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  1. My favorite is GSAK with FindStatGen3 + PLaced Stats Generator (you have to run another macro i can´t remember the name to update the logs). The DNF Stats would be nice. I saw that there´s something new about this in the GSAK forums and i´ll try to check it later. Regards AS
  2. Hi, hope you have a pleasant journey in Lisbon. You must have had some bad luck with the caches you choose because, as far as i know, most of the cache listings in Portugal either have an english translation, an automatic translation (wich as Sup3rFM said it´s not the best solution but...) or the owner contact for any doubt foreign cachers may have. So bring your GPS with you and contact us for any doubt you may have. Regards Alberto aka manchanegra
  3. Boas! O Manuel tem razão no que toca á colocação de um TB Hotel nas areas de serviço. No entanto, já não concordo com a relação TB Hotel / Aeroporto. Acho que um TB Hotel não tem necessáriamente que estar perto de um aeroporto pois apesar de muitos turistas/geocachers chegarem ao nosso País de Avião tb é verdade que muitos optam por vir de carro e percorrer zonas menos turisticas por vezes "varrendo" o pais de norte a sul. Um TB Hotel deverá estar numa zona de passagem de geocachers para fora do País, ser de fácil acesso e ter tamanho suficiente para albergar vários TB´s. A titulo de exemplo, penso que faria todo o sentido ter um TB Hotel algures perto da Ponte Internacional do Guadiana pois é porta de entrada e saida de vários turistas/geocachers no país. Aliás, basta dar uma vista de olhos ás caches Algarvias para perceber que qualquer uma delas por mais remota que seja, é, potencialmente, um ponto de entrada e saida de TB´s do País. Talvez até mais que o TB Hotel de Faro. No caso de Lisboa, faria sentido ter uma cache claramente identificada como TBHotel. Neste momento parece que a Kirch M é a que está a fazer esse papel, mas, o nivel de dificuldade (mais aparente que real) poderá afastar eventuais geocachers desta cache. Claro que isto é apenas uma opinião e vale o que vale. Voltando um pouco atrás ao tema das areas de serviço. Na Suiça há caches em várias areas de serviço. São no entanto, micro caches e, estão escondidas em zonas mais remotas das AS. Não tive oportunidade de procurar nenhuma, mas, pelo que percebi, a lógica deles é que se houver micros nas areas de serviço o pessoal tem oportunidade de parar para descansar e ao mesmo tempo facturar mais uma cache. Quem sabe se a moda pega por cá. Ainda me fazem voltar a andar nas autoestradas. Xau AS
  4. 2 more easter bunny eggs + coins were found here in Portugal. They were dropped in E a.bicha.nada? [Loures] and A walk in the Park [Lisboa]. I´ve manage to talk to both geocachers that found them and i know that both eggs are red and blue just like the one i found. I´m waiting for some photos and a brief text of the found to post here since at least one of the geocachers told me that he didn´t talk and write that well in English so that he could post his version of the found in here. Anyway, the are both thrilled by the found. I also know that another geocacher has missed the egg because he could´t pick it up in due time. This easter rabbit sure is a fast traveller. Regards from Portugal Alberto aka manchanegra
  5. Hi, I´ve found one of this Eggs with a coin inside. I´ve been investigating trying to underestand what´s this thing with the easter coin rabbit and i´ve just finished reading trough this post. Seem´s that i was one of the lucky guys that found one coin. This morning i had some shopping to do and decide to make a little detour and find some caches close to home. The 1st one we went we found a yellow egg inside the cache. When we were searching the swag in the cache we noticed that the egg was kinda heavy so we opened it and we find the coin. It´s a red and blue coin. We read the logs but, apart from a sticker from the rabbit we didn´t have a clue about what it was, but, one tyhing we knew. It was a geocoin so we took it. Glad we did. It´s very nice and now we know we can keep it. Our son liked the egg, didn´t care much about the coin so i guess we can split the found without discussion. Here are some pics. now reviewing the pics i noticed that i dont have any picture of my son with the coin, but, he probably would prefer the egg. I´ll take some later. Regards AS
