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  1. Sneak Peak!




    Coming soon in several editions. Keep an eye on this thread for more sneak peeks and sample pictures!


    :laughing::laughing::laughing: Got one of each today! Yippee! Kat this one looks way cool!


    Thanks again for a wonderful design!



  2. Wow am I stoked to get a couple of the the Night Furies!


    Totally wanted one of the purple ones and have tons of coins for trade or $$ if anyone is interested. My daughter saw them and would be too sweet to get that smile! :blink:


    Thanks and Happy Caching!

  3. I just wanted to voice to PB -->>> These puzzles and this whole chaos is amazing!!!!


    It posted the day I went on vacation for 9 days. I had only time to look into a couple of them. Since I have been back, I spent some time looking a bit more. WOW!! Yet to solve even the basics, but still trying! Quite a race going on, with those who can actually solve some! ;)


    Thanks for the incredible efforts it must have been and Happy Caching! :D:D:huh:


    Marshall (aka RSCAENSD)

  4. RSCAENSD has always brought a lot of questions at events and when I meet someone on the trail.

    I was lucky enough to refind my wife Robin 10 years ago this week! We have actually known each other our entire lives since her folks went to high school with mine.

    Her full maiden name is Robin Sue Carrie Ann Ecker and her family resides in Florida. I moved her to San Diego in 1997. At that time she had vanity plates FL that said RSCAE. So now that she is in Dago it just turned into RSCAENSD. It has been my handle for email and user name for just about anything we do online. I pronounce it risque-n-s-d! :):D:D

  5. Ok, so I am getting close to 500 finds and I am thinking it is about time I made some hides. I have been getting some supplies together but I can not seem to find any camo duct tape. I found it on-line but would rather just buy it localy. Where can I get it? (I am in the south bay/Chula Vista area) Where else are good places to get good swag?


    Thanks in advance for the help! Sled Head.

    If you do a Google search, you will find several sources online. Here are a couple:






    I know it sounds funny, but I got some great cammo tape from LL Bean! Two rolls for $13

  6. -+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-

    Where: Iron Mountain/Ellie Lane Loop Trail Head (UPDATED 9/20/06)

    Parking: Dirt lot off Ellie Lane @ 32.98762, -116.97695


    Overall Terrain: 3-3.5 Difficulty

    Estimated Time: 4 hours


    When: Thursday, September 21, 2006

    Time: ~ 5:30 pm - 9:30 pm



    So far we have the following hikers planning to make it:


    team adelos






    Please feel free to join us. Since I am probably the slowest hiker, there is no fear of being left behind. We are thinking around ~5:30pm to start the hike. Expect ~4 hours for the hike depending on diversions. Bring water and a light source for when it gets dark. I am told that there are several ups and downs in this loop so be prepared.


    Provide feedback here if you are interested so we know who is coming. Hope to see you out there.


    Here is a link to the topo map of the trail:



    Although the link EllieLaneLoop.jpg shows doing a large loop, we will probably cut through the center instead. I did not realize that it went through all the way at the time.



    I'm in for the walk as well. See ya there!

  7. anyone interested in hiking from jackson drive up through the mtrp valley and over and across Fortuna and back out on Saturday night?


    the adrenaline cache is one of the caches on the agenda

    I may be able to make this, was planning on some night caching down low in MTRP since I have the night off, I will have to cover off with the cache widow. Will be in touch...

  8. Anybody interested in going to MTRP this weekend?


    I was planning on doing Kwaay Paay and surrounding area with starting point from ABOVE OLD MISSION DAM suggested parking.


    Sunday at 9 am :D


    Wish I could go back up with you in the a.m., but I am back on night shift. Actually was thinking of making the trip soon to rescue my BikeDog #2 coin, but if you are going, can you please stop by Travelita's, On Call #1 and move it on? The cache was archived for awhile but now it seems to be active again, but not sure for how long. I would appreciate it a great deal. :D Thanks!


    BTW PB, got a note to send to you about Atlantis...:D

  9. OK here it goes you hide a cache,

    then you get it published,

    then you go find it and sign the log FTF

    Check this out



    It's a bit bizarre. The log says:

    outlaw 2 got me started bought a gps and this was my FTF

    It looks to me like this is how it went down...

    You hide a cache,

    You tell your brother where it is.

    He finds it

    Then he logs it under your account



    Man that is funny as heck! SlabyFam and Sliderule both chiming in on the log!

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