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  1. I have a Venture HC. While it is a mapping GPS, it is not paperless. It loads the location; the GC code in the "Name" field and the name of the cache in the "Note" field. The Note field is limited to 30 characters. If your hubby is a premium member he can either download a cache's GPX file singularly onto your PC, or run a Pocket Query (PQ) to download a whole pile of caches in one GPX file. You can then use EasyGPS or GSAK to upload the GPX files onto the Venture. Both these programs have settings that allow you to select what goes into the Name & Note fields of the Venture. So you could put the name of the cache into the Name field (both programs abbreviate a long name); and the first 30 characters of the hint into the Note field. Can you walk us through this? We're still having issues with it. We love the GSAK site but neither of us sees how you can select what goes into the Name & Note fields.
  2. Hello, I bought my husband a Garmin Venture HC for Christmas. He updated to the preminum on this site so he could get the hints with the caches we were interested in but they are not downloading. What are we doing wrong? I could have sworn that the Venture HC was a paperless Geocache GPS. Am I mistaken. Do the caches have to be printed out in order to get the hints? It's nice that we can download multiple caches at the same time but we really want the hints. Lisa
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