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  1. 2 hours ago, NYPaddleCacher said:

    Nobody knows who poured the concrete into the hole, but its wasn't done to protect the cache.  We don't even know if the container was removed before the hole was filled, but there was nothing there except a blue ribbon after the hole was filled (https://www.geocaching.com/seek/log.aspx?LUID=7fd84684-eff0-4e36-b909-e6cce8a77fb1).     There was a thread in 2011 that started when someone found the cache missing, then the hole filled with dirt.  It was dug out and subsequently filled with spray insulation foam and finally with concrete.  The concrete is still there but was drilled out to hold a new container.   I speculated that the land owner filled the hole but geocachers have kept digging a new one.  


    I wouldn't say nobody knows. I live nearby and know several of the locals and nearby property owners.   

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  2. 3 hours ago, The Leprechauns said:

    I've been to Mingo twice - once when GeoWoodstock was in Denver, and again when I drove from Pittsburgh to Denver because my daughter moved there.  So, with everything else going on in 2020, it's hard to make the argument for a third visit to northwest Kansas.  My priorities are Seattle, GeoWoodstock in Vancouver, and Midwest GeoBash.


    That said, for anyone who hasn't scored a find on the world's oldest surviving cache, I encourage you to check out this event.  The planning and add-ons look really good.  The GPS Adventures Maze will be there!  (But I'll be scoring another Maze find at Midwest GeoBash.)


    If you do go to Mingo, do not miss a drive north to Arikaree.  Like so many of us, the hider of the world's oldest surviving geocache did a far better job with his second cache placement.  Arikaree is in an interesting location with a unique natural landscape (loess hills).  And, as you travel in and to the area, make a point of finding as many caches hidden by ottieolsen as possible.  Stopping off to find a cache from this truly talented hider unexpectedly turned a monotonous drive across the prairie into an enjoyable potpourri of highly-favorited gadget caches and amusing placements.


    Well Thankyou!

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  3. On 11/3/2019 at 10:05 AM, cerberus1 said:


    Yeah... "Someone keeps taking off with the container - no matter where and how good I hide it. Because I believe this location is significant historically, I am forced to change the type of hide this is. Since there is no longer a "log book" to sign," - and then the "other means" to log.


    The only thing you really can't change on a cache is it's type.      Notice the FPs caches that bypass guidelines get...


    Which high favorited caches bypass the guidelines?

  4. On 7/16/2018 at 4:36 PM, geocat_ said:

    Which do you think will happen first?  Alamogul reaching 200,000 finds or mondou2 passing Alamogul?  

    Probably whoever can couch log or place throwdowns the fastest. Never met either, but whenever Mondou2 comes to the area we get blessed with plastic Easter eggs and pill bottles with his name stamped on the tiny piece of paper inside.

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  5. On 7/25/2017 at 4:50 PM, Mineral2 said:

    I can understand the shame that comes with setting foot in Kansas and why you might not want to broadcast that around. I suppose if you had to go to Kansas, you could just skip geocaching, but then you'd miss out on the oldest geocache that is still active. 

    I'm kidding, of course, about the shame that comes with setting foot in Kansas, in case there are any Sam Brownback fans in here.

    And what's wrong with Kansas?

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  6. Is it really that big of a deal to even ask?

    Funny how that works: people that want to ask about the missing FP say, "Is it really that big of a deal to even ask?" People that think it would be FP grubbing to ask say, "Is it really that big of a deal that it's even worth asking?"


    To me, it boils down to whether you consider the poster to be a friend. If your aim is to coax some stranger into giving you the FP, then don't ask. If you're curious why your friend said he was going to do something then didn't, feel free to ask.


    I was leaning more towards "why would you even ask over something so trivial" since I can't see a single FP being that big of a deal.

  7. In general, there is an inverse relationship between quantity and quality when it comes to geocaching. What I mean by this is, in general, the greater the number of caches of a similar type (roadside micros for instance) the more popular they will be (more finds) and the lower overall the quality will be (fewer fav pts, and and a lower percentage of fav pts.) Conversely, the fewer the number of caches there are (off road multis with 4 or more stages, for instance) the less popular they will be (fewer finds) and the higher their overall quality (more fav pts and a higher percentage of fav pts). Since only premium members who actually go to a cache can record favorite points, the fav pts totals are the result of self-selection. By this I mean only people who want to do a cache do it and only those folks can "vote". If all fav pts "earned" were awarded and all caches were of equal quality (equally enjoyed by the finders) all caches would have 10% fav pts.

    Since we know they aren't all awarded and since we know they aren't equally distributed, we have a means to determine which of the caches actually done are considered to be of higher quality (have higher than average fav pt %) by the folks who actually do them. No matter which type of caching your prefer (roadside or off road) you can use this to filter which of the available caches you are mostly likely to enjoy. This assumes that you care if a cache is "high quality" or not. If you don't care, and many people do not, then this discussion is moot to you. It really only matters to folks who want to spend their time doing "quality caches". If you cache infrequently, then I suggest Clan Rifster's methods to you. If you cache more often, you may need a more detailed filter.

