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  1. A good cache that is just north of Newport: Communications Hill GCG1MN This does take a bit of a hike, but well worth it once you are up there. There are also number of lighthouse finds that are fun to get.
  2. I feel that it may also make sure that your bug doesn't go missing as easy. If you make it feel a bit personal by letting them know that you are watching it move and are excited, then they may be more likely to make sure it gets into a cache (even a local one, if they didn't make their planned drop).
  3. Very cool. I wish someone would find my missing TBs. As I was reading your post I thought you were going to say that you found a travel bug, brought it all the way across the country, just to find that it was headed to a destination cache only a few miles away from where you found it. Overall, great story and series of events. I am glad that you are enjoying caching, and I hope that some of your family learns more about it and figures out how to join in on the fun.
  4. I actually thought about creating a cache with QR Codes at different locations to try and guide the cacher to the final destination. Although the more I thought about it, this really is something different then GeoCaching which is all based on GPS. It also would limit who could do the cache since if you don't have a cell phone that can read the codes, you couldn't do the cache. I am a techie at heart, so I always want to use what I have to be able to do stuff like this, but I know that not everyone is. The original idea of geocaching is to keep it as simple and basic as possible. You have GPS coordinates and there is a cache someone near that point. Eventually things will advance, but right now there are enough people that still use good ol' fashioned GPSes that doing some of the new stuff would really limit who would do it. At least that is my $.02
  5. These are the types of issues you have with cell phone GPS. Sometimes you will get down to about 6-10ft. Other times about 90 ft is as close as you can get. Part of it is hardware, and part is software. The idea is the more sats you can get locked in to, the better you accuracy. Download GPS Status, and you can see if you are able to lock into more then 3-4 sats at once.
  6. This is another reason I like third party apps rather then the ones created by the original company. Many of the third party ones will take the time to implement stuff that is a bit off the wall, but a great addition to the application. The one you are talking about has had many updates, and some great additions to the program just over the past 3 months. Many apps, possibly the Groundspeak one (although I have not used it or heard much about it) will probably come out with a set group of features, and then that will not change much. They will try and implement all their own parts rather then using known good apps or features (basically reinventing the wheel).
  7. I think that a good road trip from there would be head west over to the coast on 30, then follow Highway 101 south along the Oregon coast, Then cut across towards I-5 and then all the way across on Highway 58 to Crescent, then head north from there up and around Mt Hood. Once you get past there, head down through the Gorge. The Coast and the Gorge alone will give you enough caches to really have a great trip, and Highway 58 is a nice drive across Oregon. Also if you wanted to head south and hit Crater lake then you could do that when you hit Highway 97. Google Maps Trip I have never made that full loop, but I have done almost every section of that drive at one time or another.
  8. Haha.. Very true.. very true.
  9. Sytar

    Crazy caches

    How many caches are out there that are a 1/5 (5 being the Terrain), where it is a PAIN to get to, but is almost sitting in the open when you get there?
  10. I think that it is interesting about how some people treat FTF. I think that it is a great idea if you get to find something that brand new, no geo-trails going to it, and it is hidden just as the original hider wanted it to be. However, I don't think that it really is needed to 'share' first to find with people in the area... heck what did they really FIND, they found YOU with the cache in your hands.. not the acutal cache. I also think that it is funny how some people will get FTF on dozens of caches, many of them just moments after they are posted. I don't even think I see them for at least 30 mins or so, and that is if I am actually watching my email. If FTF is really that big of a deal to someone that they are going to get mad over it, then they need to find a new hobby, maybe Fishing, you can be the first to catch a fish.. Or do you need to share that fish with all the boats around you??
  11. I have this same GPS and I agree, this is a great unit to start off with. I used the software that came with my GPS unit (Garmin North America, I think). This program allowed me to load the street maps of areas all over the US. We have used this many times when going on trips, and found that having the street maps was a huge help in general use, as well as Geocaching. The other part about this program is that you could Download and upload to and from the GPS. The program would list them all off, you could adjust the names and then upload them back to the unit. I don't know for sure if it is any easier or harder then the other ways mentioned, since I was fine with the naming.
