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  1. Okay, I think I have most of my coins listed now. http://cointracking.com/public/NurseDave
  2. I think I remember someone saying not to label it as a coin because you can't ship coins from the US to Canada. When I sent my geocoins to Canada I labeled them as novelty tokens and they always got there fine. I ship coins to Canada every time a new one comes out and haven't had a problem yet labeling them coins and gift.
  3. Just curious as to the rarity of these coins. Is there a change at a second minting or is this it?
  4. Realistically, if you want TBs you should buy TBs, they will disappear less than geocoins.
  5. I'm still waiting to hear about placing a large order. Should I email someone again?
  6. Me too, I don't buy personal coins but I'll swap with you.
  7. Sweet, make sure there are around 112 for me.
  8. Forgot tracking, it just tells you who's collection it's in. I'll take around 120.
  9. That's how I keep mine. Portable for taking to events.
  10. I didn't hear back.... I didn't either Me neither...but may that's because I let them have their choice of a boy.
  11. I emailed an never heard back. Maybe you don't want my coin?
  12. My boys bring their own items to trade a like pavlov's dogs, search out sig items and such. I think the wooden nickel idea is a really cool one. So they can get a bunch to carry around. One that's just for kids but not NW would be really popular I think. I don't want to rip off your idea, so maybe you would think about that too.
  13. I'd buy two. So it depends on how you limit it. I've been a member of MIGO for quite a while and order their coins.
  14. I'd love to TRADE you for one.
  15. Good to hear what's up. Better to get things right than quick. Which company is this I shouldn't be using?
  16. Well since the orders are rolling in, put me down for around 112.
  17. Ya, I'm getting behind. There are 5 coins sitting here waiting for me to take pics.
  18. Trouble is Mississippi, Louisiana and Maine don't have coins yet.
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