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  1. Thanks for the info. But what do you mean when you say "it gets very slow to navigate through my visits".
  2. Is it appropriate to buy a Geocoin that I like, then activate it. Keep the coin in my possession and log visits to caches that I find?
  3. Thanks for all the help. I have "grabbed it" and did a visit log. I will send him on his way.
  4. Tracables page: This is not a collectible log options: Grab it from current holder. (which is the owner) Write a note Discovered it
  5. It's been in the cache i found it in for just over 2 months. Like i said, i have messaged the owner with no response. looking at owner profile, only 17 finds. Premium member Joined 03/19/2016 Last Visited 05/12/2021. Just curios, if i can grab this from the owners hands. What's to stop someone from grabbing a TB they don't even have in their possession?
  6. I recently picked up a TB. When I went to log it, it said it was in the hands of the owner. I messaged the owner but have had no reply back. I haven't tried but can this still be moved along?
  7. Thanks, i had fun making it also.
  8. thanks for the info. worked perfect. on a different note. i see you have made a lot of posts. I am a Premium Member, But my Avatar for the postings say Tadpole above my picture and Member below. Would you know why it doesn't say Premium Member? Thanks again for your help.
  9. Hi, you should delete the TB Tracking # from your post here. Anyone can get all the info on the TB without even finding it.
  10. Hi, I just found out that you can release a duplicate TB. My first TB ( Steve Bird ) was released in June 2010 near Monterey Ca. he made his way to Germany, where he traveled quite a bit. He then went missing May 2015. Sadly i don't any pictures of him. So after that being said . I have made a new TB clone, with the words "Revised Travel Bug" on one side and "Tracking Code ######" on the other side, see pictures. Is there a way to get him back into "My Inventory" , so when i drop him into a cache he will show up in the cache inventory?
  11. Thanks for the info. I will read Snoogans' Tb Longevity right now
  12. I just receved my new TB's. Once they have been actived do I just drop it off at any cache and then log it in on website?
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