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    Explorist GC

    I just purchased a used Explorist GC, my 2nd one o them, I am unable to load it with caches from GSAK, other one was so simple, can't figure out the problem, any ideas?
  2. Thanks so much, I used to do it with that macro, but like you said doesn't work anymore
  3. Im trying to get caches onto car gps, get it but listed by GC #, want it by Cache name, any help would be appreciated, also just getting on favorites, how do I get it on the extra section of gps
  4. Where do you find the list at?
  5. Thank You!!! This appears to have worked. Had to update GSAK and POI and there are still are some problems to work out, but I think they are do able. Need to start POI first and no button on the tool bar yet but can work around them. Ok, Harry Dolphin I owe you, so for the next 6 months I will agree with you in the forums no matter what. e. Can you please explain how to do this change?
  6. Thanks Babboozle, I tried doing it the 1st way you said, selected the 750 from the list, but the caches didn't load into the Garmin, not sure what the problem is. I have done the other way before, just having problems doing it that way this time. Hoping for more help.
  7. I'm trying to load caches into Nuvi 750, from GSAK, set it up but having problems, loaded the POI Loader, but not sure what's going on, using Windows 7, I sure would appreciate some help. Thanks
  8. I use GSAK and on the GPS, i click on the GPS send waypoints, then on the Waypoint description format, I type %hint. I make it 20 characters long and it will swhow up on your GPS then.
  9. Have this GPS, 4 GB data card, City Navigator NT 2010.40 w/maps, also have invible shield screen protection. If have any questions, please email me. Asking $200 for it.
  10. Use GSAK, it gives you any information you want, I find something new it does all the time.
  11. look for fake screw or a nano.
  12. Got to ebay, search geocaching look at all the different types of containers that can be used, will give you ideas on how tough some could be.
  13. Can set it up where you pay $3 a month, I did that forever, until paid for the whole year.
  14. Gsak is good to use, can put notes about each cache on finds database if you run it every week or so.
  15. Signing the log proves you found the cache. Why not sign it?
  16. Try these on geocaching site. http://www.geocaching.com/about/glossary.aspx
  17. Look in hardware department, where all the tape is, that's where my Wal-Mart has it.
  18. Look in hardware department, where all the tape is, that's where my Wal-Mart has it.
  19. Thanks for the program finally got all downloaded, and really like. The only thing I would like help on is seeing if there is a program/macro that will let me load caches I've already found into my Nuvi 750. I cache with girlfriend who doesn't have all the caches I've found, and if we come close to some she would like to get, but I don't have loaded. Any help would be appreciated.
  20. I have a Nuvi 750, just got, was using a garmin 340, have Vista, having problems getting setup, not sure if previous version is causing the problem or not, if I have to delete something ar what. Please help, I will give you any other info you need. Thanks,
  21. I printed the pages for my 1st 7 months, did way to much printing, now have gone paperless, with a PDA, really love it, gives you all the info the cache page has, except for the pictures.
  22. I really like TB hotels, thinking of putting one in my area, so glad to have a place to drop them off, but only good when it is in a good location, where it can be found quickly enough by cachers, and the TB's are moved quickly.
  23. Like others have said, you hunted it DNF'd it, that is the end of that visit, doesn't matter if there or not you still hunted it, if you'd gone back and found it you would still have the DNF on there, they are good for fellow cachers who aren't sure if they want to attempt it ar not.
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