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  1. The logs unfortunately indicate this is the case: New Caches = 15 Total Finds = 387 Favorite Points = 10 Favorite Percentage = 2.58%
  2. One of nine GeoTour caches that displaced/archived a puzzle cache was published (and unfortunately I know this) MilpitasRec told me "the remaining caches would be released on Saturday". I visited the Community Center today to exchange my Geocoins (activated for unactivated). Publishing the remaining caches in June does not make sense since there was the urgency (and the press release specifically mentions this) to put the GeoTour together prior to the Super Bowl. You need 20 codewords to earn an award/geocoin.
  3. Nothing but complaints about the vast majority of coordinates being off, including coordinates in a backyard, incorrect terrain ratings, vegitation damage, nearby trash (always CITO), a hide next to a kiddie playground, a commercial listing (“This is a special cache from our Premium sponsor Amalfi Apartments. A new life awaits at these apartments”), already activated/registered FTF Geocoins, city requested archive of caches on non-city owned property, and “0” Favorite Points. I think that sums up the day one success of the first California GeoTour. The good news is that it can’t get any worse (I hope).
  4. Despite what it says on the GeoTour page "Limited edition inaugural geocoins will be awarded for FTF at each geocache" the FTF Geocoins are not prizes. They are activated and owned by MilpitasRec. The question is "Are the Geocoins awarded for completing the GeoTour also activated/owned by MilpitasRec?"
  5. Interesting. I never had this happen on my 400t. I'll keep an eye out on my 600, but everything that I have on my 600, I'll also have on my Samsung Galaxy S4 and my Moto Xoom. I wonder if this issue comes up w/ .ggz files. I haven't had GSAK create these yet, but it seems to be good on a couple 10K+ .gpx files I've got loaded on the 600. During the past week it did it again, while somewhere in the middle of Florida. Most vexing. All I had were the waypoints, which are in a separate gpx file in a PQ, but caches had all vanished. A removal of the MicroSD and reboot and power down and replace of the MicroSD and power up again brought them back. Pretty irritating, but at least when things are kept on the MicroSD this is possible, using internal memory means the end of the caching day. I had this happen for the first time yesterday. My 600 crashed and then stuck on the power-up (Garmin logo) screen. I removed the batteries and then noticed that all my maps and waypoints (that were on the SD card) were gone . I tried the trick (remove SD card, power up/down, put SD card back) but it did not work. I had to reload maps/waypoints. I upgraded firmware to 2.7 a couple of days ago...
  6. The form factor (weight and size) was the reason I chose Oregon (600) over Montana. I think it comes down to deciding if you want a 3" or 4" screen and if you are OK with the weight and size difference that comes with the larger screen. The Montana requires an additional AA battery.
  7. Received my 600 from REI last Thursday (5/02). Mail or Store? Mail order
  8. Received my 600 from REI last Thursday (5/02).
  9. Precharged and LSD Low Self Discharge NiMH are synonymous terms. Prior to Sanyo inventing the Eneloop LSD NiMH battery, all NiMH batteries had to be charged prior to use. LSD NiMH batteries are often sold as Precharged NiMH batteries, meaning you can use them straight from the retail package. Classic NiMH batteries (like the Maha Powerex) would go flat in a year, whereas a LSD NiMH would only lose ~10% of its charge in a year. Thanks for the explanation. Based on this I should select NiMH Pre-Charged for eneloop (since they are LSD NiMH). I still wonder how this battery type setting (NiMH or Pre-Charged NiMH) effects the operation. It seems like just a single NiMH setting would be sufficient.
  10. Depressing the button worked for me with eneloop XX 2400mAh NiMH Pre-Charged Rechargeable Batteries Does anyone know what is the difference between the "NiNH" and the "NiNH Precharged" battery type setting? I am using eneloop NiNH batteries...
  11. What, you posted this here before you logged your finds? The shame! oops!
  12. Select the filter tab of the geocaching app. Tap Status and uncheck "Found". Go back to the list of caches, and the found ones will be gone out of that list. Issue resolved! Thanks for the help...
  13. I used my Garmin 600 today first the first time. Since I have an Oregon 450, there wasn’t much of a learning curve. Quick Field Report: Display can easily be read in the sunlight. Crashed a couple of time when I checked the Elevation Plot while I was navigating to a geocache. This is most likely a bug. Maybe it’s just a setting but when I logged a geocache as found it remained on my geocache list. The there is an option to “Show Found” but not to remove/filter out Found geocaches. Software Version is 2.60
  14. This bug was being heavily abused in certain circles in order to obtain the coordinates for unpublished caches. What possible value is there to seeing the names of and distances to unpublished caches other than this? Whoa! I never noticed the distance was displayed. I assume that direction was also displayed otherwise there are far too many possible coordinates. My only personal interest is that this bug fix broke one of my puzzles. Thanks for the reply...
  15. The "feature" to view the name of an Unpublished Cache in Recently View Caches has been removed. I guess this fell under "And… bugs, bugs, bugs. Developers squashed a total of 26 bugs all told, making the site even more stable." Any chance ithis useful capability that has been in place for over 3+ months will be put back?
  16. From what I have read Greasemonkey no longer runs on Safari. The option is to install Firefox and then the greasemonkey plugin (and then your script of choice)
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