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    When a new cache is listed, maps only appear after a while. I think same happens when the owner has updated his cache description, i.e. after the update is posted, the maps disappear and will come back after a while. I think I saw this described somewhere on the GC site, but as it down right now , I cant point you to there. But it has definitely nothing to do with your PC hardware!
  2. Perso j'utilise un GPS Bluetooth (Royaltek), ainsi le compartiment CF reste libre pour pour une CF avec les cartes TomTom et Ozi. Sur GPSPassion.com tu trouveras plein d'info sur les modules GPS pour PDA!
  3. Pour info, un ami cacheur a lesté une boîte de munitions, puis l'a laissé dans un tonneau plein d'eau pendant plusieurs mois. Résultat: pas une goute à l'intérieur!
  4. Super, le site Bon vent au site, et bon géocaching en France! (J'y serais fin août )
  5. Of course there are The starting coordinates of Waterloo 1815 are at the monument. On the battle scene, you will find two more caches, In View Of Lion Hill and The Eagle's Last Battle. Just to a "find nearby caches" from any of those listings, and you will find a lot of other nice caches, E.g. in the nearby Soignes Forest!
  6. José Bové met des pompes de ville?
  7. Je crois savoir que vnc travaille à une carte interactive pour la France. D'après cette discussion, ce serait pout bientôt
  8. Afin de ne pas encombrer l'autre topic, je démarre un nouveau fil Question de l'utilisation des langues dans les descriptions des caches... Je dois avouer que je suis moi-même un très mauvais exemple, puisque je rédige tous mes textes (description, logs, ...) en anglais Cela est "historique", quand j'ai commencé le geocaching il y a trois ans, les quelques caches placées en Belgique avaient le plus souvant leurs descriptions en anglais. Et perso, je préfère l'anglais pour écrire, c'est plus concis Entre-temps, j'ai ajouté des descriptifs en français et néerlandais à ma cache Waterloo 1815, mais afin de ne pas surcharger le descriptif déjà long, il s'agit de liens vers de pages séparées. Qu'en pensez-vous? Je compte faire de même pour mes autres caches. Et quand j'irai en vacances en France au mois d'août, je tâcherai de logger mes trouvailles en français
  9. Hi guys, thanks a lot for bringing the belgian provinces to life However, from habots' list, you forgot Brussels, which is the capital of Belgium but not part of any province, it's a "region" on its own. Could you add it as well? Also, a small cosmetic thing : to be coherent with other names, "Brabant Wallon" should be with a capital letter on both words. For the moment, it says "Brabant wallon", without capital on the second letter. Thanks a lot, Jiheffe
  10. Hi, I'm living in Belgium, and a colleague of mine will be in the Washington DC area beginning of May. I'll take to opportunity to have him bring me a MeriPlat back to Europe. Street price here is about 560 EUR, for that price you can buy two units in the States! Does anyone of you out there in Washington DC have good adresses of store were he could find a MeriPlat at a good price? I've been told you can find them for as little as 200 USD. Is that right? Thanks a lot in advance! Jiheffe Don't Dream It... Be It!
  11. Hi, As a premium member having the possibility to make Pocket Queries, I use this feature to regularly download all Cache Waypoints in Belgium/Luxembourg, then convert them to a format suitable for TomTom Navigator (ov2 format). This is very usefull to drive with my car to the closest point near the cache. I now have a request for making this information in ov2 format available to other TomTom Navigator users. Would I be breaching some kind of "copyright" by doing so? My understanding is that the individual waypoints are "public domain", but that lists of waypoints may not, as you can only have them by being premium member. Am I right? Or can I publish those ov2 files? Jiheffe Don't Dream It... Be It!
  12. Hi, I agree with Rovertje. Although the software HAS some GPSr-related features, it's not the most easy to set to use... BUT the maps are REALLY good, and for 100 € you have all Belgium at 1-50.000 level. On the www.geocache.be forums, I posted a topic on exporting the maps to OziExplorer using screen captures and some stitching in Paint Shop Pro. Quite cluttery to do, but the results are interesting! Once in OziExplorer, you can play around with routes, tracks, etc... If needed, I can prepare a more detailed "tutorial" and post it. Jiheffe Don't Dream It... Be It!
