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  1. Look what I got! Thank you so much for all the goodies (which I'm eating now) and the coins. Hoppy Easter everyone!




    EMAIL SENT: Feb 23,2015

    NAME RECIEVED: March 7, 2015

    MISSION SENT: March 14, 2015




    Awesome ! Glad everything made it there safe and sound! Hoppy Easter indeed to you and yours!

  2. Thanks rscaensd for all the nice stuff you sent!!! GeoWoodstock XI trackable playing cards, a very cute Baby Earth Turtle 2014 along with 2 pathtags. I love everything :wub:



    You are very welcome. and Thanks again for all of the goodies!

  3. Email Sent: 2/1/15

    Name Received: 2/2/15

    Mission Sent: 2/3/15

    Mission Arrived at Destination: TBD - We are hoping soon!

    Mission Received: 2/7/15


    We received ours in mail today ! Did not have time to open it yet, but am waiting for daughter and Mom to get home!


    Thanks Again,


  4. Signing up for this. Looks like fun!



    #10 mamoreb

    #11 The Fossillady

    #12 lularib

    #13 Funkmaster-T

    #14 fuzziebear3

    #15 Family of Goats

    #16 KBfamily

    #17 LewisClan77

    #18 sheltiedogshowlover

    #19 enola05

    #20 MooseJawSpruce

    #21 the4dirtydogs

    #22 yanagi

    #23 kini_ont

    #24 usyoopers

    #25 Maine Family

    #26 Ashallond

    #27 southern_angel

    #28 RhinoInAToga

    #29 ALAUNOS


    #31 Team kizb

    #32 jpbarr

    #33 CCWashburn

    #34 sdkonkle

    #35 Guwapo

    #36 greenstone carver

    #37 Arndtwe

    #38 Hot Pepper Crew

    #39 The Smurfinator

    #40 BryanFamily

    #41 HarlansHollowFarms

    #42 RSCAENSD

    This looks like a blast, can not wait to see it! RSCAENSD will play at #42. A lucky number for us!

  5. This thread is to arrange group outings to tackle particular caches.


    Good day, all San Diego cachers!


    I am a geocacher from the Czech Republic (even though I do geocaching on many places around the world, too) - and I found an interesting "twin project" combining a cache in Prague and a cache in Bilbao Park in San Diego. I am looking for a collaborator from San Diego to participate in this project: you find and log a cache in San Diego, I find and log a cache in Prague. I already have the final coordinates of a cache in San Diego - and I will happily give them to anybody who wants to find for me the clues (pointing to the twin cache in Prague) described in the project here: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?guid=185f1b99-e8f3-4913-9d1e-0aefcd08d1a5


    I am not sure how many people will be reading this post - just in case that more geocachers reply to me, I must warn you that the rule of this project allows me to exchange the final coordinates for the clues with only one geocacher. I do not want to disappoint anybody - so if you are willing to look for the clues, let me know and I will confirm to the first such geocacher that I will be waiting for his time (without starting to negotiate with anybody else).


    Thanks a lot for all replies, and I hope that I am not abusing this thread (but the topic seemed to me to be an appropriate one),

    Martin (geonick: tulak)

    Hey there, this is RSCAENSD aka Marshall and we would love to do this one with you! Did you get somebody yet?

  6. About two hours to go for my YotR AE and Netsuke AE auctions!




    Thanks so very much, a wonderful thing you have done here. We totally understand any delays. We wish you and your family a safe journey, and we are sending happy thoughts your way!


    Marshall (aka RSCAENSD)

  7. Mapping projection on the Astronomical Clock Tower situated at Old Town Square in center of Prague


    Check out this amazing art presentation if you like Astronomical Clocks.

    It's a 3-D Mapping animated projection done for the 600 Years Anniversary of the Astrological Clock Tower situated at Old Town Square in center of Prague.


    Watch the 2nd video for the actual presentation!! Also, Watch at FULL SCREEN for maximum effect ;)


    D-man B)


    edited to clarify correct video


    WOW! Way Cool! Thanks for sharing!

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