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  1. How true. I have been caching for about 2 and half months and I experienced it a good few times so far. Even my trackable was stolen - I have send it to Australia to some geocacher who promised me to drop it into one of their local caches. It has been a month now and my trackable is still in his inventory. I wrote an e-mail, but he didn't even respond. So there is no solution to this really, as people with wrong attitude will surely spoil the good fun sooner or later.
  2. Yeah, you're probably right. But 20L listed as regular... I would be well shocked seeing such a regular :) Anyway, nice surprise for the finders
  3. Thanks, I think I will put your advice into practice
  4. It was only the figure of speech I just deplore that some great places are wasted, that's all
  5. Hi guys, I think the rule for the large size containers to have a capacity of not less than 20 liters is a bit exaggerated. Why not start from 10 liters? 10 liter cache container is big enough and there is much easier to find a spot for it. I think this rule should be changed in favor to 10 liters and above for large size cache containers. What do you think?
  6. Hi guys, I see also a different problem connected to the subject. Some caches are placed in totally unattractive spots - at the busy roads full of muggles, where you can't even park your car and everyone is looking at you suspiciously, while there are beautiful places not far away, full of greenery and trees, and no one can place a cache there because of "160 meters distance rule". I came across a few such situations and I tell you, my blood was boiling... Well, lack of imagination appears to be part of the problem, I think...
  7. I like the idea, I will try to start something similar in my county in UK
  8. key and a locker, lets say in multi-cache type...? After finding a locked cache box - and you can't claim the find unless you sign a logbook locked inside - you would have to find a key hidden in another cache placed somewhere nearby. Well, just an idea
  9. I checked a minute ago and all caches are visible again The game is not over yet...
  10. Last month I myself made mistake - I left a small bottle of scented oil in a small size cache. Two days later I read again the cache's listing and other's comments and I found out to my horror that the cache was nibbled by some animal... Yeah, it taught me a lesson...
  11. I haven't got a FTF yet, but I wish to be as the first one at newly published cache's location one day - and not only for fun, it would also fulfill my hunger for challenge. Would I feel pride? Oh Yes
  12. Hi EGFreeze. You already encouraged me to go to find forgotten caches by only mentioned this idea. Tomorrow is my day off, so I am starting tomorrow
  13. Thanks guys for all the replies I have been caching not long enough anyway, but I LOVE it and some "trash in the caches" is not going to spoil my day or scare me away I am still evolving into what you are now - my fellow experienced geocachers Cheers!
  14. When you go for geo-hunting, what do you expect to find inside a small or regular size cache box? When I started my geocaching adventure I was hoping to discover some interesting items for trade, but sadly, I was quickly disillusioned. What I usually find inside the boxes - apart of logbook, pencil and trackables - turn out to be nothing more than pieces of garbage. I found f.e.: old leaking batteries on many occasions, dirty and sometimes rotting pieces of paper, dirty and broken toys, tiny "bits & bobs" without any charm, beauty or usefulness - simply something you wouldn't want to exchange, or even call "the items for trade", let alone "the treasure hunt"... Shame Have you got similar experience? I am sure you have... So let me finish by using this common wisdom: Do not leave anything you would abhor to find.
  15. Dzięki 52N21E za fotkę Ja także nie ukrywam mojej twarzy, wystarczy odwiedzić mój profil: ben-socha Pozdrawiam wszystkich geocacher'ów w Polsce!!!
  16. Thanks mgo, I had the same kind of problem and your answer helped me too
  17. Hi Tre-da, The idea is not bad in my opinion, but it would have to be an internal map, for your eyes only You can still trace your unpublished caches using GC codes and of course "see" them on the Google map using GPS co-ordinates - that's what I do anyway
  18. Thank you MrsB I didn't know there was a separate website - I am still new to it... Cheers!
  19. Hi fellow geocachers I live in England but I would like my Travel Bug to start its journey in Australia or New Zealand. Can anyone help? By the way: if anyone wants his Travel Bug to start/continue in UK (or in Europe in general), I can be of service. Just contact me via geocaching.com
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