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  1. I agree. I've looked as well, but just haven't seen any apparel that jumped out at me to purchase. Sharnie
  2. Thank you Thank you Thank you ! ! ! ! That worked! I was choosing Oklahoma and my zip code, so it was confusing things. Just for the record, I did a search all day yesterday and that post you gave me did not come up. I wonder why, because that answered all questions. Again, thank you. Sharnie
  3. lol....no I'm using a good zip code and saying 20 mile radius......but still its not working. Thanks for your reply. Sharnie
  4. Thank you for replying. I have tried several things. I did get some results when I did not choose "From Orgin", but I only got 10 caches and some where over 100 miles away. I just don't see what I'm doing wrong. Maybe printing the pages off instead of trying to go "paperless" is just not worth it. errrrrrrr Thanks, Sharnie
  5. Ok, I am a premium member. I go to "Build Pocket Queries". I answer the questions, mostly basics and then hit submit. It comes back saying no results found. I've done this 4 times now. I have no idea what I am doing wrong. Please can someone give me step by step examples. I'm sorry to ask, I am very computer literate, but this seems to be kicking my butt. Maybe I'm not thinking outside of the box. Thanks, Sharnie
  6. I just received my first unit, a Garmin eTrex (Yellow). It is very basic and it seems to be doing what I need, but I can see that one day I might want to get something better. My kids are really liking this new adventure, so I might pass it down to them someday. Sharnie
  7. This is my first post as I am very new to geocaching. I have 5 finds so far. And I'm sure that one day I might change my mind, but yesterday was my first find in a parking lot lamppost. It was exhilirating. I was so giddy trying not to be noticed by "muggles". I enjoyed it thouroughly. I know from reading that it might get old but for now, it was a hoot. Sorry to get off topic, but wanted to respond to the "YALC". Thanks, Sharnie
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