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  1. On ‎10‎/‎20‎/‎2019 at 9:57 PM, The Jester said:

    As a temporary workaround, start with page 2 deletions then do page 1.  That way no 'new' caches appear on page 1 from page 2.

    Great suggestion, I have an ignorelist of several pages (even more now as only 500 can be displayed) but there is no direct link to each page...


    My first reaction when I saw this 'new' list page, gosh, it's slow. then I tried checking a box, gosh it's slow. Then I tried deleting the selected, gosh it's unclear and slow.

    Then I moved to the second page (of 500 caches, not 1000), gosh that was slow. Selected again, yeah indeed very slow, deleted again, slow and unclear interface... and gone back to page 1, great design.


    I'm very sorry, but change and evolution should be improving, in this case it's only going backwards.


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  2. Mine doesn't have a problem, but if I start the player it comes up with the turning wheel (waiting icon) and after a while it stops turning and the only option is a soft reset.



  3. Indeed and it would be great to have access to older versions of the player and keep track of which version is tested and working on which device. But it indeed looks like the bigger goal is to get us all to buy a new Garmin device.



  4. I just downloaded and installed Ver 2.0.4907.4007 Date 7/03/08 12:13 Engine Version 2.11


    GPS settings COM4/4800Bd and working fine on the HTC P3300/Artemis !


    Thanks to Groundspeak to release this manual settings version !



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