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  1. I should be able to send you a home-burned 'wooden nickle' and a sticker that I sometimes use in logs. I do also have some pins somewhere so will see if I can find them. Do you have somewhere for us to send photos (electronically) or would you rather them on CD/DVD?
  2. Where did you get your coins from? I thought of doing something quite simular but most of the wooden tokens are from the states and I can't find a cheap UK supplier...... Urm, I actually got mine as blank wooden discs from Hobbycraft then used a soldering iron to burn on my logo and name. I've no idea how much they cost but in the large numbers I'd need to do them properly now I would look elsewhere. I hear there are various places over t'pond that make/print custom designs on 'wooden nickles'. But i've never fancied that, preferring the hand-made look.
  3. I used to leave hand-burned wooden coins with my name etc on it. Then I realised how many caches I was doing and it became too time consuming to make lots so I stopped. I was actually thinking this morning of whether to rescue the idea and produce something new - Maybe I will.
  4. Its a shame to hear these are limited following the demise of the pins. These would be a great replacement to buy as and when you reach each level.
  5. You'll only know if you win, there is no ordering to the gallery. Indeed! Congratulations!!!
  6. More ill-conceived than hiding an ammo can 3 metres off a track making cachers trample their own way through the previously healthy undergrowth to find it?? It sounds interesting to me. However, to confirm 'accuracy' of an entry is going to require an awful lot of players and since you can easily edit EXIF and self-geotag any photos confirming coords will be a big problem. Otherwise an interesting idea but needs to be very carefully planned to get enough players to make it work.
  7. Contact the owners of the coin (shown at the top of the coins page). They may be happy for it to continue its travels here or let you post it back to them. I have a trip to the States planned but its not until Easter.
  8. After last week they are going to be on the look out. I've sent an email to the nice chap that emailed me from Garmin earlier this week. I'm sure they'll deal with it on Monday.
  9. Last year on a trip to Sweden I had a spare day and hosted an event in Stockholm. I used the local forums to aid the organisation and locals to help translate the event page. It turned into a successful event and I then spent the rest of the day/evening with local cachers showing me around and the best of the Stockholm caches! Its well worth the effort!
  10. Well done Alan! And just like many of the logs, even your 'thanks' is worth reading!
  11. Cheaper than getting to Perth? Its all relative really. I go into Central London to see friends for an evening, I don't avoid seeing them because of the cost. I do however agree with SP that the cost of hosting a mega in central London would be high and probably prohibitive. I agree that the UK could sustain 2 mega events however I also believe that having one gathers everyone in one place and has something special associated as a result. I think having 2 would remove part of the atmosphere and soul that the previous 2 have had. I like the idea of the UKMT (UK Mega Team). They could gather information from all those that wish to host the annual UK Mega Event and put it for vote at the same time each year, giving the incoming hosts time to prepare a stand as the Scottish did this year. I believe that is how Geowoodstock is handled in the States.
  12. I'm sure we could hold one in central London. Numbers would be huge due to all those visitors that wouldn't trek out of London to the event. And since the camping for Harrogate was a 15mile drive from the event why couldn't we stay outside london but hold the Mega centrally? and 2012 would be a ideal time! Unbelievable. We've only just decided to host a Mega in Wales and already someone has decided the stick the knife in. England got a whole year for EACH of its first two Megas Scotland has a whole year for its first Mega, and yet you'd happily have Wales be forced to timeshare for its first Mega.... Mike Thats a bit strong don't you think? I'm a little surprised that once Scotland said they were hosting one that someone in the south of England didn't pipe up and host one for those that don't want to travel that far. Also (and i'm going to be totally honest and open here) I was a little surprised to hear that 2011 would be in South Wales. Its nice that they move around the country but I could see South Wales from the window in Weston-super-mare! I expected it to be SE or back up North. I think that those in the North might take exception to it being in the south both 2011 and 2012? I don't see it as sticking the knife in. SE2012? I think the SE are going to be well overdue a Mega by 2012.
  13. Sky blue 6m pole = £8.99 + ground stake. There are simply loads of places if you google it. Trouble is for a one off personal design it gets quite expensive. I went with a simple black & white logo (version of my avatar) a dylon pen and plain flag (also from skyblue). I printed the logo out on a total of 9 pieces of A4 and traced the image onto the flag. Then simply coloured it in.