  13. Pick has placed a cache on "Robinson Island" in Brussels, Belgium, last winter. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?ID=49690 He placed it this winter, when the pound was frozen, but the ice melted a few day after, and it still is untouched This really frustrates me, coz it appears on top of my "Nearby Caches" each time... The island is located in a very crowded park, so it will be difficult to get to it without being spotted by the local police I'll have to find out... our wait till next winter Jiheffe Don't Dream It... Be It!
  14. There is a french initiative called "GeoLutins" (should translate to something like "GeoDwarfes" or GeoElfes"...) More info on them at http://www.kikankoi.com/geolutins/index.phtml. Click on the animated flags in the upper right corner to change language to english... I didn't use this service yet, so I can't tell you how ik works exactly... Jiheffe Don't Dream It... Be It!
  15. I would suggest that the french-speaking site also covers Luxembourg. If Pick moderates this site and forum, I suppose he allready thought about this, as his backyard must be somewhere touching Luxembourg Jiheffe Don't Dream It... Be It!
  16. Goed idee, als het voor Pick OK is, denk ik dat hij goed geplaatst is Vraagje (ga ik ook in de geocache.be forum posten): welke taalpolicy gaan wij hanteren in de forums? Een enkel forum voor franstaligen en nederlandstaligen, waarin idereen zijn eigen taal hanteert (of engels), of twee verschillende forums? Ik zou eerder pleiten voor de eerste optie. Jou idee? Jiheffe Don't Dream It... Be It!
  17. Hi Rovertje, Ziet et goed uit! Uitstekend werk dat je daar geleverd hebt! Heb je al iemand om naar het frans te vertalen? Véél tijd heb ik niet, maar ik ik wil wel een handje toesteken! Jiheffe Don't Dream It... Be It!
  18. That's right, but what about two different watchlists? I like to place on my watchlist caches I have allready found, just for the fun of remembering them when someone else reports a find. Wouldn't like to mix this with caches I would like to search for one day or another... I support the suggestion of a separate "wish-list"! Jiheffe Don't Dream It... Be It!
  19. Hi Lildevil, I spun a new file friday, and all those unicode characters appear perfectly! I also like the "Placed By" section! Thank a LOT! Jiheffe Don't Dream It... Be It!
  20. Lil Devil, this is great! Just gave it a try and created the channel in AvantGo. Perfect! I only have problems with accented letters such as é, à , ç, etc... (In Belgium some people speak French ): an "é" shows as "é", etc... I have no idea whether the problem lies in the GPX file, or in IE op the Pocket PC, or wathever... I'l have to find it out Thanks a LOT anyway! Jiheffe Don't Dream It... Be It!
  21. Hi Stéphane, Besides the cookie issue mentionned by Grokky, the problem can lie with accentuated characters in your name... did you register your name as "Stéphane" or "Stephane"? Not kidding, notice the accentuated "é" (e accent aigu). It seems to me that you registered with an e accect aigu, but that is was not correctly interpreted by the US bulletin board, which probably doesn't know about extended character codes... Try again registering as "Stephane", without accentuated character! Regards, Jiheffe Don't Dream It... Be It!
  22. Thanx! And a merry X-Mas anf happy New Year to all you guys out there! Jiheffe Don't Dream It... Be It!
  23. Thanks to all of you! Wat was disturbing me (and still does a litle ), is the fact that the adjective "Virtual" occurs both in the "Cache Type" and "Cache Size" attributes... Jiheffe Don't Dream It... Be It!
  24. Hi all, I've uploaded a couple of pictures with my cache instructions (not logs). Is there any way to change the comments I've put with the pictures? When I click on the link, I simply get the picture... Or do I have to delete them and upload them again? Thanks, Jiheffe Don't Dream It... Be It!
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