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  1. You had a cache denied because it was say, too close to another cache. So....... you hide another cache that gets approved. In that cache, you have only a set of coordinates that direct you to the first cache that would not be published. Anything wrong with that?
  2. OK, reviewer just left me a message regarding this location. Here is the response: March 7 by Prime Reviewer (0 found) I don't show this as being an abandoned track. It appears to be part of the South Orient line, which is still an active company. It's a trespassing issue, as much as it is a safety issue. [view this log on a separate page] So, it will be a no go for this one. And it was going to be a really good one too !!!.......... Guess that danged old train will be whizzing by here any old time now.....
  3. I found the submitted cache request that I sent in for approval and sent this link to the reviewer. I also misled something in this post. I have had two denied and was thinking it was this one twice, I am wrong. This submission was only denied the first time. I did not submit it twice. The second denial was a cache placement that I placed too close to another existing cache. Sorry for the confusion. I will update this if I hear from the reviewer. Thanks.
  4. OK, here's the deal. I have had a location rejected twice by a reviewer, due to it's location being too close to a railroad. Now, granted there is a railroad there, but has been abandoned and out of service for many years. The first time I posted the cache, I had forgotten about the railroad rule and it was denied. I posted it a second time and explained the condition of the railroad and I got the same reply that it was denied and for me to refer to the placement rules for cache locations. I have included a couple of pics of this, so what do you think? I would email these to the reviewer, but have no idea who they are to do so.
  5. been there and done all that with the ammo boxes. You are in for alot of frustration. In order to get anykind of glue to stick, you're going to have the grind the metal until it is rough...... that is the ONLY way any glues are going to stick to it in order to adhere anything to it. Might add your going to have alot of time invested in this and even when finished, you've still only got something that is square shaped and sticks out like a sore thumb. I have opted for black/brown/green spray paints. Find you some shrubbery, bushes or dark shadowed areas to hide the box and you'll be amazed at how it blends in at that point.
  6. deleted post by original poster. Somehow posted it twice.
  7. I had some free time today so I went around to a few of my caches to check their condition and restock them. I do this hobby simply to just have fun and to make it fun for others, but it will just never cease to amaze me how some geocachers take advantage of the hobby. Personally, I could care less for collecting anything from other peoples cache sites, but I always leave something really neat or handy for someone else when I visit their cache. I take pride in my own cache's being well stocked with what I would call "good SWAG". I stock or trade things such as mini-mag lights, pocket calculators, a variety of nice key chains (the ones with mini 3' measuring tapes are the first to go), small variety kids games, compasses, batteries and so on. Today I checked 5 of my sites and found that all were empty of what I had stocked. I emptied out all the items that had been left in trade which included: 1 dime, 2 nickels, 7 pennies, 1 budweizer twist-off beer cap (WOW), 1 local car dealership rubber advertisement key chain, 1 rubber wristband, 2 polished rocks, 4 fast food kiddie toys (one of them missing an arm) and one plastic ring. The only decent items left in trade were a pack of fishing lures and a $1 bill.
  8. I have a Garmin Legend C that I used for geocaching last year. I loaned this unit to a friend to use the maps to travel on a trip and now I can't get it set back up the way it was before it left. Here is the deal: I enter waypoints, select waypoints on the menu, press the waypoint I want to be directed to, press "GoTo" and the unit automatically goes straight to the map display. Before, when pressing "GoTo" on the waypoint, the unit went directly to the screen with the compass on it and this is what I want again. I can't make the map go away. H E L P !!!!!! I'm going nuts here trying to figure this out.
  9. I have a small cache container camo'd with some silk leaves which very closely resemble the leaves on a tree where I have the container hidden. When I placed this cache during the summer, the tree was full of leaves and it was a real challenge to find. I thought this tree was one that kept green leaves year round but just discovered that it has lost it's leaves for the winter and now my cache sticks out like a sore thumb. Can I disable this cache or something so that it can be brought back to life in the spring when new leaves start growing on the tree?
