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  1. They are using a fresh new account for each cache they attack. You could disable one, but it would be a waste of time!
  2. If anyone is visiting the oundle area and wants to find some of the newly converted Member only caches rhen just drop me an email and I will forward you the details. Then once we convert them back to 'anyone' then you can log them. They will only be MO until this passes. Also, has anyone been out and actually checked that they have taken the container?? Speaking to people near Oundle, one of the GROEPed caches caused a seasoned cachet problems so GROEPers did well to find it, if indeed they did!
  3. This is the message you get. Is it rude to point out that GROup for Environmental Protection would be GROEP, not GROPE...!?!
  4. I've now had one of mine trashed. It was only a film canister so i'm not going to be loosing too much sleep tonight. If you have ammo cans or any cache which you don't want to loose, it might be worth taking it in for a bit. I don't want to sound OTT, but they clearly have no regard for others property. My main thought is that if anyone has caches in these areas and you know that there are TBs or Geocoins in your caches, get them out NOW! If you are worries about placing them again then i'm more than happy to help them get released elsewhere in the country! I'm sure they'll get bored and move onto their next crusade soon enough. I just think it sad that people think this way!
  5. Well if we're worried about LQ, imagine the work going on over the pond on all the various Delorme challenges etc!
  6. I'm a little confused.... My understanding was that the GAGB blanket agreements cover any cache submitted for a given area and therefore there would be no reason to contact the owner for each individual cache (the GAGB have done this on our behalf and advanced permission has been agreed). However, Hazel suggests that we should contact the owner for every cache, full stop. Could a passing review please clarify the arrangement
  7. I might be wrong, but I got the impression that this was a joke by Google themseleves!
  8. I guess its too late to order one...?!?
  9. Nope. I'll give this one a while more and then zoom the picture out a little. I think we might need help sooner rather than later! (Also, as you have over written your previous images, when you look back through the thread it looks a little odd as your latest photo shows!)
  10. Agh! I didn't even realise there was a round 2 and its already done! Never mind! Well done, i'm not sure i'd have guessed the right spot anyway!
  11. Staying on the same topic, wheres this and what is the nearest cache?
  12. Thats Chester Zoo & 'GCJMKZ - Freeview Zoo' The monorail visible through it gave it away.
  13. So is that "Sigh-ro" or "See-ro"?? I'm on the "See-toe" side of the fence on this one. Mainly (I think) as thats how they pronounce it on podcacher which is probably the only time I hear it.
  14. Ok, so i've only just spotted the link to the larger version of the photo, that would have made it slightly easier! Anyway, Well done Team Cedo! I like this cointest, looking forward to another soon
  15. Dang! Beat me to it! Didn't think of that!!! Assuming that the "general" approach isn't accepted, is it: How many guesses are we allowed?
  16. Right, here goes. Name the place and the cache that is virtually in the middle. (Edit to say, if no one gets it from that, i'll sort out a better version of the image tomorrow.)
  17. Although I can't promise to be there, I'd say host it and people will (usually) come.
  18. Sorry for the delay, will have the next image online soon!
  19. This would be Dunsop Bridge, considered the centre of Great Britain. The cache is GCYYGH, Middle of Nowhere? and the event is GC1K7F1, Take a HikeAdventure 2 - Centre of GB
  20. Any clue on the general area? The location at the bottom looks like it should be identifiable but I can't figure it out.
  21. You know what, i'd never noticed that there, i've always gone via my Stat bar Now I know what it should do, could someone fix it?
  22. Good luck with that one. You'd open a whole can of worms if you expect that, like if a TB from Croatia makes it to the UK and I don't write me log in Croation. Where does the translation list end....?
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