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  1. Heh, so the ranger should ask you if it's okay to remove your cache?
  2. Hey, if you just put "ND" on there instead of North Dakota I can use them as my personal coin!
  3. The wait seems to take foreeeeeever, doesn't it?
  4. My group will take around 115.
  5. Oh, and I'm good for around 115 coins.
  6. Here's some thoughts: --Unless you're going to make a cheaper coins (around $3), they aren't really going to travel much and people aren't going to but a lot of them to put in caches. So, paying for tracking is paying to see who's collection it's in. But people seem to like tracking anyway. --I think it's important to include at least locals in design suggestions and voting on the final design since it's not a personal coin. --For the Oregon coin I placed a cache where I had a table set-up near by for the first 3 hours it was active. People found the cache with a little commerative card they brought back to the table to get their coins. People that couldn't make the cache paid for shipping or had them delivered if they were local. --Take a look at pages that have a lot of pictures of geocoin designs. Some work better than others. If you're going with a simple pressed coin the design carries everything and needs to be very well done to look good. If you're adding colour, I think a little is a good accent, a lot can get too cartoony.
  7. Guess it depends what you want them for. There has been talk with other coins just limiting them to a certain number or certain people to make them more "rare". Instead of that, it can make them just impossible for people to get just one. If you want them just to commemorate the event and the people that actually went, I'd limit it just to that instead of a frenzy of people that order first.
  8. Sure, but then you're going to have to pass-on the cost of those unused numbers to the coins you're going to make.
  9. I'll take around 115.
  10. If any of you grabbed one of our wooden nickels, you can track it at this site. Again, it was great to meet all of you!!!
  11. Oooo, maybe my avatar can get some!
  12. Alright, getting ready to go. Early to grab some caches you know We have a case of water and some cold Snapples. See ya'll there!
  13. I'll send you the micros.
  14. My group will take about 112. I'll give you the hard number next week when we need to pay.
  15. "IF"??? Always willing to swap.
  16. You don't have to mint 1500 coins, you just have to buy 1500 tracking numbers. My group would order around 115 coins.
  17. The coins if they aren't trackable are generally a really nice trade item. And some of the ones that arean't trackable on gc.com say you can keep them or move them on. The cards I've seen are a regional thing. Some places they are put in with the log book to sort of collect in the cache and some places they are just to swap like anything else. I'd just look around, if there are a bunch of cards in caches around you, I'd leave them. If not, swap em out if you want to.
  18. 10:30. We're leaving Portland at 0700. Sync watches..........now!
  19. Of course people would be interested...but I would post this in your local forums to get the design ideas.
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