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  1. I want a car nav, and handheld nav, and PDA all rolled into one unit. Also, I want it to have all of the same features and perform as well as their standalone counterparts.
  2. Hehe. I was going to say something similar. But seriously, buying a microSD will give you added flexability. Not only can those cards be use in a standard SD slot with the adapter, but they can also be used in devices which only support microSD. Cell phones and GPSr's are two such devices that will make use of a microSD card.
  3. I have a 76CSx and live on the west coast. There was no need for me to reset in order to get 48 or 51. Go to Nasa!
  4. I buy a lot of computer hardware. More and more, I see rebates delivered via this method. I have always thought that it was a security risk.
  5. Other than what you have stated, there is no difference.
  6. Actually they only offer City Navigator. City Select was discontinued after V7. The current version is V8. If you buy City Select V7 now Garmin will give you a free upgrade to City Navigator V8. The basic difference was City Select had smaller map segments than City Nav. That allowed those people running limited memory units to be able to use the software. CN V8 is something of a compromise--The segments are larger than they were is CS, but not so large as to be unusable. Also, if you want to be able to get the whole U.S. on a 1 GB memory card, get the NT version of City Navigator.
  7. I understand how you feel about your travel bugs not moving. However, sometimes I like it when people say that discovered it. It let's me know if the logged travel bug is actually in the cache. I am knew to Geocaching, but have read A LOT of past messages, stories, and experiences. It would seem that Geocaching has changed from a "let's have a reason to enjoy the family and nature" to a "numbers" game. I suppose that is to be expected. Don't worry. Someone will grab your bugs eventually. I think the whole travel bug idea is a great one. I am saddened by how many bugs are MIA. I wonder if someone knows a fairly accurate percentage of how many TBs are missing.
  8. I ran a search query using '76CSx rebate' as the keywords. Since you posted in that thread, I suppose I could have ran a search on your name too..
  9. With regular geocache items, if you take somehting you leave something. With a travel bug you can take any and all bugs out of a cache and put nothing in it's place. This rule superceds any rules that the actual cache might have. When you to take them, please obey the travel bug owner's wishes and move them accordingly.
  10. I totally agree with "you can", but I strongly disagree with "and should"... This is bad information. Can you give a reason why he "should" on a 60Cx? Cryppie, I completely agree with your view on the entire "NT or not NT" debate. It's nice to have all of the U.S. loaded so one doesn't have to worry about not having a map. NT could help with the tile limit when loading the whole U.S. on a single 1GB card. Since the maps are more compressed, it might be quicker to load them onto an SD card. However, that would be negated if the individual loads the entire U.S. on their SD card. Other than those couple of advantages, I don't see a "need" for NT. Also, as you pointed out, there are disadvantages. NT might hinder people becasue they won't want to buy a device that is not compatible with CN 8 NT. I still wonder if search time or route calculation would be slower with the NT version? Before I got my first GPSr, I thought about the maps. I did want the whole U.S. loaded at once just so I wouldn't have to think about loading maps. Now that I own one, I am still using the 128MB card that came with my unit. I have all of Southern California (street and topo) and Maui loaded. Once I start traveling the U.S. more, a 1GB card will be more than enough for me.
  11. As Castanea has stated, Navigator will install along side of City Select.
  12. Yeah, I noticed that. Even though not having to worry about maps by loading all of them onto your unit is convenient, it's not ncessary for me. If I was zigzagging the U.S., then it would be a different story.
  13. Please check back and let us know how the upgrade goes. There have been several posts on alt.satellite.gps.garmin that the unlock process isn't working properly. Thanks. Ok, today was the day that I received my City Navigator 8 (non-NT). I inserted the disk and ran the setup.exe. The update was flawless. At one point is listed: Date Original Redeemed 05/25/2006 Update Release Date 04/05/2006 Next, I came to a screen that had a radio button ticked. It stated that I was ordering the Navigator Update Unlock code. It even listed a price of $0.00. So I proceeded. I got my Unlock code and started using the program. I looked at some places and noticed more POIs. I don't know if they listed new POIs over old, defunct POIs. Either way, it went well....for me.
  14. That is what I am concerned with. I wonder if NT will draw slower becasue of the compression. I would much rather get another microSD card then have the screen draw any slower. If it is slower, I am sure that it won't be A LOT slower. From Garmin's site, I unserstood that an update DVD would only apply to your first GPS unit and not your second. I could be wrong, but that's the way I understood their complicated licensing program.
  15. Well, I've done it again. This time the travel bug saw a TV star.
  16. This is exactly what I would like to know. I am blessed and lucky to be in a position in life to afford two 1GB microSD cards. I would definitely buy more memory instead of slowing down my GPSr....if that is truly the case.
  17. If someone owns a 60CSx or 76 CSx I don't think that the NT version is superior to the non-NT version. It only offers more compression. With 1GB microSD cards, I really don't need so much compression. Also, there's the issue of acquisition times being slower due to the higher compression. I have no idea if it's true, but it has proven true with different compression schemes on a PC. I see on Garmin's site that City Navigator 8 NT DVD will ship on August 31, 2006. We'll see. I am still waiting for my non-NT version that I ordered on July 28th.
  18. I am more concerned with acquisition times. I wonder if having the data more compressed slows down routing and other features that require the map.
  19. Yes, I am wondering about the update process myself. I unlocked City Select 7 at the end of May. I have an email form Garmin that states the system would "automatically know" I am entitled to update to CN 8. I am sure you know how those types of things go. I will definitely let everyone know how the upgrade process went.
  20. Ok, I noticed that the ship date is July 26, 2006. So I will order mine today. I am glad that they made the release date April. I unlocked City Select 7 at the end of May.
  21. Ok, I dropped off Friendly Frog. Thank you very much for taking this bug to New York. I greatly appreciate it.
  22. If you can drop it off in a a cache close to I-15 we can pick it up we will be passing by there thursday morning and would be more than happy to take it for you LMK which cache and we will see what we can do. Khadaji N Juete As in day after tomorrow? Ok, I was thinking of leaving it in the I-15 Travel Bug Hotel. Let me know by tonight if you might be able to make it. If so, I will place it in that cache tomorrow.
  23. We are in cyberspace. Not the real world. Usually people could care less what happens here becasue there is no real world reprecussions. I fail to see why making people a spectical in an online forum would solve any problems. Obviously, it would turn into a stoning event. The offending people probably aren't even looking at the Groundspeak forums. I don't think it would affect them in least. The people it might affect are people that probably wouldn't perform scandalous actions with a travel bug. So their name wouldn't even be in here.
  24. I live just a tad north of SD. I am getting ready to release a new travel bug that needs to go to NY. I was going to release this TB in Burbank. Tell me of another TB drop off point so you can take it with you.
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