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  1. Good morning! Can anyone else report that the latest update to the Oregon is nice? I have been waiting to buy one of these units, and wanted to get more feedback regarding the issues it has had. Thanks!
  2. I CANT WAIT! I am going with Breezed360, and the Corgi 9's!
  3. Just as the title states; What are everyone's opinions? I use my Nexus 4 currently, but wanted a dedicated GPS unit, especially to bring with me camping, kayaking, and into the deep woods. I have read TONS of articles on both; Most seem to think the 62stc gets better reception. Excited to read all of the replies. Thanks in advance!
  4. I was ready to purchase the Garmin Oregon 450, until I read your post on the garmin 62sc. Does the 62sc really have that much better of an antenna? I am really only getting a standalone GPS unit to use in the forest and heavy tree cover, instead of my smartphone. Do you prefer the buttons over the touchscreen? And me.
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