  6. I Tryed to post some more photos in the last log but i wasn´t allowed so i created a new post. This one was taken while returning from a weekend out. It´s in the cache "Anta de Alter Pedroso", a Megalithic monument in Alentejo. For some reason, the area where the photo was taken is crowded with this megalithic constructions. They are like mushrooms everywhere. In "O tesouro de D Sebastião", near Lisbon. It was raining so Cris and our young one stayed in the car parked nearby. Checking the cache Looking for Woody Exploring the old castle I guess this covers all the photos with the kids that i have published in the geocaching website. I probably missed some and i have some more the are not published so i will not post them. I´ve seen some great pics. Thanks to all of you who shared them. I hope you enjoyed some of mine also. Regards to all Alberto aka manchanegra
  7. Here are some more pics i found in the old logs. In "Parque da Cidade - Loures". After finding the cache and log the find my wife tryed to run away with our son´s bike who didn´t find it very funny and is trying o get it back Another cache in a park. This one is "Sair da concha". In this one Martim has the cache (that green bottle) in the bike. this one is a DNF at "Where are you". See the couple at the end of the garden? That´s where the cache was. We though about telling Martim to throw some rocks at them but we though it would be a very bad idea so we just quit and went away. Martim, meanwhile, was enjoyng a lot playing with the water. In the "Mural" cache in Lisbon. Our Minicacher was armed with the tool to retrieve the cache. In "Les Aventures de Tintin" in Lisbon. Sometimes the kids cache sleeping in the backseat. This one was the case. In "Porto Palafita" on our way to summer hollydays. Almost 40 degrees we made a little detour to find this one. Cris and Afonso, our youngest son with only one year (at this time) were in the car. The whole family (except for the guy behind the camera) in "Dress code" in Lisbon. A great cache to find a great park and 2 museums. The next photos were taken in Marvão, a medieval town at the top of a hill where we found the cache "Tásmaver? [Marvão]. A great cache to discover this village. Look what i found? A geocoin! I dont kown why, but, he insisted in being photographed with this cannon. The 4 of us I think i still have some more logs to check.
  8. Pois. A coisa parece complicada. Vou riscar a Russia da lista de paises a visitar . Mas se há caches na Russia tb devem haver geocachers. Já tentaste contacta com algum? Pode ser que te deem umas dicas até sobre como caçar as caches. Abraço e boa sorte. AS
  9. Boas! Dá para colocares posts como guest (acho eu. Nada como tentares) e colocares lá esse problema para que um dos administradores do site te contacte. Abraço AS
  10. É uma questão pertinente. Efectivamente, segundo me constou, é ilegal levar GPS´s para Cuba, no entanto, há por aqui quem o tenha feito sem problemas de maior. Claro que é um risco. A minha sugestão é que coloques essa questão á própria embaixada russa. Talvez te possam responder. Em alternativa, ia-te sugerir que colocasses a questão no forum all nations mas já vi que já o fizeste. Abraço e boa sorte. AS
  11. Viva, bem vindo! Parece-me que o Costa já deu as dicas principais. O site Tuga de referencia em é o www.geocaching-pt.net . Passa por lá. Abraço AS
  12. Check this Log by a Portuguese Geocacher at this Cache. Seem´s that the police (in this case it was the National Guard - GNR, they have the authority in rural areas) had some suspicious about a strange box and check it. They wrote in the logbook, congratulate the cachers for the activity and even leave a calendar as a trade item, and then, place the cache at his hiding spot. Here´s a pic of the log:
  13. This is our 00 Toyota Land Cruiser KZJ95 (Prado in the US). Toyota at sunset in GCZ5KE It´s our everyday family car and we use it a lot for caching. We also have a 89 UMM wich is a Portuguese offroad vehicle (the one in the avatar). We love this one and use it in more rough terrains. Now is doing a some body and paint job so probably no more mud for him untill summer. (for pics on this one please check our profile) For city caches we sometimes use Cris little Class A Mercedes wich is real nice for parking in small spaces like Lisbon old center.
