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  1. First of all, thanks a lot for adding Brussels to the list of provinces in Belgium! Now we don't have that "black hole" in the center . People have already started to update their listings. I noted however that in the Pocket Queries I received this morning, those listings contain the value "none" instead of "Brussels". When the listing has not yet been updated, this state field is empty (as expected). The other provinces (that were already available for a long time) are OK. May I ask you guys at Groundspeak to check this out? Thanks a lot! The Belgian geocaching community owe you a lot!
  2. Did the same in the french speaking belgian forum and in the french forum .
  3. Hi guys, Does anybody out there know a cacher called "musicman_dk" ? I'm desperately trying to get in contact with him... I am the owner of a TB, "The Eagle fies again", which was placed by musicman_dk in the cache "Ambrosius Stub - Ambrosius Egen" on August 16th, 2006. On August 27th, he took it back from the cache, and since then, nothing anymore... The last time he did log in to geocaching.com was on November 16th, 2006... I'm afraid he stopped caching. I mailed him a couple of weeks ago, but didn't get any reponse. If somebody who's watching this knows him, I would be grateful if you could ask him to move my TB forward, or if he stopped caching you could grab it from him and move it on ! Thanks a lot for your help, guys!
  4. Thanks to both of you guys! I'll try it and I'll let ya know how it went!
  5. Thanks Eartha ! Things are moving quickly today, and in the meantime my coin has already been picked up by someone ! Guess this will make it even more challenging to insert my log ? Probably better leave it as it ?
  6. I've had a friend drop one of my TBs (actually a geocoin) in a cache in Melbourne. It's goal is to go back to Belgium. I activated/released it here in Belgium, and my friend simply grabbed it from me, then dropped it in Melbourne. I thought that by activating it in Belgium, its mileage would have started here. In other words, I thought I would already be able to see its travel to Australia on Google Earth. Obviously, this does not work, which is quite logical, as I did not drop it in a cache in Belgium, so there's no way to know from where the mileage should be recorded. So, my fault, I goofed Now my question: is there any way I could recover that error and retroactively log it in/out one of my caches here in Belgium, say, one week before my friend logged his grabbing ?
  7. No offence meant... but there are some more territories other than California in this world... Here in Europe, it's 18:15... which would be a rather usual time to see a "Server too busy" syndrome... Joke apart, I guess there is something else going on than simply too many requests on the servers?
  8. Normal! Tous les récepteurs ont des problèmes sous les feuilles des arbres, même s'il est vrai qu'on à fait d'énormes progrès ces dernières années! Les Etrex ont une antenne de type "patch" moins sensible que les antennes "quad-hélix" des modèles plus "haut de gamme". D'autre part, la puce SiRF III que l'on trouve dans les récepteurs les plus récents augmente encore très fortement la sensibilité, au point qu'avec ces récepteurs-là, les arbres ne sont vraimment plus un problème. Pas à ma connaissance, même si, techniquement, ils pourraient le faire. De fait, le "boom" récent des GPS est en grande partie du au fait que l'administration Clinton a obligé le 1/5/2000 les militaires américains à abandonner le faussage intentionnel du signal civil qu'ils généraient jusque là.
  9. Jiheffe


    I do agree with you. The OP was talking about the forums, and I don't see a reason to change them. As said we are very happy with our current setup. As to languages used in cache listings, I can surely follow you. I also have problems with people logging caches in France only in dutch or german - or vice versa. I guess the mimimum respect to the cache owner is to log in a language that he is likely to understand. Now, I must admit that I myself often do sin against this, as I log 99% of my caches in English. But then, I always guessed that people that use the services of geocaching.com would have a basic understanding of english, as the whole site is english only!
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    Thanks a lot, but we are very happy with our current setup French speaking forum Dutch speaking forum No need to further think about it, thanks!
  11. And congrats for being the only person on the internet to correctly spell "voila", reather than wa-la Well, actually, as it is a french word, it spells "voilà", with an accent (accent grave in french) on the "a" But as you probably don't have it on your keyboard, you're forgiven Edit: Sorry didn't see the same remark in Team Neos' post . And yes, I LOVE the new maps. Certainly now that Google maps are available for Europe
  12. Jiheffe


