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  1. I am new to the game all so ,the only advice I have is to read lots on here and check out youtube under "spoiler caches " there was a man in the UK who posted some really good video's on geocaching. Sadly life got to much for him and he ended his . What city in Canada are you living ? .I am in Calgary .
  2. Over this last weekend ,I learned some new things about this wonderful game . I trust my gps to get me too within a few meters and then let instinct take over . I arrived at a spot and looked for about 35 minutes ,during that time I saw a rock siting in a depression and thought this was the cache . So when I arrived home I emailed the CO and he went out on sunday and to my surprise the cache had been there in that spot before it got muggled. The CO replaced it farther down the hill so maybe it will survive .When I went back on sunday de-termed to find this cache ,I did not know the CO had moved it to it's new location ,i just expanded my search area . It was quite rewarding to finely find and sign the log book . The second dnf I had on sunday my gps keep saying 'enter neighbour's yard " which I new was wrong .The hint when I got home said "look in 3 trees " . Well I did look and now I am wondering if this cache got "muggled " too ?. Will have to revisit this one . Then I had an moment that brings smiles to your face .There was this micro cache a cigar tube ,as I was approaching the location there was 3 young boys (grade 2,3 ) playing in the snow . The one young lad said Hi and then said I bet I know what you are doing ? .I responded what do you think I am doing ? .He laughed and said "geocaching " .I just broke out laughing at that . He then told me about the cache ,him and is dad and found it awhile ago .He then offered to help ,which I was glad of ,so I let him sign the log too . I left that spot with a big grin thinking of how much fun these kids had doing geocaching with there dad .Really made my day .
  3. It is rather sad to see the way society has grown up since the early days of life .I long for the days of old when you did not have to lock your door and your neighbour was a true friend . As a Canadian looking in on America ,we up hear have a different view of the world than you guys .The problem is the "winner -looser attitude " ,Bruce Springsteen songs have it . The Team seek couple have this desire to be number 1 in geocaching and the passion for winning has driven them to go to lengths that most people would never do . That is okay as long as they play by the rules ,which they seem to do .The problem is when you "rub it in another persons face all the time " ,some people are going to do things like stealing your caches because they hate being a "looser " to you . My advice too you is try being a more classy person .What I mean is watch pro Tennis when one person beats the other they are very humble and always "say how tough there opponent was " ,they just have so much class. As for the people stealing ,I would look into a trail cam or some sort of tracking device ,after all you do need evidence if you want to report these people .
  4. I have the garmin 62s and just plane love it .When geocaching this past weekend ,the unit placed me within 1-2meters every time and from there I was able to locate the caches. The gps only gets you to the location after that you must use your brain and search like a black Labrador dog would do .
  5. Hi As a new person to the game ,might I recommend youtube .There was a man when he was alive did a few video's on caches and especially sneaky hidden caches .He was in the UK .
  6. Hi Not sure if this correct place for this ,if not move it . I am brand new to this wonderful addiction .I received a garmin 62s for xmas and then promptly got the flu .Now 4 weeks later got a chance to try out my new toy and man do I love it. Living here in Calgary ,we have winter which brings snow ,so I did not find 3 caches (unless I wanted to dig with a shovel ) .I ran into one muggle who was curious as to what I was doing ,but too scared to ask . I did however find 3 nice caches ,one were there was no snow and had been in place since 2001 .The other is called 'The Rocks" and that was fun as it was on a hill facing south west so the snow did melt . I had gloves on and was thinking "glad this is winter as I know a few critters who bite first and ask questions later " .During the signing of the log book two lovely white tail deer strode past ,made my day. I also found a micro called "on the bridges " that was cool .But I have to say as a new person watching youtube video's and reading these forms really helped me have an idea were and how to look .
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