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  1. It will appreciate in value ONLY if people want it. The more people want it, the more money you can get for it. Of course, all of that will vary with time. This year people might not want renaissance style furniture. If I tried to sale that style now, I would only receive a moderate amount of money. Next year, that style might be "en vogue" and EVERYONE wants it.
  2. I have standalone test computers at my house equiped with file and registry monitoring programs. I can also scan it with several AV applications. I would look at it on one of my test machines. I personally would use a CD-RW becasue it's cheaper. As far as something harmful to a child: As with all caches, that is always a potential risk. Case in point: I had to go looking in some bushes for a cache at a park. Guess what I found on the ground, an insulin syringe with a needle attatched to it. That's when parenting comes in. If I brought one of my neices or nephews, I would scope out the cave, bush etc. before letting them enter. I would also teach them to be on the look out for harmful objects. If they had to put their hand in a small opening, I would teach them to first look in the opening with a flashlight.
  3. I haven't tried this yet, but will Mapsource send data to something other than my GPS unit? LOL. Nevermind, I just tried to send it to my Sony Memory Stick. It appeared to work. Awhile ago, I thought about doing something of this nature. The whole map licensing/updating scenerio is almost scandalous that I just thought Garmin wouldn't allow us to do this. In restrospect, I suppose the encrypted map img probably contains my Unit ID number or something of that nature.Thanks for the info.
  4. No kidding. Even when I transfer 119mb to my 76CSx, it's a 10-15 min process.
  5. As far as a Travel Bug, I think I might go all of the way. Since I am the one taking Travel Bug to it's adventures, I receive just as much enjoyment as the Travel Bug and owner. I am new to Geocaching, so I have only done that once.
  6. I do think that the 60CSx is more steady in the hand, but I can still use my 76CSx with one hand without a problem. A lot fo people do want a big memory stick in their units. However, unless they are adding the whole U.S. at once, I think 512mb is more than enough. I have City Select maps for the whole western half of CA, ALL of Southern CA, and Topo maps (U.S. Topo for Garmin) for Southern CA in my unit. They take 120mb
  7. Yep. It's annoying. So much for "Geocache Mode." I just reordered my pages in my unit. I made sure that the compass page and map page were right next to each other. This way, I can selet page to 'go forward' and quit to 'go backward.' I know this isn't a solution, but it's something.
  8. Gsak is a very complicated program. Mostly because of the user interface and the way eveyrthing is organized. It's definitely different than most programs. The one thing I absolutely hate about GSAK: not being able to hold Ctrl or Shift to select waypoints and manage them. I really don't know what language the program was written in so I guess it could be a limitation of the language???
  9. I have never really used the 60CSx, but I do own the 76CSx. There is no doubt that the 76 is bulkier, but I agree with the arlsdaddy. I instantly got used to it. I do wish the buttons were on the bottom half of the device. When using the buttons, the screen is not blocked by my hand as long as I am looking straight at it. The rebate was a big deciding factor when finding a GPSr for myself ($339.99 after shipping, taxes, and rebates from gpsdiscount.com). I have already received and deposited the rebate. It's a great unit. From what is sounds like, it's basically equivelant to the 60CSx minus the larger case. At least my unit will float if I take it swimming with me. If you look at Garmin's website, they list the specs of each device. If you get a discount such as mine, it's worth it. You can see the unit in my hand at this benchmark.
  10. Yep. I just got mine on July 10th, 2006
  11. I guess the closest would be the GPSMAP 96 or GPSMAP 96C. Either way, no SiRF III chip. Then again, if you are in there air, do you really NEED that chip? Not many buildings or trees interfering with the signal up there.
  12. Did you check your spam filter? Are you certain ou wrote the correct email address on the rebate form? As far as Best Buy, I have always received my rebates. The instant rebates are nice, but generally it's not as much of a discount when compared to the same item with a mail-in rebate.
  13. Yes, Garmin did have this update on their site for a very short time. however, they pulled it. I do hope that they repost the different GPS SW versions for manual download.
  14. I've been testing this theory for a week. I have one query that runs every day. Each day I've been getting them later and later. Of course, eventually, I did not get them. When I copied the pocket query this morning and set it to run, I received an email containing the pocket query within 3 minutes. Their website states that it's better to schedule the pocket query in advanced rather than scheduling it on the day you want it. Based on my experience above, this appears to be false. If I set a query to run on the day I want it, I usually get it within an hour or two. If I set it in advance, I get it late that evening. People do pay for this service. *If* they are going to be prioritizing queries, they should state that on their webpage. If paying an extra 10 dollars a year would increase their pocket query server or bandwidth to allow the pocket queries that people want, then I wouldn't mind paying it.
