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  1. We just started to cache. i think this whole number thing is stupid. We are in it for the family fun. The kids love the hunt and it gives use quality family time. So what do you truely get for finding the most? a big ego and something else to brag about that may make you think that it makes you look important.
  2. Well I ordered a 210 this week as a bundle from TigerGPS and it comes with TOPO 3D USA. I will post back on here when I get it, and let you know how much of the map I can put on the 22mb. I own the 210. i connect it to a old laptop i had running delorme 2006. If you have someone with you to watch the gps for turns the maps from magellan work fine for a town or 2. i perfer to use the laptop bigger screen and voice prompt.
  3. since we are still new to this we read the hints and all the logs for the cache. also print a google earth map for the cache. we load the pages into our ipaq if we need to look at them again.
  4. Also i have found ge to not be that acurate and the maps are about 4 to 5 years old in my area. If i put the lat/long of my house in ge it shows to be about 200 yards off compared to my gps and some other maps.
  5. I hope not i have explorist 210 i just bought and i perfer it of the garmins of the same price range. Also more compitetion the cheaper the prices on all gps's
  6. Nice ideal but they have some ugly shoes
  7. i bought my firs gps 3 weeks ago and its a magellan explorist 210 and i think its simple to use. i paid $155 for it.
  8. i have placed yen and other coins i have from around the world
  9. I have yet to find any coins in my area
  10. I load the gpx files on my ipaq. I will try putting them on my gps next time also.
  11. thanks i will check out the geko. i belive the kids will like the color and games.
  12. I just started doing geocacheing about 3 weeks ago with the wife and kids. I currently have a Magellan explorist 210. I need to purchase a good but cheap 2nd gps. I want to get a garmin this time. I need one that has a data cable and is as easy to add .loc or .gpx files to as the magellan is. Any suggestions?
  13. I have the same gps. I have found the easiest way is to use the software that came on the cd. There is a program designed for adding geocache
  14. I rencently found a 2 pack of the led key ring flashlights that sold for $1.75 a pack at my local walmart.. i bought 10 packs and placed 1 in ad ziplock bacg with a card og our team name. thought this was a nice handy item that people might like to have. It cost me less than $20 dolars and gave me 20 items to place in the cache.
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