  14. Had to look back in the old logs but i found some nice pics. In the "Dreamers door" in Lisbon-Portugal In "Gulbenkian"-Lisbon-Portugal The "Tin Man" - Lisbon-Portugal "Fontes de Estombar"-Lagoa-Portugal In "Barner Muntschi"-Bern-Switzerland In "Geo-Francigena #12# Losanna" - Lausanne - Switzerland Here are some photos taken while caching. I have to go trough the other logs to see if i can find some pics of our youngest. We can´t go to far in the wild because of him so we normally go to caches that can be reached with the 4x4 and he takes a little nap during the trip.
  15. Hi, i´ve just found this topic and i might be interested on getting some tags. I just have to finish reading all the posts to get up to date with things. Is it still possible to order? Regards Alberto aka manchanegra
  16. Manchanegra Thanks. Where can i see the artwork?
  17. PM sent for 3 coins. Regards from Portugal alberto aka manchanegra
  18. Well, i said "Most caches", not all caches. There are some in unusual places. You might want to check this one http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...6f-b4e01379eee0 It´s just a few meters away from the road, but it´s not that easy to get. You may find some trees on the other side of the road from Aldi where you can "park" the horse . You can buy the military maps here http://www.igeoe.pt/ or maybe you can find someone to borrow the maps from. Anyway, we will be almost neighbours because i use to hangout in the Peniche/Baleal region very often. And, if you can go there by horse i will probably manage to go there with the 4x4 . Regards Alberto
  19. Hi, welcome to this forum. To manage the "Cartas Militares" i use ozyexplorer (http://www.oziexplorer.com/) . They have a PC and a PDA version and allow you to use the maps to navigate to the cache. It´s very usefull if you´re planning long routes along the mountains or forests even if most caches we have in Portugal are just a few meters away from a normal road. Those that are not you will probably need to do some homework first. Most of the military maps that i know that are used by geocachers, bikers and offroaders are out of date, specially in the big cities areas. In the interior of the country you should be ok. You can also try to use google earth or google maps. If that part of the country is covered it would be a great help. Another great help is to ask other geocachers for help. You may want to check this site also www.geocahing-pt.net . It´s in Portuguese but if you write in english someone will answer you. Regards Alberto aka manchanegra
  20. Eheheheheh! Ainda dei umas valentes gargalhadas ao ler esse log. Excelente! Nós envolvemo-nos no Geocaching a sério apenas em 2006 apesar de conhecermos o conceito desde 2002. Falhamos algumas viagens ao estrangeiro que podiamos ter aproveitado para fazer umas caches , mas.... é a vida. Em Maio de 2006 viajamos até á Suiça e levei algumas caches agendadas para tentar fazer. Em Zurich ainda procurei umas duas caches na baixa, mas, sem grande sucesso. Na altura eramos maçaricos na coisa e tinhamos apenas umas trinta e poucas caches encontradas (o que não quer dizer que hoje estejamos melhor lolol). Na altura tentei tb encontrar a cache Suiss Airport que é o TB Hotel do Aeroporto de Zurich mas, o raio da cache está numa zona de denso arvoredo e ainda por cima enterrada. Com um sinal errático que ora me mandava para norte como para sul e sem a foto spoiler comigo fui obrigado a desistir. Uma situação caricata aconteceu numa area de serviço na AE de Zurich para Basileia onde paramos. Na altura tinha sacado um ficheiro com as caches da suiça para o TomTom mas apenas tinha escolhido algumas para tentar e só tinha as coordenadas dessas. Ora nessa area de serviço o TomTom indicava uma cache a poucos metros, mas, não tinha as coordenadas por isso não consegui sequer procurá-la . Na altura ainda não conhecia o GeoScout . Reparei que lá eles tem imensas caches nas areas de serviço das AE. É para a malta não ficar demasiado enjoada de conduzir . Por causa dos nossos objectivos e ao facto de muitas caches se localizarem fora das localidades, em alguns locais não tivemos oportunidade de procurar sequer. Em Berna fizemos a celebre cache "Bärner Müntschi" referida pelo FGV, mas, já iamos com uma ideia de onde ela estaria por isso fomos lá directos sem passar na casa da partida e sem gritar