  12. I think that he would probably hide behind me if someone did actually attack (Never had to test this, thank goodness), but they would probably be detoured by the growling and sight of a 60 lb dog by my side. Also dogs are a lot more aware of little sounds if there is something moving around you that we may miss.
  13. I end up caching a lot alone, wife gets into it about 20% of the time. When I do go out, I find that if I spend more time worrying about the people around me I look a lot more suspicious then not, causing more attention to me. If I find the container in a common area, I will take the container and go find a bench or seat to sit down and look through it. People don't tend to watch much if you are in the open. Try and look through it while IN the bushes and people will wonder what you are doing. With regards to the comment about carry a big stick or a gun... I prefer a big dog. He is more of a deterrent then actual protection. Also a great distraction if you need to go looking around in the bushes, or even just looking under or around stuff. People just think you are petting or playing with your dog. Use common sense when caching, and if at any time you don't feel comfortable, just move on. You can always come back later and check on it if you really want to.
  14. Will logging the TB as being grabbed or discovered automatically start it back up, or does the owner have to do anything?
  15. I think that everyone needs to understand where GS is coming from. They are trying to protect their investment and time, to make sure that IF their information is used, that it is used in a way that is appropriate and accurate. The way that the #### program works is not in their best interest. It completely takes them out of the loop and makes it invisable where the information is coming from. Don't get me wrong. I LOVE the new app, but at the same time I see both sides. The developer started off with the idea of 'I am making this because I wanted something that works without the needs of going TO the website on a cell phone', then it has turned into almost a challenge to keep it working even against GS wanting him to stop. I will say that I admire his determination, but I think that it is going a bit far. I want him to succeed because I like the app, but I don't want this to become a Rebel App that no one is supposed to use or even talk about because GS has forbid it. I have seen that he has been working on trying to get around some of the big issues that GS had with the app, Trademarked Logos and Icons. Both of those have been fixed, and the app now uses his own Logo and Icons (which I like better then the Geochaching ones anyhow). But there is still the How he is getting the information. I am sure there is going to be a bit of an issue with this, but overall, as long as neither side get the 'Holier then thou' attitude, then we can end up with a solid VERY usable app.
  16. This is a known issue with the way the browser call goes to the Download link. From what I understand, it is related to the Client side code that the link is sending back to try run on the browser. The Android browser sees this as a file, rather then trying to run the aspx file.
  17. I have been using the 'Other app' on my android phone and I will say that it works very well. I have tried to use GeoBeagle and others, and honestly I get so frustrated after about 5 mins of trying to zoom in on a map or move around using the Android Browser, that I give up and go find a PC. A Geocaching App is a much needed program, and seeing someone that has found a way, without the API, to display the information in a friendly easy to use manner, I commend. I know that Groundspeak is working on releasing their own Geocaching App, and I am sure that it will be a Pay to buy app, which will discourage many people rather then encourage them as this new app has done. I understand that there are a variety of reasons why the app is restricted, and I think that most of it is trivial. If the designer was able to get the OK from Groundspeak (even without getting the API), it would only help the expansion and promote more people to Geocache. I won't argue that he needs to get approval for the name and icons use, but as far as how he is getting the information I don't see anything wrong with it. He is not pulling anything that is not available by using any normal means, he is just making it easy to read and use. Many of the other applications would be so much easier to use if you didn't have to try and fight with the actual Geocaching site to try and get to the information you want. There is no MOBILE version of the site (which would be an AWSOME addition to the site), and downloading GPX files or even LOC files is impossible because of the way the coding for the download links works. Again, I think that this application has only done what most people wish they could have done from the start, and get to the data in an easy to use manner, and be able to do Geocahing on the fly without having to spend an hour preparing for the adventure by downloading everything you needed before hand.
  18. Thanks for the info.. I looked at one program for the Blackberry that said it was a $4.99 monthly charge.. don't know if that was just that specific app, or the way they all worked. I have only maintained BB, never owned one. Good note about the carriers, I would have to take the phone back if I found that this was the case after buying it. Adding Waypoints is one thing that I always wondered about. I know that a normal GPS is kinda based around the ability to dynamicly add waypoints, but I didn't kow if many apps would give that ability. Windows Mobile is a bit old, I can't argue with that. I hope that Windows Mobile 7 (based off of the Windows 7 system) will be a large update to the system. I have a Win Mobile app right now for my old Blackjack, and it really is a text app that allows me to track info and download a list of caches. I have always liked Google, and hearing the Andriod is being accepted so quickly really is a good sign. There are a few apps already for Geocaching on the Andriod phones that look pretty good.
