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  1. I like the idea of supporting the site better.
  2. Well cool! We'll have at least a small group of folks. Maybe someone that has done it or that area before can help us out. We're not into the deathmarch thing, so we'll just be doing the tunnel and the caches around that area. Anyone know of a good meeting area around there?
  3. dibs? I call shotgun!! Your mail will their first.
  4. I actually think it's a pretty bad sign and your'e a goner. Can I have your GPS???
  5. Hey NW folks, my wife (Beckerbuns) and I will be leaving the kids with my parents in Portland and making the pilgramige to the APE cache on July 6th. Anyone who hasn't been there yet or just wants to make the trek again is welcome to join us. After that we're going to downtown Seattle to spend the night. If anyone is interested we can set-up times and such.
  6. Okay, money sent for 110 of those babies.
  7. Here's an example from Washington: The area being searched is under/next to a waterfall with rocks covered with moss and ferns and such and took about 15 minutes of searching all around the area for the large group (the rest of the group was up nearer the waterfall) to find it. I doubt the vegetation (which filters the water) will grow back quickly. I doubt you guys squishing some ferns and moss did enough damage to effect the filtration of the water in that ecosystem. Big picture is what you have to look at. Everything leaves a trace, but does that trace impact the big picture? 6 months from you being there, a big tree falls over 5 feet up hill, the rains wash all sorts of mud from the roots into the stream, the bird living in it has to find a new home. 6 months from then, is there still any impact?
  8. http://www.geocaching.com/stats/img.aspx?t...55069e932c&bg=1
  9. I guess just seeing the other person holding a GPS is too easy huh?
  10. I guess it depends where you are. I'm from the lush area of Oregon, where things grow back very quickly. So bushwacking in general doesn't do any damage that isn't repaired, and the caches I did there that were far off the trail didn't have any trails leading to them because you would walk 100 different ways to get there and you didn't really leave any tracks. I now live in Cali where in the summer pretty much everything off trail is dried up weeds and grasses. It's very easy to leave a trail in dry grass, but I have to ask with the bazillion areas of dry grass in Cali, what's the overall damage done by a 300 foot trail? I argee that in sensitive areas and preserves it's not right, but in many areas a social trail by deer or cachers, it's just another little trail in the millions of areas of land on the world. It's true, to really leave no trace, we all have to stay home. And don't flush.
  11. That was cool. Thanks for sharing.
  12. That looks like a heck of a cache adventure. I posted my video on our local board, but maybe you guy would ge interested in caching across the pond. This a part of a bigger video I was making for our family. Just our caching from 2004. Video
  13. These are orders for groups of people. This just makes the whole process easier than a bunch of people placing individual orders.
  14. I dunno......I already have one coin from Canada.....
  15. Nurse Dave

    Wi Geocoin

    If you make it, they will come.
  16. The Nurse Dave order will be right around 100. I'll give you a hard number and gobs of cash in a couple of days.
  17. Why would you need a reason other than supporting the website though?
  18. Of course there isn't anything wrong with it, but as you know you'll have a lot less people than normal going after this cache. The other option is to make them 20 seperate caches with a bonus cache were you have to find all the others first. This way if some people don't do boating caches, they can still partake in some of them. Then make a heck of a good cache for the final.
  19. So if you're going to say we can do it because Jeremy said so, does this last post mean that people that do it have to agree they are stupid and selfish? Just askin'.
  20. Your numbers are also connected to gc.com. Not only should they reflect what you have done in an area, but what you have done that is actually listed on gc.com. Lots of arguments back and forth and it just boils down to folks feeling they are getting ripped off if they can't get numbers for temp caches nobody outside the event can get. What's wrong with spending a whole day of fun and only getting one find for it? There are plenty of other activities at events that take time and effort that people wouldn't think of logging as find. If it was just about everytime you find something you get a smiley, people would be logging multi caches for every leg. I'm not sure how the two can be seperated.
  21. From what I've seen, plated coins don't have the definition in detail nonplated ones do. Because the plating rounds off some of the sharper edges.
  22. Is that right after Jeremy obtains rock star status and I sell my moun10bike coin to buy a house? Or when geocaching finally becomes outlawed because endangered animals keep eating the film cans and everything geocaching related isn't worth the metal it's made from?
  23. I'll order some anyway, but I find many people don't know about the flat rate boxes you can get from the post office. So even that many coins shouldn't cost more than $15 to send.
  24. Doh, that sucks man. I know that's a pretty hard way to start out with a new kid. I hope you got great care and everything is okay.
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