    Sure, you say, that's your opinion but where's beef? Here you go. Figures are for recent caches (all caches within a 50 mile radius of my home placed in 2015 where you can tell the location from the cache page. Three categories: 1, Curbside (caches within 10 feet of pavement) 2, Roadside (between 11 feet and 200 yards)3, Offroad (more than 200 yards from pavement. Here's the breakdown of current active caches in these three groups. There are 552 caches in all (72, or 14% have been archived or are currently disabled)


    1. Curbside: 169 caches 32% of total: all have 30 or more logs; 53 have at least 1 fav pt. (31%) so 69% have none. The median # of fav pts is zero. Seven caches have five or more fav pts. (4%). 22 of the caches have been archived (13%)


    2, Roadside: 238 caches 46% of total: 186 have 30 or more logs (78%); 112 have at least 1 fav point (47%) so 53% have none. The median number of fav pts is zero. Twenty six caches have 5 or more fav pts (11%) 37 of the caches have been archived (15.5%)


    3, Offroad: 115 caches 22% of total 57 have 30 or more logs (49%); 86 have at least 1 fav pt (75%) so 25% have none. The median number of fav pts is two. 21 caches have 5 or more fav pts (18%). 13 caches have been archived (11%).


    The number of caches with both more than 5 fav pts and more than 10% of loggers awarding a fav point breaks out this way: Curbside: 6 of 139 or 4%; Roadside: 14 of 238 or 6% and Offroad: 20 of 115 or 17%


    So to summarize, based on the responses of folks who actually do the caches and award fav pts the closer to the road a cache is the more popular it will be (more finds) and the lower its average quality (fewer caches with any fav pt, lower average fav pts, and fewer caches with at least 5 favs.) There's not much difference between caches actually on or above pavement and within 200 yards of it. The stuff in the woods is less popular and more well liked at the same time. If you wanna get the good stuff, you've gotta get dirty...


    That's a lot of number crunching! Another great way to filter caches by the qaulity is the Wilson score on ProjectGC.

  8. Id like to see Gadget Caches have their own Cache type so I can search for them as they are the ones we love doing the most. Anyone else think the same ?

    I'm the exact opposite, and view "gadget" caches right up there with "5" puzzles in parking lots.

    If the attributes and difficulty don't seem to be working (haven't heard that one yet...), I'm all for making 'em a cache type, so I can steer clear. :)


    I Guess i'm surprised there's people out there that don't appreciate gadget caches. Considering the amount of time, effort and creativity that's put into some of them.

  9. How would you handle this


    I have a cache that I placed to replace another cache of mine that had gone missing a couple of times so I moved it to a new location close by. After 10 finds I received the following two messages from two different cache names


    "Regarding (cache# and cache name removed)

    Bye bye cache"




    "Regarding (cache# and cache name removed)”


    and a photo of the log sheet with the written message "Muggled in the name of Gerald Roman [blue Hood]"


    After 2 DNF’s I checked on the cache and the cache was indeed missing and I replaced it logging the following note on the cache page.



    “When by to check on this cache early this morning and it was indeed missing.

    Replaced with a new container so it's ready to go again.

    Hopefully the jerks who took the last one will leave this one alone.”


    Last night I received the following message


    "You called me a jerk, yeah eh? Gl finding the next one"


    One of the senders has logged 2 finds including mine and the other has no finds logged.


    So I suspect that the cache is missing again and it gives them some kind of perverse pleasure in ruining the game for others.

    I will check on the cache within a few days when I am in the area again.

    If it is missing again, I will archive the cache and forget about replacing it and not place any new caches in the area.


    My question is

    Should I report this to the powers that be or just forget about it and move on?


    You can report it. However, that wont stop them. I would either give up that general area or try premium only

  10. If your travels take you to El Paso before July, or Washington, DC after July, I'd be interested. Otherwise, good luck with your project.


    Hate to change the subject but I recognized your name on a lot of audit logs on our caches in Kansas. You coming this way soon?

  11. Just got a series of logs on my archived GeoArt series. From sometime many months ago. Since I removed the caches, I have most of the logs. I checked several of the logs. Guess what? This many-thousands-of-finds cacher did not sign or stamp any of the ones I checked. Then I noticed that another many-thousands-of finds cacher had not signed nor stamped any of the logs either! I asked for an explanation, but I am not expecting a response. A few dozen logs deleted with tens of thousands of finds does not mean much. I find it really sad that people do this. I checked some other logs and found a really bad photo shop of a webcam. Really bad! Really sad. Guess I'll have to spend some time deleting lots of fake logs.


    I've had a similar issue on some of our hides in Western Kansas. We've gotten several "found it" logs from German cachers where the date is several months before the cache is even published...

  12. The caches near Mingo are pretty safe and are well known by the locals. Many times when my nearby cache GC4K4QN gets found, cachers are often greeted by the locals and they talk "geocaching. Even the guy who mows the ditches is aware of them


    Then how did Mingo get destroyed so many times? It was in regular intervals of 3-4 months, but then stopped completely once it wasn't buried anymore. It wasn't someone local, and likely someone retired or a trucker.


    How is Mingo no longer buried? And trust me when I say there's much more to Mingo's story...

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