    If you want to spot archived caches in a particular place, the easiest is to find a long time cacher in that area, and look at his finds. They will include archived caches as well. You can still access them en download them as GPX files, for instance to import them into GSAK.
  13. Jiheffe

    Survey Email

    I am working in Marketing in a very large (Fortune 100) US company operating worldwide, and we use Zoomerang as well. They're quite known on the market, so you should not fear anything.
  14. That would be great for example in my above mentionned cache, Waterloo 1815, for the additional WPs "AIGLE" and "HOUGOU". But when it's simply a couple of coordinates to indicate a eturn path, putting them as Waymarks would not have much value...
  15. I was probably mislead because you suggested "Reference Point" in reply to a post where there was made reference to some "waypoint that would be used for bearing/distance". I saw your suggestion as focused on that "bearing/distance" thing. But re-reading the whole thread, i'm certainly not going to argue on the term. The important thing for me is to have some category where I can document coordinates that are not needed to find the cache, yet are worthwhile to be communicated (E.g. historical places, suggested return path)! Thanks a lot for all the good stuff!
  16. Sorry for the late answer... Though I have email notifications enabled, I didn't receive any, so I though there was no activity in this thread Yep! But a misc. point is not neccessarily a Reference point Just thought "miscellaneous" would be more general and could cover whatever does not fall in one of the other categories. But then, I'm not native english speaking, so I might be missing a point here?
  17. Sorry for insisting, but I would stick to my initial suggestion a "Misc." category. This would simply cover all other situations where its neither a Parking, a Trailhaid, or an Intermediate Waypoint. Such as the projection example given above. I have a couple of caches that would benefit from this feature in different ways: In Eau à tous les étages (Retour aux sources 3), I use such a waypoint to indicate a suggested return path In Waterloo 1815, I use them to signal historical places that might interest people, yet are not mandotory to find the cache Thanks!
  18. Well, at least the listing is available in several languages. I agree it would be wonderful to have all the logs translated as well, but I don't see this as doable... /1/ People are not all able to write in several languages, /2/ not everybody who can would take the time to do it, and /3/ as mentionned above, those automatic "translators" often give very poor results... Living in Belgium, I must admit I mostly write my listings and posts in English, though I've started to make some of them multilingual lately But then, it's may be just a question of lazyness, as English is so much crisper to write BTW, as you can see from the latest log on above mentionned cache, we Belgians are not too regarding on languages Gr1sou starts his log in French (as he knows I am a native french-speaking), continues in English, and finally thanks (in French ) for providing a Dutch translation so his kids could follow! Didn't need need any gc.com structure to do that Edit: Typos...
  19. Well, you could always do it this way.
  20. Why should Jeremy have an opinion on this? Thanks to TPTB we all have fun geocaching. Isn't that good enough? Just write your descriptions as you like it, and others will read (or not) them as they like it...
  21. Yes! But I've seen you allready did it I was thinking about another type... On several caches, I have posted coordinates for a suggested return path from the final cache location back to the car. These are not actual stages of a multicache, stricto senso. Maybe a general category such as "Misc. WPs" ? Anyway, a great feature! Thanks a lot for this! Now curious how GSAK and other will exploit the potential of this!
  22. Well, not lots of caches in this part of Belgium, but this is the nearest one (and an easy one): ... GCNWRJ - Bruyantes, les éoliennes?. Happy stay in Belgium and happy caching!
  23. 9 metres? Mais c'est super! Ton récepteur marche nickel! Un écart systématique de p.e. 100 metres pourrait indiquer une erreur de datum, mais 9 metres, c'est une très bonne marge d'erreur (EPE = Estimated Positionning Error). L'urtilisation du Nord "vrai" (géographique) ou magnétique n'aura pas d'influence sur le calcul de la position. En réalité, pour le géocaching, on s'en fiche pas mal, sauf s'il s'agit de calculer une projection à partir d'une coordonnée.
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