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  1. Email sent. Hopefully we can catch up some other time during the week! All packed and off first thing in the morning! Not sure why i'm telling everyone that as it seems i'm last to leave
  2. Hmmm, my sporadic attention to this thread shows me up Still, no one got it for a while, so we've all chosen different areas of it then!?!
  3. Its probably the wrong choice of location for this time of year. There are actually 2 caches in the extract. The one I marked and an earth cache up near the pond. If nobody gets it soon, i've got a zoomed version ready - whether it'll help or not is a different matter.
  4. That made me laugh because it SO nearly was!!! Only when I noticed 'Basingstoke, UK' on the left of every post I make did I decide against it! No, this place is a long way from home! Closer to the previous location in fact!
  5. Those are the most useful thing i've got from a cache Thanks In fact, we've been known to say "oh, Sollys' been here" when we've found them!
  6. Easy! Took me 2 mins, literally Its Glassbeach - GCT4KX. Its on Kauai Island, the next island North-West of Honolulu so i'm afraid you didn't quite go far enough milvus! New one to follow soon.
  7. Why would you need to keep them? Re-activate?? Never heard of it, and you don't need it for adoption..? I'm not really seeing the idea behind keeping them.
  8. Such sad news. What can I say that hasn't already been said? I too never met Ewan but have followed news as it comes through. Although following recent reports this wasn't unexpected it doesn't make it any easier to hear. Its sad to hear that this came from playing a game we all love and enjoy. My thoughts are with everyone that knew him.
  9. I love the fact that the only direction we need is 'Blue Fence'!
  10. We're going to be around until Sunday 28th so if you fancy meeting up one evening for some caching and tourist stuff then let us know! It would depend where you live and where we are and when...
  11. For those of you contemplating joining the many cachers at camping events this summer (and I strongly suggest that you do), you may be interested to check out the Argos Bank Holiday sale. Many tents down to about half price, including a 6-man, 2 room tent for £43!! Take a look at the Argos website!
  12. Regarding the 3 peaks events: A friend completed the challenge this weekend in a time of 23:45 and found it VERY hard going! He is quite fit, runs regularly and has done it once before however says it is always much harder than you expect. His main advice is be prepared for what is coming and ensure you have a dedicated, non-participating driver. Tiredness is one of the main factors that come into play and if you try and drive yourself you are very likely to fall asleep. I'd hate anything to happen for the sake of 'doing it' due to lack of planning. All that said, I really wish everyone the best as I would joining you all if it weren't for other commitments!
  13. I might have guessed that SP would post something Wicker Man related!
  14. Cheers, thanks for the reply! Look forward to seeing the changes!
  15. Darn, to slow. I always miss the ones I know
  16. I might just be lucky, but i've never had any problems with cows! On many occasions i've just followed my line across the field and they either move or watch me go past. On one occasion about 30 of them surrounded a gate while on a Scout night hike. Simple waving my arms as I went through created enough of a gap and so long as the 20 of us walked slowly there were no issues. Another time they blocked the tow path of the Kennett & Avon canal and again, simple heading straight at them slowly made them move. I think patience is the key!
  17. Each time a new feature is added by Groundspeak it obviously needs somewhere to go. However I can't be the only one wondering what is happening with the menu on our My Account pages (down the right-hand side). The really useful items of the menu are things like search options and premium member items. However recently items (some of questionable use) have been added above these. These are my views as you look down the menu: - I like the new "Hello...." Box however do we still need the Stat Bar? Should this not now move into the newly redesigned Profile page? - Then its My GPS. Does this really need to be here?? I know what GPS i've got so don't need this here to tell me each time I use the site! - Search Options - The most important section which should be straight below the 'Hello box'. - Field Notes - Very useful and probably in about the right place - Geocaching with Twitter. What?? I'm still struggling to see the point of this (but that is a different matter). My question is why on earth is it above the Premium member section????? Does it need a menu of its own, is it not a Profile option like whether or not I get the weekly email? - Premium member items. The 2nd most important section which should be higher up the page and not need to be scrolled down to. - Account options and Inventory should be down there however the sheer amount of other stuff means that I rarely see my Inventory any more like I used to. Sorry that this is such a long post. Its is my opinion and i'm sure some my disagree and i've finally got round to writing this as it is the only thing that really bugs me with the site. However it would be good to know from TPTB if there is any logic in the way these items have been ordered?
  18. Although it might not be tomorrow, I may well take you up on that offer Maybe the weekend of the 20th June as I'll be back for the Oundle Carnival. That said, if the tunnel has become sealed in the last week or so then you never know. Cool - let me know as and when and we'll get something arranged! Cheers, J Will do. Question about the Tunnel: How wet was it down there when you went? (A question open to eveyone whos been recently)
  19. Although it might not be tomorrow, I may well take you up on that offer Maybe the weekend of the 20th June as I'll be back for the Oundle Carnival. That said, if the tunnel has become sealed in the last week or so then you never know.
  20. I agree and all hope is that we will find YHAL. However, last year we'd planned it, travelled down and walked to the entrance only to discover it had been sealed. Obviously people have been finding it recently but this was also the case last year and it got sealed within the 5days previous to our attempt. What i'm looking for is alternatives within the area that people would recommend as milestone caches.
  21. Add another to reduce the odds! []
  22. Generally, or on this particular occasion?? I too agree.
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