  10. A few caches in my area that I have decided not to search for have been placed in very busy parks where there is always alot of people mingling in the areas. I have gone to the general areas of the coordinates and most appear that a good deal of searching would have to be conducting to locate the cache. A few I have actually made an attempt at but within just a few minutes of looking around, a crowd seems to be more concerned about your snooping. I think if I had continued to search these until found, when I left the cache would be gone in a matter of minutes.
  11. I started with a Garmin Legend and while it did OK, it would lose a signal if put in my pocket or in the cab of my truck. Sold it on EBAY and bought a Legend C. Love the color screen and I have found it to hold a lock under trees, in my pocket or in the cab of my truck. It will also get a lock from inside my house. Accuracy also is much better than the Legend I had, which always seemed to give an average of 18' on the display. This Legend C most times shows an accuracy of about 9'. I liked the C so well, that I sold my sons yellow one and he now has a C also and it also has the same lock and accuracy as mine.
  12. I guess that is the ONE good thing I have to say for the infestation of fire ants here in Tx, they sure keep the tick population in check.
  13. Western diamondback rattlesnake, common in Texas. He was around 4' and left the road headed for what the GPSr was telling me was the last 45' to the cache. I decided to just let him lay claim to it first....
  14. And I was not going to argue with him one bit. Apparently he wanted the "Find" worse than I did.
  15. Yes, we are talking about two seperate cache sites. The one within 500 feet of another was pulled because of the proximity to another cache, reasonably so. The second cache is the one that was published then pulled because of the 1/1 rating and then determined that it was not handicap accessible. I see now that it is back on the website and he has changed it to a 1.5/1 rating. Lone Oak Hole
  16. I say go for it !! I saw an email awhile back that someone sold a single kellogs corn flake that was in the shape of something, forgot now what it was, and it brought a heck of a lot of bucks. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder...... and buyer.......
  17. I have a friend who has a 10 year old son. I have an 11 year old and both kids have placed their own cache sites. My buddies kid got 3 published about a week ago and this past weekend, we went out to the location they were in and found 2 of them. The 3rd was never located on the web site for us to get the coords for it. Today when back at work, my buddy told me that all 3 had been published, but a couple of days later, one was removed by a reviewer because it was within 500 ft of another cache site and rightfully so I can understand. The third cache which we never found on the website had been published for two days and two folks had logged it when it was pulled. The reason given was because it was a 1/1 rating, it had to be wheelchair accessible and because it was not, it was pulled. Is this true that a 1/1 has to be wheelchair accessible?
  18. Someone in my area obviously must have made a deal with McDonalds to have all their broken toys shipped to them, as this seems to be all we find in most caches. Like mentioned above with dollar stores, Wal-marts and such is a good link to find your items. At Target in my town on the isle endcaps, they always have closeout or clearance items. About a month ago, I found a rack of Winchester mini multi-pliars for $1.50 each. They had been marked $9.99 and I bought all 11 of them.
  19. I just got my second Legend C in the mail today. Both will be used for geocaching. I have entered about 40 coordinates into the first one and was wandering if there is anyway that I can send those coordinates to the new one somehow without having to hand enter those coords again? I know uploads can be done through the premium membership as I understand it but I am not a member. Thanks.
  20. I can be at the store and back home with replacements in less time than it takes to pick them all out.
  21. I get mine here in town at an army surplus store. EBAY has them also.
  22. The bond to the container comes off. The foliage comes off with the glues stuck to them and nothing left on the metal container. You are correct in one respect. I have a test going on with another ammo container right now. I applied super glue to an area and sprinkled dirt and dead foliage over it and it appears to be sticking well. The plastic stuff will just not stick though.
  23. This first cache container I am working on is covered in artificial leaves which attaches them to my container with camo duck tape. This one seems to be working fairly well for durability. The next container is where my problems start. This container is a metal ammo container. I have tried hot glues, super glues and gorilla glue in an attempt to stick the artificial leaves to the container. All will stick until a tug is given and they simply peel off. Anyone have any thoughts on what kind of adhesive I could use that might work? I really don't want to do the camo duck tape as it is a PITA. Thanks for any thoughts.
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