  14. A further post with huge thanks to everyone involved in any way. The main event was great but perfectly complimented by all the smaller events around it creating a varied and thoroughly enjoyable few days! Thanks one and all!
  15. All the recommendations I hear are for http://www.skyblueleisure.co.uk/ who i'll be placing an order with tomorrow. If you call them they can also do you next day delivery so you can have it in time for the Mega!
  16. sTeamTraen: Im sure they have been however I suggest you message them via the Mega Event commitee profile or the mega2.org.UK website, just to make sure. REMINDER: If you you've still not beeked a campsite the list for those wanting to camp as a group on Diamond Farm will close Monday morning as I'll be phoning the site with numbers then. Email me ifyou wand space set aside for you: bambography@googlemail.com
  17. As I recall the old KML link also returned a random selection once you exceed the limit on the number of caches. One complaint when the KML was gone was from people who used it to find concentrations of caches. They could zoom out and view a large area and a random selection of cache would show more caches in areas that had a high concentrations and few caches in areas that had a lower concentration. They would then zoom in to the high concentration area to see more caches and plan their route. If you want to see the closest 500 caches to your center point zoom in till you have fewer than 500 caches, or use a PQ. I believe you are right. However, during my little test last night I was looking at my home area where the urban section is full of caches and the rural areas not so saturated. However when zoomed out it looked the complete opposite therefore misleading me as to the concentration of the caches available.
  18. Its looking good and thank you for spending so much time getting it back up and running! However my personal preference would be to show 500 caches from the centre of the view, not 500 random caches. I understand the need to restrict the view to 500 caches but the random nature doesn't help with looking at overall distribution which was its main strong point.
  19. I don't know exactly what this means but there is something going on when I select the type of log for either a TB/Coin or cache. Whenever the log type is chosen the date field seems to reload changing from 'July' to '07' and deselecting wherever my cursor is at the time. I first noticed this a week or so back but it is still happening now following this release.
  20. For those still thinking of coming I thought i'd copy some information here. Warren Farm camping is now full however I have organised alternative group camping about half a mile up the road. Below is the information required.... ---------------- As posted to the Mega Camping event page ---------------- Diamond Farm only take bookings for pitches that require Electric Hookup. Therefore if you do not need power you do not need to book. They assure me that they always have enough space. So if you want to join the Diamond group, email ME (bambography@googlemail.com) with details of your booking (Geocaching Name, Real Name, Dates, Number of people, cars etc) so I can formulate a list. This will be the list used to calculate the area required so make sure you do email me. This list will close on the 31st July so we can sort out space, so please book as soon as possible. Diamond Farm is 0.7miles from both the other campers on Warren Farm and the main beach! Diamond Farm Book online at: (visit link) Telephone: 01278 751 263 Prices: £14 per night (inc 2 people & 1 vehicle) £2 Extra person £1 Extra car £3 Electric Hook-up No charge for Children under 5, Dogs or Awnings Free on-site fishing. Please note: Electric Hookups are still available however we can't guarantee that you will be grouped with the other Geocachers on Diamond Farm. This is a fairly loose arrangement and I cannot guarantee anything, however we will be doing our best. If you have any questions, drop me an email and i'll do my best to answer them.
  21. I'll be keeping my eyes on this one. However I have a holiday planned in April which will use a bulk of my annual leave so I might have to give this extreme a miss
  22. I've been a couple of times. The balloons themselves are normally in a bit of a hollow so there should be space up the hill a little for you to watch from. The two main issuesyou might have are: 1, People standing in front of you to watch. You'll just have to shout at them if they get in your way, or run over their foot! The best place for you would be up the hill which I believe is off to the right as you approach from the Hall - but its fairly obvious when you get there. 2, The fireworks. These mainly consist of the high mortar style and are therefore quite loud. When I first went we had a rather timid dog with us and had to keep him on a tight lead but he coped. Someone else wasn't so lucky and a black lab went bounding passed us shortly after the first firework. For an example of what to expect firework and balloon-wise check out these two clips on YouTube: Fireworks (mainly about 5mins in): Balloon Glow (possibly from where i'm talking about:
  23. You're impressed?? I only signed up at midnight tuesday night and my pack arrived this morning!!! Very impressed (With both the postage and the pack!)
  24. Another yes if they are in the Hampshire area.
  25. So sorry that I missed this message as i'm sure we could have arranged something! Shetland was just fantastic so i'm sure we'll be back some time!! Well done!!! Thats a good time!!
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