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  1. If you post it on the belgian forum in english they will answer in english
  2. And then you need to import your GPX files / pocket queries. So it's recommended to be premium member.
  3. Well geocaches are logged as quick as possible for the FTF --> first to find.
  4. Je kan je vraag ook stellen op het belgisch forum. http://www.geocaching.be/forum_nl/
  5. I never heard complains about it.
  6. I heard from some other geocachers their not that happy with the roll button on the colorado. Thats the only thing I know for now.
  7. It may also help sometimes if you look for the newest version of the update.
  8. Some time ago we had the same problem. I putted the email adress where the notifications come from in my contacts and the problem was solved
  9. you just need to change the settings like danpan suggests
  10. You can do this. But I only would do this when it's really neccesairy (lik great distances). Otherwise just retrieve it from somewhere else.
  11. Just go to a random shop where they sell organisation stuff. And just buy there some little notebook or something. If it is a micro. You can make the log papers yourself
  12. The csx I think is still one the best gps for geocaching. Maybe after the oregon. But I heared the csx is still more accurate
  13. From some friends. They said maybe it's something for you. Now we doubled them !!! Great hobby
  14. wich adress are the notifications send from? noreply@geocaching.com ?
  15. with this prog it will do. http://debroekies.dyndns.org/debroekies/Downloads/gcn.zip but it's from the netherlands so I don't know of it's useable with a american phone
  16. polygoon


    About those caches in dutch. When I published my cache I putted the information on the listing in three different languages. Dutch, Frenc and English. So everyone can read my cache.
  17. My dad has got many emails from his notifications and watchlist caches. But now he don't receive any emails anymore. He's using a hotmail.com email adress. Does someone know how we can fix it?
  18. waarom kom je niet gewoon op het belgische forum posten?
  19. If you come you can do as many caches because there are a lot of caches in our small country
  20. Zo is het bij veel cachers die beginnen
  21. We have the etrex to and he is very good
  22. We still cach 100% paper because we don't have a pda or something like that
  23. there are also nice caches around antwerp specially from corke (they are wonderfull) Greetings from belgium
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