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  1. And we all know how long it takes to fix things around here, so I thought that by putting it here it might help people to solve the wee fairy messages. However it doesn't seem to work on some of them, so goodness knows what language some of the little fairies are using.
  2. Problem Solved, see below: Secret Code Decryption Key A|B|C|D|E|F|G|H|I|J|K|L|M ------------------------- N|O|P|Q|R|S|T|U|V|W|X|Y|Z (letter above equals below, and vice versa)
  3. Good One Max, I just noticed it and was just looking for a 'report" button. The Photo goals denied that same waymark and commented it was SPAM! Please will someone delete it!!!!
  4. The different standards are creeping in again. Can I quote an answer in the Waymark vote " I don’t know how many times it needs to be said that simply taking a photo of yourself, or some object is not a valid photo goal for this category. There must be an action associated. ' How did Get "Arrested" pass the vote, sitting in a car and having a photo taken? Even the description says it all, read it! Its just taking a photo of yourself sitting in a car. Looks like different standards again. And to Scroogiell....love the idea of your paper aeroplane, if you have action photos that would be a good one, bring it on.... (but of course that's only my opinion).
  5. What does this mean? What is "grandfathered?" That waymark is still on the site and can still be visited.
  6. Oooops, your waymark is not such a perfect example afterall. Nothing unusual about having a photo taken with a flag. But it is 'weirdo' though, the number of Country flags in there when you specifically said "National Flags will not be accepted". ...even hand-held small flags when "they MUST be full sized! " Shouldn't you, as the waymark owner, manage your goal visits and delete those that don't comply? Or, should this Photo Goal be declined too, just like the others? And where's the ACTION?
  7. Please bring back the "Wear Your Best Suit" photo goal. I've just completed the goal and now I see it has just been archived. Why? Just because someone thinks its not daring or death defying enough?? As my log stated, "Everyone likes getting dressed up now and then, and these days we don't seem to get enough opportunities to put our glad rags on. " This is what photo goals used to be about, just doing something and having fun, didn't have to be an ‘eye rolling’ thing or a ‘Dare You’ thing. Getting really dressed up IS doing something, especially if it’s for an important occasion. The Past Activity page makes interesting reading, so many Declines then Approves then Declines again, for the same goal, it looks like no-one knows what they're doing! Wear Your Best Suit was one of those, approved and now gone, PLEASE bring it back for good!
  8. This is very sad news. Bruce was always a big name in Waymarking, we looked up to him as a mentor and friend. Bruce made a trip to New Zealand and left some waymarks in the South Island, many of which we have already visited. These places will have a very special memory for us now, and Bruce's name will always live on through the waymarks he created in our little corner of the world. Haere ra Bruce, we will miss you.
  9. Check out the DIY version here: https://www.kneipp.com/us_en/natures-expert/water-cure/water-treading/ It seems a bathtub is good enough, or even a creek. And it comes with a Warning with several reasons why you should NOT use this therapy. And its straight from the horses mouth (Kneipp.com)!!
  10. Oooo, how lucky you are! Don't move the fish, leave them in there and you could create a Fish Spa and Fish Pedicure. Now that's a whole new category idea! https://www.cdc.gov/healthywater/hygiene/body/fish_pedicures.html We're lucky too, we have the world's cleanest purest Kneipp Pool flowing past the end of our street, its called the Tongariro River and its cold, straight off the mountains. We can do the high step in it, lifting our feet to avoid the trout, might even be able to train them to do the foot nibbling thing too! Perhaps there should just be a category for Health and Well-being things which could cover several similar activities including the Kneipp Pools and Fish Spa/Pedicures?
  11. I also read an internet article about the Kneipp Movement that implied you could make your own 'pool' if you didn't have a so-called "Kneipp Pool" and I cannot find any reference of these things anywhere in NZ, only a place that sells beauty stuff like bathsalts and shower stuff etc under the name Kneipp at a ridiculous price! (Many years ago I did see a very shallow smelly mineral water pool for foot bathing that looked so germ ridden that it needed a visit from a health inspector on the end of a barge pole, but I digress.). So, if I plonk an old bathtub on my front lawn, fill it to just below knee level with cold water and then start stepping around in it, lifting one leg at a time out of the water and pointing my toes like a pink flamingo bird then I've got myself a Kneipp Pool? If I put a sign up, can I waymark it? It'll be the only one in NZ.
