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  1. Looks like you'll need a Pub Quiz event to act as a selection process!!
  2. Hear Hear! Ours arrived yesterday and they fit nicely. The case is slightly bulkier than I thought from the photo but as with any Crumpler, its really going to protect the unit, hold the spare batteries and all the SD cards with different maps on! Thanks for letting us all know! Sorry, I don't mean to rub it in! At least they'll give you a refurb! Any change of an accidental damage insurance claim?
  3. Much better option: Ring Garmin Customer services. Tell them that the rubber surround has come unstuck. Without question they set up a service number for me, I sent in my GPS, and they sent back a new 'reconditioned' unit with a full year warranty on it! All for FREE!! Plus it only took about 4 days (they quoted 10). So if you have an older unit that's now out of warranty, send it in and get the piece of mind back with it.
  4. Any progress on this from TPTB? Ta.
  5. Are you putting them within the GPX folder? I don't think it looks anywhere else so if they are outside that folder it won't see them.
  6. Thanks for that! Crumpler, and cheap too - Perfect
  7. Basically, if you use the iPhone app from Groundspeak, it has a feature where you can select one of your Pocket Queries that have run within the last 7 days and download it into an offline list for paperless caching. This is useful for me as I run an iPod Touch and therefore have no internet outside my home Wi-fi. However until now you could only use the raw PQ straight from GC.com. These new 'Offline Pocket Queries' allow you to take your PQ as normal, run it through some software at home such as GSAK etc, then upload your new database to the site. This (once the iPhone app update comes through) will allow you to use your personalised PQ within the iPhone app. I hope that makes sense!
  8. Never noticed any issues with my HCx and never updated the firmware or anything like that. I'd speak to Garmin!
  9. If you could. At the moment I'm just investigating this my self as a possibility and therefore can't speak officially for the company. However if it's likely to be possible, then I would be able to take a proposal to my employer for discussion. Thanks.
  10. Thanks, I found the one linked from the bottom of each page but this doesn't mention anything commercial. Now i've had a proper read of the EULA it clearly states that you cannot charge without their consent. We'll have to think more about this and maybe talk it over with Groundspeak. Unless a Lacky come across this and can quickly say what sort of system they would expect in place for permission to be granted...?!?
  11. Hi all. I realise that not a great deal has changed over the last 18months but wanted to see if there were any changes in this situation? Firstly, I can't find the EULA, can someone point me in the right direction as there is nothing on Wherigo.com that i've seen. Secondly, this is a potentially great platform for commercial applications. What is the likely scenario if someone were interested in creating paid for cartridges?
  12. That depends how you look at it. This means I now have a 12 month warranty on something that was bought over 20 months ago, and a prolonged lifetime. Therefore it works for me!
  13. More thumbs up for Garmin from me too! After about 20months use the rubber surround on my HCx came loose and finally lost all stick. I tried to reattach but in it wouldn't stay. One quick call and I sent it in, 3 days later getting a replacement unit, 1 year warranty etc! Very happy!
  14. For the scouts I have 8 x EtrexH units. Personally I have 2x Oregon 550s and 2x Etrex HCx to cover. (And an insurance policy to check )
  15. £8 across the whole order plus i'd have 1 spare cover for each type of device. I've had the Zagg covers only GPS, phone & camera for a year and s half and only have one small mark on my phone. Very pleased with them. I'm buying for a Scout group so they want to know I'm getting the most cost effective option without getting false economy.
  16. Until now I've used Zagg Invisible Shields on my devices and and need to order quite a few screen protectors of various kinds. Somoeone has just suggested ProtectionFilms24.com and their DQC-160 film covers. Price-wise when you include any discounts they work out around £8 cheaper (I'm buying for 12 units) and I would get some free spares, however am I better off paying the extra for the ones I've used and trust? Has anyone else used these DQC-160 films on their GPS and what are your thoughts? How about on touch screen units such as the Oregon? Thanks, Chris
  17. With the cost of eggs, this wasn't cheap to run and I was poor at Easter this year. Maybe next year tho! So, an early lead from another D2D walk (June/July 2010, for max daylight) with Eggs in 2nd place and Frolf bringing up the rear. I'm working on some other ideas too, so this would just supplement other types of event. Following on from the can'o'worms that is charging for an event, this is exactly where you COULD charge without offence: If I bring my kids, I expect to pay for the eggs. A fair point. People would be able to come along and watch the fun for free but, in the same way as people buy raffle tickets, if they want eggs, they pay.
  18. Dusk til Dawn for me. Would need plenty of notice though and probably a Friday night to allow sleep time before work on Monday!
  19. Congrats to Bambeanie on winning the final week and also to Mank@skank for winning the grand prize!!
  20. It certainly looks that way, because the weekly winner is normally announced on a Friday night. Perhaps we will have to wait until Tuesday, which is when the previous two amended winners have been announced. Regards Tarot Sorry for the delay everyone, we've had a few people out with flu this week. We will get the winner up as soon as possible!! Thanks for your patience ~ Colin Groundspeak Lackey Swines
  21. A belated CONGRATS to niknrich who found their 1000th cache after gFAB a couple of weeks ago! Well done guys!!
  22. Whats to say Groundspeak won't get hit by the recession and disappear? Its all a risk and if no one bothered in case it did disappear, it would be gonea whole lot quicker and nothing would ever get anywhere. I've only just installed it and am surprised how many locally have ratings, even if it is just one or two. I'm going to give it a shot and see how it goes.
  23. Anonymity makes people more honest. If people believe that you will know what they've said they will be slightly nicer about things (in this case ratings). Anyway, I can't really see much use in knowing who rated what. Maybe if you had loads of 4*s and there was suddenly a 1* then you might like to ask them why but beyond that...? The rating system shown on their website is: ? - neutral / not rated yet 1 - poor 2 - below average 3 - average 4 - better than average 5 - awesome Maybe DrDick&Vick should send them your version as it is more descriptive. I would reword #1 though 'Poor and not well hidden or thought out'.
  24. Are they being a little more cautious with the winner this week??
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