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  1. I have an explorist 500 and National geographic topo program. I would like to hike all the trails in my home town and place the trails on the towns web site. I think that my gps is not compatible to the topo program. I am wondering what gps and topo program will allow me to do this. Thanks for any help tallyho
  2. Thanks for the info. Byron
  3. Is it possible to download National Geographic Topo Maps to my Explorist 500. I have tried by using a card reader and no results. Does anyone have any suggestions . Thanks Byron
  4. Are you sure the computers you used had DVD drives, and not just CD drives? The computer has dvd drives.
  5. Just received mapsend topo 3D, brand new in sealed pachagfe. It seems that when I go to load disk 1 the computer does not recognize the disk. I tried this on three computers with no results. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  6. Can someone explain to me the difference between the two different part # 980611-09 and 204617C. I noticed this when looking on ebay. magellan mapsend topo
  7. Santa is coming and I was wondering what is the best software for my exporist 500 for topo maps. I have been trying to find out on the forum. thanks for any info tallyho22
  8. SgtSue, Thanks for all your suggestions. Vagabond info on reinstalling program worked. Now I am off to find more geos. Trying to get my wife more interested. Those that are on the bike path are more her type because you do not have to track into the wooods. thanks once again for staying with me with your suggestions. and thats for serving in the military. tallyho22
  9. Vagabond, it worked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cleared all my files on my gps and reinstalled the disk it camed with. I appreciate the info. Byron
  10. thanks for the try. my daughter came in from work and said tha I am on the computer alot with my gps. Thanks again for your time, Tallyho22
  11. SgtSue, Negative on the last attemp. Everything was in the right mode on map setup. This is sure puzzling me. I have five files on the sd card and not one shows any icons on the nav mode. I think it might be in the create window or the geocach window. I am confused on this one. tallyho22
  12. SgtSue, Thanks for staying with me. 172 waypoints ok on required format, file to create:E:\geocaches\manville.gs Select from most recent: file=manville.gs path=\geocaches geo id % smart geo name %nameBy(%dif%ter) up top of page child waypoints not checked When I go to the nav mode it looks like a track route appears. do you think it could be my map set up. thanks for your time. tallyho22
  13. Thanks for the reply. I have been doing those steps and when I activate a file by going to the nav mode no cache ions show up on the map. It might be something in the create file or another window. any sugestions. Once again thanks for responding to my problem. Tallyho
  14. Thanks for responding. my gps recognizes my computer. i can download gsak to my gpsr. when i try to brings it up on the screen no waypoints or caches show up any Ideas to try. Byron
  15. Vagabond, Sorry about not posting but was not geocaching because of family illness. However, I hope someone out there can help me.
  16. I got into geocaching because of this picture that was taken after finding a cache. it is a great outdoor activity. see picture I took on a bike path during the fall. Go to my profile and click on gallery. Tallyho22
  17. Is there a way to connect mylaptop to mytv so several people can view GC or GSak at once without any additional equipment. thanks Tallyho22
  18. not quite sure what you're asking but in case you are... there is no way to take your gps display and "make it big" by somehow connecting it to a laptop. as others have pointed out there are other programs designed to work with a gps-connected-to-a-laptop (like nroute) that can turn your laptop into a large screen gps. but a way to just have the small display of your gps made bigger by hooking to a laptop - nope, sorry. well, you could buy a fresnel lens but that's another story... Thanks for the info. The info from gsak and GC can be viewed on a computer screen which can be projected on to a wall screen using the proper equip. Thought I would ask . Tallyho22
  19. I have an explorist 500. it would be great if you could show gps screen on laptop show a small group or a classroom can view it. Tallyho22
  20. I would first make sure they have good compass skills first. You can still hide things by using compasses. Just a thought. Tallyho22
  21. I would first make sure they have good compass skills first. You can still hide things by using compasses. Just a thought. Tallyho22
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