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  1. I have logged dozens of challenge caches and personally could do without them. They are basically an "additional logging requirement" and as one put it, a bookkeeping exercise. They are a way to run the stars for those who are star chasers and a way to fill grids. If most want to keep them then great but as I said above....


    1. Nothing

    2. Lack of creativity

    3. Done away with (bring back virts)

    4. N/A

    5. Most

  2. You can't seem to search by State and get anything more than 30 miles from the search location, ie. look for unfound caches in the state, oldest caches in a state, events in a state. If you would give the option of no mileage distance when specifying a country or state that would solve the problem. I can see this dramatically increasing the number of pocket queries requested, further slowing down that process. And even then one can't search for anything more than 50 miles out. The size of the font is an issue, and I think I remember a change like that a few years ago that got changed back in a big hurry. This seems to be great for newbies but once one gets past the closest 100 hides people are going to lose interest.


    And in answer to some comments, we shouldn't have to remember or change urls by hand to solve the problem, unless of course you want to go back to Fortran or DOS 3.1

  3. Or.. You could have a reviewer who looks for logs like this and then sends a note to the CO saying that unless you do maintenance on the cache he will archive it for you, and then does.. With only a couple of noob dnf's with a "needs maintenance" posting.

  4. I have corresponded with one of the Nye County Commissioners and she is looking into it at both the county and state level, she did relate that the roads in question are State highways and not county roads. She seems to understand the economic impact to her area. From what I have read in the logs there are more cows on this stretch of highway than cars on most days.

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