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  1. We're doing that, and hitting one July 6th!
  2. Oh sure, start feeling sorry for the ugly guy! He just got back from Hawaii ya know.
  3. Awww the too pooches are lookin' at each other. I'm in!
  4. But after the first time you put in a wrong digit and can't find the cache after a mile hike, you'll be thinking twice about it. Or not.
  5. I'm filling my shotgun with film can shot. Start runnin' boy!
  6. I have never seen a wooden coin smudged or anything if that's what you're asking. I would rather find sig items in caches, but the boys like neat toys. But then again, they are into the collection too, so now they say "SIG ITEM!" when we see something with a name on it in a cache. Here's our collection.
  7. Just since it was never specifially said, the $5 parking area is the closest place to Iron Horse (East) to park right? I'm just planning on pointing the navigation thing to that one and pushing "go".
  8. We'll be bringing at least one from California up there too!
  9. I disagree. Coins at this cost aren't really going to be traveling much from cache to cache. I don't think many would be leaving them in caches other than for FTF or something special. If you want coins to actually be a trade item I think they need to be more on par with the cost of regular trade items. Such as the ones that are priced around $2.50.
  10. I don't know if there are any left to send out, but at the last 2 events I've been to they were raffling off about 30 jeeps each time. They were sent from Groundspeak. Maybe you could do that?
  11. Wooo Hooo geocoins! Pretty much any new coin can presell 300 coins within a week of going on sale.
  12. Is this in the works somewhere?
  13. And it's $1.50 per coin.
  14. Well if you all are interested in a late lunch picnic after we emerge from the tunnel, I found out we can borrow the bigger car for our adventure. So we can bring a cooler full of drinks.
  15. Ya, that's what we want to do. Just waiting for you locals to stop yappin' about a meeting spot and pick one. Actually, I don't want to make a big production out of it, so maybe we just meet at the $5 spot and if people want to arrange car pools, even starting from Seattle then you can.
  16. Just wait dear friends. Like those of us that have coins you want now, in the future you will be the one with the Calgary coin all the new collectors want.
  17. We'll leave Portland at 7. It sounds like it will take 3-3.5 hours to get there. So I guess we can say 10:30. Is Garcia a park/town?
  18. I got mine, so I'm fine. Thanks
  19. Ah, sorry. Just planned on starting on the east side of the tunnel and walking through to the APE and then back. Is Rattlesnake lake on 90?
  20. Ah, I was just going by what mapquest was telling me. We're just going to shoot right up to the cache area. I'll take the direct route. Think that will shave off 10-15 minutes?
  21. So I figured we should actually start planning something. I look like we just take I-5 to 18 to I-90? Mapquest says 3:30 from Portland and we'll leave at 7. Question, I seem to remember hearing that you can park at either end right? So if we meet below and carpool up to the $5 parking area...do you end up back where the other cars are?
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