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  1. A well written, well put and well received post, thank you for that! This relates to when we get back to local moderation: I think most people can accept that you really can't monitor all of these forums on a continuous basis, an absurd and silly concept. However (& I hope this next comment is taken as I intend it), when the proverbial is clearly either hitting, or heading for the fan, then would be a good time to pop in and see whats going on. I think a few of the more heated situations could have been prevented by a more timely response from folks at HQ. (I really do mean this in a suggestion way, not a gripe, moan or whine and I expect it to be taken as such ). Otherwise I currently don't think its all as bad as some people make out, its still helpful and chatty, but the 'good ol' days have passed. Bring on the new era
  2. I almost prefer night caching to day time. The atmosphere is much more interesting and with the quality of a lot of hides these days, the darkness actually means you have to look for the cache, not just arrive! Good boots, good torch, good company, phone, batteries and a snack and you're away!
  3. I'm waiting for a few bits to arrive before I can send out my parcel. Hope the delay won't be too long! All very exciting!
  4. A big thanks from me too. I've backed off from the forums recently and i'm not really surprised by this. I"m glad you're staying on as a Reviewer too! Take care!
  5. People with Hotmail - Do all your GC.com emails get stopped with the nasty red header warning you that they might be unsafe? I have gone through all my settings and filters and they all say to let them through. It looks like Microsofts Sender ID doesn't know it and therefore stops it. Anyone else?
  6. 1. Participating: email sent 21/10/08 2. Received Name: 30/10/08 3. Mission Complete: 4. Package Received:
  7. Sadly i've not got a car this weekend so won't be able to make it. I hope everyone has a good time and you all stay nice and warm
  8. This does however apply to dropping and picking up your own coins from events. It would be great to have at least an owner option which would allow bulk retrieval from caches instead of one by one. It could be a simple check box list showing all the owned items. You check those that you wish to retrieve and bingo!
  9. Email sent a day or so back but forgot to post this: 1 mission 1. Participating: email sent 21/10/08 2. Received Name: 3. Mission Complete: 4. Package Received:
  10. Just saw this: GARMIN GB Discoverer Sounds like you get the 1:25,000 mapping and also 1:250,000 with routing!! I just need an Oregon now
  11. This was one of the best logs that has fallen into my inbox in recent months! I'm pleased that it all worked out ok, but that piece of paper is brilliant! Something totally innocent yet soooooo guilty in the wrong context! Thanks for sharing the experience!!
  12. Well done guys! you really have put effort into completing this,something that I really must start doing! Well done!
  13. Although I've not tried myself when on the Isles of Scilly for the event in June we found a stamped and addressed postcard in a cache on St Martins. Since it was damp wedeied it out then all wrote a note and signed it before dropping it in the post. Sadly I don't know who the cachet were as I forgot to note their name but hopefully they received it safely.
  14. And more specifically: Jeremeys Announcement on the main forums
  15. Since its here and reopened and I didn't comment before its closure heres my 2p worth: Camping events should definitely be events in their own right. Its silly to force organisers to make an off site event too. As has been mentioned by many people, it is the individuals choice if they wish to attend in the same way it is my choice to camp. I can't access many events as I live too far away making it too expensive to get too but I can't complain about that, its no ones fault. Camping events by their nature will cost money. As for locals attending... During Mega week I know many locals camped with everyone, its part of the event itself. Coming to a pub for a drink isn't attending a camping event just as visiting a car park wasn't for Jaz66's hunt event in the summer! Pub events do not require a separate event for non-drinkers/youths to be able to log it so why campsites?? And finally, I hope whoever it was that sent the emails that caused the closure of this thread are ashamed! Although I also hope they won't be able to read this due to a ban!
  16. This all looks quite good although its a shame it won't hold gpx downloads. One question though - When saving an item, will it display all images etc? Often the one thing i'm lacking when out with my old Palm is the images for puzzles/multi caches or spoilers.
  17. I went into ASDA (other supermarkets are available) and asked for some film containers, to which she said: "Oh, of course, you're canister man aren't you! - Which ones is it you prefer??" So not only had she recognised me as the one who asks occasionally (3 maybe 4 times in the past) but that I tend to ask for a particular type for something i'm working on.....!! Bambeanie was most amused, only slightly more so than me though it has to be said
  18. Remember folks, although in most locations, covered is fine but in some locations, see through is better as it can avoid bomb scares etc if TPTB can see the contents....
  19. hi guys and welcome to the mad house! I too enjoy photography and the two hobbies go very well together! Watching your kit is important as you'll find it swinging close to rocks, posts and dirt of many kinds. Since you'll be taking loads of shots do keep uploading them to your logs as it's great to look through as both owner and visitor. Most of all HAVE FUN!
  20. There is nothing stopping you popping to your cache to discover/move the coin as you suggested. However, reading your post you are saying that the coin has already moved on as therefore you have not actually seen the coin. This poses two problems. 1. You do not have the tracking code and therefore wouldn't be able to log the discovery anyway 2. Some owners (myself included) only want coins to be discovered when someone has physically seen the coin and would delete 'virtual' logs. So if you've not seen the coin, I wouldn't log it. If you visit your cache to see a nice coin then by all means go ahead.
  21. I think i'm responsible for one of them. Will dig out my bag tomorrow (later) and check.
  22. And nor would I honestly expect you to! I might not see the value you you do so keep it! Exactly. They know the game, they have planned it with Groundspeak as partners in the promotion. Even the designs were passed by GS (see comments made on the Big Ben design error). I think it was all considered and possibly the reason for the comparably large minting. I'm with Mandy and several others. I see the value in the gift I was handed and will enjoy the coins in my collection.
  23. So if I posted you a £!0 note and my intention when I gave it to you was for you to set light to it. Would you do so or become a "greedy or selfish" person and keep it ? Bearing in mind i'm not there to check you do it. One of the defining thing with Geocaching is that everyone plays it their own way. Some people like collecting coins (my self included), others like to watch them travel. The rules state that to enter the comp you should release them, not that by taking one you agree to place it into a cache. If that were the case it would be a geocacher only give away, not a public promotion.
  24. It does have a contacts section yes. In terms of vcf import, i'm not sure. In general you have to add the address either directly to the contacts page or via Address Book (Mac) or Outlook etc (PC) then sync it. The iPodTouch manual states that the Mail App can handle vcf files so I assume you could load them into the contacts on the fly, but i'm not sure how you intend to use it. If possible, email one to bambography@gmail.com and i'll try and import in into my contacts and see what happens. If you also let me know how you intend to open/import/use the vcf i'll try it out. Thanks for sending me that vcf file. When coming I'm via email it was very quick. As I use the built I'm mail app I opened the attachment an it asked if I wanted to import all the contacts or individual listings. It then asked if I wanted to create them as new or merge with current which is a little odd as o didn't have either before. They are now in are contacts app listed as their GC code they show their coords and them the description as a note. The only slight hiccup is that there are mo line breaks showing and therefore it's not clear where some lines end and things like the hint begin. Otherwise successful from this end. I'll try and post some shots of it all tonight if you are interested.
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