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  1. The past few months I had some problem in receiving Pocket Queries. It looks like only half of them is delivered. The PQ-page shows them as processed but they never arrive in my mailbox.


    At first I had 5 pocket queries for Belgium, running them everyday. A few months ago I noticed that not all of them where delivered, 3 out of 5 was a good average, and they were not always the same 3.


    After a tip from a fellow cacher I deleted all PQ's and re-entered them and recently I had to add one more for Belgium, so now I have 6 to cover the whole country.


    I run 5 and 6 (the newest caches) everyday, 1 and 2 on Thursday, 3 and 4 on Friday. The 5th one is almost everyday in my mailbox, the 6th one almost never. On Thursday and Friday I receive 2 pocket queries most of the time and when lucky I get them all...


    Something is wrong here, but what ?


    The spamfilter at my provider is turned off (I filter them myself and geocaching is not seen as spam). The GC site marks the PQ's as processed but I can't see any other trace of them.


    I anyone knows a solution, please tell...


    Kind regards


    Kris (&An)

  2. Hi all,


    I was just wondering, when you're making a multicache you would have all WP's in your GPS device and later on, in a GPX file. Wouldn't it be easy to be able to upload this file as a waypoint list ?


    As far as I know now you need to type all the coordinates by hand, which is a source of errors.


    So I was just wondering if this could be a good feature to add to the site.


    Kind regards,



  3. I think it's not only the time to construct the caches but there are aother things that need to be taken care of when organising an event.

    eg. a headquarter place where you can house +100 people needs to be booked at least 6 months in advance.

    Wouldn't it be pitty to have booked the HQ and find out that 3 months later the area is full of new caches so you need to place the eventcaches kilometers/miles away from the HQ ?



  4. Hi all,


    we were just wondering about this. There has been an issue recently in Belgium.


    Some people where preparing the caches for an event and in hte meanwhile another cacher did put a cache in place in the same 'region' disturbing the eventcaches.


    Do reviewers in other countries reserve some spots for an event or is there another system in place ?


    We're waiting to hear how this is done...





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