  15. I too have sent in a lot of receipts. I makes copies of everything. I keep very close track of the rebate status. I follow the instructions to the letter 'T'. This rebate was a little different though. It stated that I had to buy from an authorized Garmin Dealer. I looked up GPSDiscount before I bought the unit. Of course, they are an authorized dealer. It also asked for the ORIGINAL receipt. That is what I disliked. In the past, I have mailed copies of receipts. Never have I sent in the original. Not to mention, the only original receipt I had was the invoice that came with the unit. So I went ahead and mailed the original invoice after I made copies of everything. Later, I received the email with the rebate tracking URL. Upon clicking, the website indicated that my rebate was valid and in the final stages of processing. As with all rebates, they will wait until the next business quarter before sending the checks. (It looks good if they can post large gains even though a bunch of money will leave the company in the following weeks.)
  16. Thanks, i didnt realize you could change what mode it was in. Well, it was a new feature of ther 2.71 beta software. Recently 2.9 was released which included thsi feature. So, some people out there still might now have this capability.
  17. Re-calibrating the compass only re-calibrates the magnetic north sensor. It has nothing to do with GPS positioning. GeoBC Ok, maybe I need to clarify what I meant. When using the compass while finding a geocache, there is an arrow that points towards the cache. Also included is how many feet until arrival. All of that is based on GPS coordinates and magnetic north.
  18. Not a problem for me. My 14 YO daughter never complained either. At least not about the size of it. Only about being tired or too hot. I'm happy with mine, except for a couple of minor things. The "needle" on the compass page won't point to the cache when doing a "Goto" until you get around 50-60 ' from the cache. I just walk around until the numbers start going down and set off in that direction. The signal strength bars were to to single color and WAAS/RGNOS was turned off. Both were on with my 60CS. I just need to learn it bit more about it; such as turning on/off Blue Chart and Topo maps. Also how to use the mini-card. I read a lot about the different GPS models. I too was about to get the 60 CSx, but then I learned of the $100 rebate with the 76. I looked at the differences. All in all, it seemed to be the same unit with a different form factor and marine based. In the photos, the 76 looked bigger. When I read the measurements, .3"W x .1"H x.1"D bigger, I thought, "That's just slightly bigger." When I got it, I noticed it looks a lot bigger in the hand. I think part of it is an optical illusion. The hieght of the 60 includes the antenna which does not cover the top of the unit. I guess they needed the bigger surface area to make the 76 float...lol. So I got a 76 CSx for < $339 - Shipped and after the rebate. Not a bad deal. For $100 discount, I don't think it's too much bigger. So far, I like it. No big problems. Just a few issues. I have the same experience as the other poster with regards to the compass. The needle will point towards the cache. When I get < 100ft, it points directly at the cache. So far, it appears that accuracy is increased with WAAS disabled rather than enabled. Also, if autorouting is used to find the cache, the compass will keep pointing out to the street nearest to the cache. Some of these issues might be the same on other makes and models of GPSrs.
  19. At least you two can get to the site. Garmin must be getting a lot of page requests.
  20. I updated my 76CSx after a couple hours it was released through the auto updater. I live in Southern CA, USA. I pdated about 7-8 pm DST. Right away, I was getting full bars from 5 satellites including 51. The rest were at the third line or just below it. Shortly there after, I started seeing Ds on all bars except for 51. The weird part: The location was +- 42Ft. Once I turned off WAAS, it dropped to +-14ft within a minute. I don't remember the satellite orientation in the sky. So, I went Geocaching. I looked a for three caches. Even though I had so many full bars and WAAS disabled, the accuracy from the compass was the same. I recalibrated the compass and yielded the same results. I am not sure about any enhanced accuracy. Before the update, the compass always got me within 6-10 ft before it goes haywire. I still have the same results. Maybe Garmin just gave us "full bars" to make us happy?
  21. I use City Select 7. Near me is an off ramp that has been there well over ten years. However, City Select 7 doesn't show any off ramp. I suspect that Navigator 8 won't solve this problem. If I can get a free update, then I will upgrade to Navigator 8. Otherwise, I prorbably won't. After all, I don't replace my paper maps every year. Of course, if I drove for a living, I would upgrade right away.
  22. If you have a 60Cx/CSx/76C/76CS/76CSx and the lastest software version for the unit, you can put it in USB Mass Storage mode. Your computer will see the device as a removable disk. From that point, you can delete the custom POIs.
  23. I just signed up with Geocaching. I am preparing to download these files. However, when downloading multiple way points, I can only download them in .LOC file format. I agree. It's a real pain to download the GPX files one at a time.
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