  12. Parascending is a group activity where pilots fly canopies that are towed into the air by a Land Rover or winch (or can be a boat) before releasing and gliding back down to land. Not actually jumping off a cliff. Parasailing is similar but towed by a boat on water and you don't release.... hopefully. You just get pulled in or towed back to shore. But, my effort at this ended in a wet dunking at the end anyway! https://www.bhpa.co.uk/sport/parascender/ Your list of Included Activities: Paragliding, Hang Gliding, Base Jumping, Wingsuiting sounds good, so long as the Wingsuiting isn't out of a plane. So you're saying no vehicles involved? BTW, Have you ever seen anyone Sky Surfing?...but that's out of a plane.
  13. On second thoughts, Parasailing and Kite Surfing should have their own categories. Found a website about Air Sports that might help you choose a Category Name, Air Sports. http://www.topendsports.com/sport/air-sports.htm It appears that there are three categories, Motorized Air Sports, Wind/Gliding Air Sports and Gravity Air Sports. Your choice of Hang gliding and Paragliding comes under the Wind/Gliding Air Sports title along with a few other airborne activities. Perhaps you could call your category Wind/Gliding Air Sports? or something like Wind/Gliding Watchers (which indicates you're after the flying site locations where the public can watch the activity)? You'd have to be clear about which sports you will include or exclude. .
  14. The NZHGPA is the governing body of paragliding and hang gliding in New Zealand and exists to develop, protect and promote the sport of hang gliding and paragliding in New Zealand. From the NZHGPA website http://www.nzhgpa.org.nz : "In New Zealand flying sites are controlled and administered by local clubs who negotiate agreements for access and usage with the owners or government bodies. Many sites have very strict rules concerning the land access or airspace. Please familiarise yourself with the rules for any site you wish to visit by contacting the local club pilots or an instructor at the Hang Gliding Schools or Paragliding Schools before flying". We have often spotted hang gliders in action and know of several favourite sites. No signage, but plenty of action to be seen. We like the idea of this category but you will eliminate many Flying Sites if you insist on signage. As we drive around the countryside we have often seen popular hang gliding sites, where lots of vehicles are parked on a grass field with hang gliders soaring off the top of a steep bushcovered or rocky ridge and circling overhead, and that is usually the only sign you'll get that this is a popular flying site! Of course, Commercial Tourist activities will probably be signposted, but other Club sites are often just listed on Club websites. Are you going to include Parasailing (parachute towed by boat)? What about kite-surfing?
  15. Well, it is listed on my front page as Newest Waymarks but when that page is opened it's not showing there, so must be a little glitch that will sort itself out. Another of those Halloween tricks perhaps?
  16. Am I the only one that can see this Brisbane church waymark which was very recently listed as a new waymark? Opened it up to have a look at it and I notice the red writing across the top of the page saying that it has been denied! Never seen that before on a published waymark. http://www.Waymarking.com/waymarks/WMWYMW_Good_Shepherd_Church_of_Christ_Brisbane_QLD_Australia
  17. So if I can get close enough, is this what I need to waymark? There's a walking track over in the trees so might be able to zoom in on it! Thanks.
  18. See that round thing out in the grass.....Can't get really close, this pic is off the banner on the Rotorua Airport website. http://www.rotorua-airport.co.nz/ The other one is just north of Napier Airport, not publicly accessible in the marshland.
  19. I'm not sure exactly what your category is about, and not sure what these 2 images are. Found these two Google images taken in the vicinity of 2 different airports, are they what you are wanting us to waymark in this category? Or are they just UFOs?
  20. Wow, it's fixed! Just checked the site and everything is looking fine now. The icon has appeared as it should. Good to see the new icon for our Aussie Heritage Sites. Thankyou.
  21. Looks good in the picture above, but sadly its not looking good on my screen. Australian Heritage icon is a little broken square, and when clicked on it says it can't be displayed because it contains errors. The grid looks quite messy because the last three icons are not showing up and interfering with the column layout. And when I look through the list of Australian Heritage waymarks each one has the words Australian Heritage Sites underlined, written before the waymark title instead of the icon. Its the same for the waymarks of the other two missing icons. Hope you can fix it.
  22. OK, it is now tomorrow in the land that sees the sun first, although today there is no sun...BUT, we have the Forum link back on the Waymarking site! So, a very big THANKYOU.
  23. And are we going to get the Forums back on the Waymarking site at some stage? Currently, when we click on Forums on the Waymarking site, we are just getting the message: 404 Not Found.
  24. Please explain, is this category restricted to waymarks of the art works created only by the list of International Association of Astronomical Artists (IAAA)? Or is it intended to be a category covering any work of space/alien art by any artist anywhere in the world? I noticed the description was taken from their website so I assumed that the IAAA artworks were the only ones that we could waymark. Or is the category open to any Space related art by any artist that we might discover on our travels, eg. murals and other outdoor exhibits.
  25. I prefere #3, thanks We also like No.3 best, the AUS is much clearer. Thanks.
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