted by GeoPernas:My beef with hiking boots is that it is nearly impossible to find ones wide enough for my feet. You can order them online, but since there are 5 different variations of "wide", I'd really need to try them on first. My wife loves Merrill boots, but they don't even MAKE wides. I've tried them on, and it's like putting my feet in a vise. I'd be curious as to where you guys with wide feet buy yours, because I've gone to Gander Mountain, all the stores that supposedly specialize in outdoor footwear, and nothing. When we hike, I wear a relatively new pair of Reeboks, but obviously they weren't designed for hiking and as such are disintegrating quickly. Vasque makes a wide boot. I don't hike in anything else. A cheaper boot that has wide sizes is Rocky. LLBean started as a footwear company. I think they have wide boots too.
  18. quote:Originally posted by Lefty Writer:Hhmmm.......lemme see here....uhh....goto, then backtrack...[enter] D'oh! Hey Joe, where's your cell phone eh? Cell phone?? I thought YOU were bringin' yours, you hoser! Sorry....couldn't help myself. I'm glad they were OK, buuttt.... Don't expect a cell phone to work in the backcountry. It won't.
  19. We need non-member only caches. After all who wants a bunch of elitest snobs nosing around their cache?
  20. I got an email from Greg Butts in response to my query. He said the legistlative rule committee has given the policy a favorable review, but it is not effective until he signs it and distributes it. About two more weeks. He said no one is going to be arrested for having caches in State Parks and welcomed cachers. Too much red tape I guess :-( I got approval from the specific rangers which is the basis of the new rules. I am not aware of any other cache placement regulations within the State.
  21. The Arkansas Natural Areas are maintained by the Heritage commission. That is a completely different agency.
  22. I have registered several caches at State Parks. The rangers have been notified to accept caches. All the park rangers that I spoke with acknowledged that they had recieved an email concerning geocaching and they approved the caches.
  23. I have a pair of Komperdell treking poles. Treking poles are great for hiking with a full backpacking load. Using two poles requires a different technique and a much shorter pole grip than a single pole. The shock absorber feature is no advantage. Don't pay extra for a crappy spring. For day hiking and caching I prefer a plain wood hiking stick that all of our State parks sell.
  24. I send mail to myself so that I get twice as many emails.
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