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  1. Yes, back for me too. It was my understanding that as a Premium Member I wouldn't get adverts all over the place....?
  2. It can vary, Sometimes it can be quicker than you expect, sometimes longer. Since the reviewers are all volunteers its kind of whenever they get round to it!
  3. Its always worth carrying a pen or pencil. Most normal sized caches will have one but if you carry one then you know you can sign the log when you find it. If you have small items that you can use as a trade item then take them with you. When you find the cache, if there is something you want, trade something with it (but you are not at all obliged to do so!). I should probably follow the next bit of advice myself but sometimes a pair of gloves are a good thing. You never know where the cache will be and bearing in mind the weather of late, the state of the outside... If its a multi-cache and doesn't hint at the length it is sometimes worth having an OS map of the area in case you need to find you way to a different footpath. With multis in mind, a notebook can be handy to note answers to questions or doing calculations in. Other than that so long as you take a sense of humour all should fine as far as i'm concerned.
  4. Goto Google Maps and create a My Map. It allows you to place markers on location, lines/routes where you want and add clickable details where ever you want. An example of one is mine which YOU CAN FIND HERE. This is my County Highs map using the info from a Country Walking magazine earlier in the year and charting our progress as we try, over time, to visit them all. (Its not yet complete I might add)
  5. Shetland date works nicely for me but sadly won't be able to hang around for the Nevis event. Will book my flights soon!
  6. Thanks for pointing that out. iPlayer is my friend! I've found flights out to Shetland so could possibly make a Wednesday date for the event. Anything from there through to Saturday. Still about 2 weeks before I can book train tickets so will wait to see what you decide.
  7. That really can depend on the area. I've seen some that are spot on, but others that are some distance away. Nothing better than averaging several local readings if you ask me.
  8. Might be able to help with a reciprocal project. I'll get back to you.
  9. I've not noticed, but as I only have the iPod Touch, i only really use it for the description, hint and field notes. If you want this to be seen by TPTB I suggest you either post a new thread in the Geocaching.com Website forum or ask a passing mod to move this thread to the relevant place. As far as I know the people that count won't be browsing this forum.
  10. Do they have a large enough rally field there?? I've been there before but remember it as a calm pitch based site with the on-site roads running through the middle....?!?
  11. Just popping back on here to give a huge public THANK YOU to The Eclectic Penguin! Today I received a special Gold version of the new The Eclectic Penguin geocoin as a 'supplement' to my (currently) missing mission. This is huge generosity which was not necessary! That said, it is great to know that people are willing do nice things and show generosity to others that they have never met! Thank you, Eclectic Penguin, Thank you!!!
  12. I have to agree with the anti-swearing comments. Geocaching is a family friendly sport, and all caches must maintain this thought. As far as i'm concerned a show about it should do too. Getting a little more picky.... When you show the map graphic the coords are in decimal degrees. It would be much more cacher-friendly to show them in decimal minutes to match the standard used by geocaching.com. Therefore, if people wanted to note them down and look later on they could. A further point with the map/co-ords being shown regularly is if during the series you cover multi or puzzle caches, you should not show any co-ords that would give any locations away. Ok, locals may recognise certain places but it shouldn't mean people can skip stages of a cache.
  13. ...particularly that drunken bum of a captain Yeah, that really narrowed it down between the two didn't it....
  14. Well, after a weekend of hope and excitement I whizzed around to the Post office before work this morning to pick up my package.... ...i'm sorry to say that it was NOT my Secret Santa package Not all was lost as it was the latest navigation geocoin from Coins and Pins and is very nice. So, I'm still waiting with a little hope... I'm also sorry for the person who sent me the parcel in the first place, sad to see things disappear into the aether.
  15. Not as hard as it sounds. Our are more letter boxes in the front door, so anything thicker than an inch won't go through. Still very exciting to get the note and since I can't think of anything else i'm expected to be delivered i'm very hopeful! I'll collect it Monday and update you all then.
  16. Excitement here in the UK today. I got home from work to find a note from the postman saying there is something too large for my letterbox. I'll have to collect it on Monday now so will update later. Fingers crossed!
  17. Nice photos! I have to second the point, that if you've not ventured to a camping event yet, this is the one to start! Friendly, fun and very enjoyable! Looking forward to it already, added to the diary!
  18. "Look hard, Its there" It wasn't, it'd been muggled!!!
  19. I have to admit.... I'm having a spot of trouble.... I can't place this profile against the mission database. Have you changed user name? I did have Bambography down for an adult mission, but I just can't find Cassie's Crusaders in the list. What am I missing?? Cassie's Crusaders are my parents who entered separately in post #170 You've probably already ticked them off as it was recieved a while back and only opened at Xmas. You emailed them a name which they recieved: Post #297. Misson complete posting in post #802 I can't remember who they said they were sending too, but i'll give Mum a call and get her to PM you with more info. For the record, still nothing arrived here.
  20. Im afraid since my previous 'don't loose hope' message, i'm starting to do just that. Still no sign of anything here. Thank you to whoever sent it and sorry that it appears to have gone.
  21. For those losing hope - Don't!! I've been away from home since the 22nd December so there could well bra card from the royal mail awaiting my return. I'm sure I'm not the only person that goes away for the festive season. Fingers crossed for you all!
  22. Thank you all for the feedback. The final outcome was a TomTom 930WT. All the better for the £50 discount and the accessories thrown in because they didn't have the one they wanted. Also the reserve online and pick up trick to get things cheaper.
  23. Some people do have a distinct advantage with bringing their own lecky....A car battery did ok for me on Scilly Took you over the ferry weight limit though
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