geocaching na catedral lololo (devo dizer que levar um minigeocacher com 3 anos e meio por aquelas escadas em caracol acima é complicado. E descer....). Ao chegar lá cima perguntamos disfarçadamente ao guarda se ele sabia o que era o geocaching, e percebemos imediatamente que sim pelo seu sorriso. Tb tivemos que aguardar um bocado e a cache foi-nos entregue em mãos. É daquelas caches mesmo fixes. A vista é espectacular, o guarda é simpático e o conceito foi completamente novo. Em conversa com o guarda percebemos que a cache não é dele mas sim de um amigo. Vista Vista Nós os Gajos A nossa miuda (ela não parece muito convencida. Deve ser da altura. Mais tarde, em Lausanne resolvemos procurar a "GEO FRANCIGENA #12# LOSANNA " que encontramos facilmente. Está situada numas ruinas romanas á beira do Lago Leman (ou Geneve se preferirem), num local bastante aprazivel e merece uma visita. As Ruinas O Minigeocacher e os TB´s No regresso, já em Zurich ainda tivemos tempo de resgatar o TB Kinas do MAntunes que tinha sido raptado. Tinhamo-nos apercebido que ele estava perto de Zurich por isso enviamos um mail aos geocachers que o tinham. Eles já o tinham colocado numa cache e estavam nos EUA, mas prontificaram-se a arranjar maneira de ir buscá-lo e a deixá-lo no Starbucks do Aeroporto á guarda de um Português amigo deles. Como brinde ainda trouxe mais 2 TB´s para Portugal. Foi uma experiencia interessante. Kinas in Plane E pronto. Acho que no futuro o geocaching vai complementar as nossas viagens se houver oportunidade (e se a patroa deixar )
  21. Vocês são uns gajos lixados. Aproveitam-se que um pobre geocacher não tem possibilidades de fazer caches durante um mês e pimba. Lançam a moeda e num instante esgota-se. Não se esqueçam de mim quando acabarem de distribuir as moedas. Se sobrar alguma digam! Abraço AS PS: Devido ao sucesso alcançado eu sugeria que fizessem mais umas quantas.
  22. Nevermind! My mistake! Must be a little dumb today! Its the rain! Regards Alberto
  23. My coins were in the mail when i get home a few minutes ago! I tryed to retrieve the codes but i´m getting a message that says the codes do not match. Did anyone noticed any troubles? The codes can be retrieved here http://www.geocoinclub.com/code.php , right? Regards Alberto
  24. Ours were in the mailbox when i arrived home today! Can´t wait to set it free in the wild world . I still have so e doubts. In the Hollywood feat when you say "memorial site" and "national monument/park" are you talking of a memorials of monuments/parks in the US or all around the world? I believe that it´s all around the world but i have to get this clear. Also, in Hollywood´s number 10,what do you mean as a employee or admin?? All the rest seems perfectly clear. Let´s start the engines. .. uhoh where are the engines in this thing ??
  25. Update on the bugs and coins i´ve released in Portugal Traveling Dorkfish - http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=363837 - Traveling - Portugal Canadiana ao Exterior - http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=365098 - Traveling - Portugal OOKPIK - http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=584520 - Traveling - Portugal Cruising Outside the US - http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=489013 - Traveling - Germany Shilo´s Singapore Geocoin - http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=578143 - Traveling - Portugal Shilo´s ARKMO Geocoin - http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=384733 - Traveling - Portugal Cruising the world - http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=477681 - Traveling - Portugal Jordan's Skarloey - http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=673112 Traveling - Portugal Sydney's Lady - http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=658855 - Traveling - Portugal The weather in Portugal is improving. Last few weeks were lousy. It rained a lot. There were floodings everywhere around the country (I believe that there might be some caches afected but i dont know of any yet) and we have a new TB Hotel in Lisbon Airport tha had a lot of guests in and out lately. Meanwhile, seems that the weather is going to be great to be outside next weekend! If you need anything just mail us. Regards from Portugal Alberto and Cristina aka Manchanegra
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