  19. I know that the Palm is a decent system, but with them being out of the game for a bit, they are going to take a while to get 'good' apps out. While other systems like Blackberry, iPhone and even Windows Mobile have been around for a while and should be a lot faster with new stuff that is worth getting. Windows Mobile is going towards more touch screen devices, as most of them are, and they have a long history of programming already. Andriod has apparently made it very easy to write apps for their phone, as another thread in here has talked about, and it makes me wonder about that phone too..
  20. I know that there are a mix of programs for different phones, and since I am thinking of upgrading my phone soon, I thought it would be worth it to look into doing some geocaching with it too.. iPhone - Great geocaching program, but the cost is a bit high for phone, data, application, etc. Blackberry - nice system, but then I have to deal with Exchange compatability, and Geocaching programs are all paid per month. Andriod based phone - Great idea of system, many different programs, but limited carriers.
  21. So, what town are you in, or what is nearby? I may be interested in picking up a few, but shipping is always a killer.
  22. It does tell the ID, the terrain & diff. It also shows the size of the cache. As for showing the extra few caches on the screen, if you hit the big button 21 times, you're right back where ya started. (20 caches, plus home). or, just hold it, & it'll start the cycle over again! Some of that fits with my comment of not owning one, From the display I didn't see any screenshots of the details of the cache. Good to know that it does show that info. I did however hear someone say that it doesn't show the name, which I feel is almost as important as the ID. I think that scrolling through one at a time works, but I think it would be better to use the full screen display and see a list rather then one at a time. Maybe that is just a preference of mine. As for Maingray's comment, There may be GPSes that can handle more waypoints, but I don't know of any that I have seen that handle more then maybe 5000 max. I could be wrong, but if so, what is the cost of those types of devices.
  23. I will start by saying that I don't have one of these, simply because I can't afford one and already have an Etrex. However if I didn't have an Etrex, then this would have been a great starter for me. From what I have seen of the pictures, and heard from the reviews, it seems there is only a small list of issues that people would change, while the reasons that people like it are getting larger. Some of the key points that make this a good product: Allows holding more waypoints/caches then any other device (that I could think of) Ease of use, not a lot of menus Durability, although not tested much, it seems like it holds up pretty good to drops and such Ability to update, although you have to get a cable it DOES allow it Some of the points that I have read (or thought of myself) that would be good for a GeoMate Sr. Backlit screen full LCD screen, for ease of reading and more text area a wireless connection so you can update without cables (if the ipod and zune can do it, it should be possible in a small pacakage) ability to list nearest caches (show 4/5 on the screen) and be able to get basics of the cache (ID, Desc, Type, Terrain, Diff) Ability of change status of a cache, Select Cache -> Found, Not Found, Cancel Maybe the ability to mark up to 5 custom waypoints, just something so you can keep track of where you have been. One of the biggest differences in this device and other GPSes, is that this doesn't have a map. I would keep it that way (although a map is nice), it keeps the device more basic, and has a specific use of finding Geocaches. Overall it sounds like you have a winner. And if you made a second unit that was a Sr. then as long as you kept some of the key points then I think even at a higher price, it should sell.
  24. As a climber, I think you guys are starting pretty late in the day... Many climbs start at 5 or 6am... Except the big volcano's - they start between 12 midnight and 2am... When you are talking about hikes, are you talking about 10-12 hours? Or longer? I normally look at a long hike as being 6-8 hours, which getting started at 8am or so would give you a good amount of time with time before and after. I think that I just havn't been hiking much to really get a feel for what is a long hike. I will keep an eye on this thread for more info on future hikes, I would love to join you guys.
  25. Your commitment is admirable. I guess I have never been one to get up that early for stuff, I enjoy my sleep to much. Although I am all for a great sunset and relaxing evening. I will say that the calm of the morning when I have been camping is really amazing in some remote locations. I was thinking of trying to setup some hikes in the Columbia River Gorge. There are some AMAZING waterfalls as well as a mix of caches all along the different trails.
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