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  1. I tend to trade item for item unless I really like the layout of a multicache or the location. Then I tend to leave more than I take as a thank-you. ---Real men cache in shorts.
  2. Either, "Hey my GPS is right on!" or "Hey, they must have used the sun's shadow and a few sticks to get those coordinates." ---Real men cache in shorts.
  3. Nurse Dave


    test ---Real men cache in shorts.
  4. You can start at www.insidecorner.com/geocaching ---Real men cache in shorts.
  5. quote:Originally posted by umc:Perfect for the complaint dept thread. I quit reading that thread when it got to 4 pages. ---Real men cache in shorts.
  6. I know it's still fairly new, but in the description and on the cache we put that we wanted to avoid plastic toys and golfballs. So far, so good. ---Real men cache in shorts.
  7. but it's not for me. Ya. It's um, for my friend. Ya. He's a big guy. Oh no wait. It is for me, but I look a lot like Fabio. He's a pretty big guy. ---Real men cache in shorts.
  8. Just look at my name. --Dave ---Real men cache in shorts.
  9. Nurse Dave


    sig ---Real men cache in shorts.
  10. the hidden Fire Hydrants cache. ---Real men cache in shorts.
  11. I noticed my little smiley guy is missing from my sig line now. Checked to see if it was just me and the only gif I see working is VentureForth's. If I can't see Toe's dancing banana any more I don't know what I'll do. ---Real men cache in shorts.
  12. I will sometimes go by myself, but most of our finds are together so we log them all under the same account. ---Real men cache in shorts.
  13. It is either a torpedo or it's not. Easy enough. ---Real men cache in shorts.
  14. If anyone is around Yakama, I'd like to point out that there are several caches that end in great views of the valleys there. This one http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?ID=19687 also has a T.B. which I feel a little guilty about. We wanted to put some miles on it and left it in a cache that was fairly easy to get to, but underestimated the lack of activity there. It's been there for 2 months, so if someone wants to rescue it that would be great. ---Real men cache in shorts.
  15. Well I guess I see there being two sites a bit of a bummer. If people don't list on both then there could be good caches that are being missed by good cachers. If they are listing on both, then the sites are simply duplicating that service. I don't understand a root for the underdog when having all the caches in one searchable database will give the caches the most exposure. If someone started a new site now with caches only in that site I think a very small number of cachers would ever hear about them. ---Real men cache in shorts.
  16. Hey that's kewl. Must be new, I hadn't seen the link before. If they offer a sweatshirt I'm there. Thanks! ---Real men cache in shorts.
  17. My question is why isn't geocaching.com selling all these products? With the number of people comming to this site I think they are just losing money not having coffee mugs and such. So there is someone else offering more variety. I want a sweatshirt with the logo in the corner. Can't get it here, but he's selling a version. I'm not going to buy one from him, but I wish I could from Jeremy. On a side note there's this company here named Nike that has it shirts all over the place. How is Jeremy supposed to move his product with this nike stuff taking all the rack space? ---Real men cache in shorts.
  18. an umbrella? Never heard of a cacher using one. You use it to keep your balance like a walking stick? That's how we tell the people that moved here from California, they have unbrellas in their cars. ---Real men cache in shorts.
  19. as to why anyone would use the other site. I just went and searched for caches by zip code. I live in Portland, OR where there are right now over 700 within 100 miles. The closest one on that site was in a city 1 1/2 hours away. I say let people do whatever they want at that site. They are missing out on quite a lot if they are only using that site, and if they are using both, what's the point of the other site? ---Real men cache in shorts.
  20. I was trying to find a close concentration of caches for tomorrow, but the state maps are back to not working. I thought this was fixed. ---Real men cache in shorts.
  21. Is there a basic GC people are downloading to mod? ---Real men cache in shorts.
  22. you guys in Georgia have your stuff together! ---Real men cache in shorts.
  23. With the amount of error in the GPS system on any given day, coordinates 15-20 feet away could still be pointing at the old cache site. I think it sounds like the same cache just hidden better. ---Real men cache in shorts.
  24. I was going to vote anywhere west of Idaho, but I don't see that as a choice. ---Real men cache in shorts.
  25. The saddest part of all this isn't somebody messing with other people's T.B.s, but the general "screw you" attitude being thrown to all other geocachers. It's one thing to not agree with an opinion or view, but cachew nut seems to not really care about anyone else in general. At least that's the feeling I'm getting. If you generally wanted people just to fix posted numbers, you would just send an email. ---Real men cache in shorts.
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