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  1. Man, what about all of the fuel it took to put the satellites in orbit... just so we could go hunting for plastic McDonald's toys hidden inside a plastic Lock n Lock. Seems like they could have found a better reason for those satellites to justify the rocket fuel pollution.
  2. Not a geocache, but this story reminded me of many caches I have found recently. All of the goodies were moldy and nasty. http://paleofuture.gizmodo.com/enormous-time-capsule-opened-sucks-1732915118
  3. After yesterday's violence in Virginia, we had a tense moment at Mississippi State University this morning. Reports of an active shooter went out. Later when the all clear was given, I noticed the video of the arrest was right where WebCam Cache GCNHA5 points. Sure enough, somebody got a screen grab. The suspect didn't "phoon" so no smilie for him on the way to the slammer. Here is the log showing the arrest - http://www.geocaching.com/seek/log.aspx?LUID=07c44b1b-cef2-46e7-9806-42991f51c63f Glad everyone is ok though.
  4. How long will the "old search" stick around? I greatly prefer the look of that one. Much easier to read.
  5. I like to eat those little silica packets. I sprinkle them on my Tuna Helper meals.
  6. I noticed a local guy (a noob too), who I'm pretty sure couch logged every cache type on August 1st, presumably so he'd receive all 7 souvenirs. Sure, I can't proooooove it....but he logged an attended log for an event that hadn't happened yet. He logged a quick generic log on a multi-stage 5/5 cache that requires a boat and a long hike,he logged an Unknown cache that's currently flooded, and logged an earthcache without a photo and no answers were emailed to the earth cache owner according to my email to the owner. I noticed that two of the cache owners deleted the finds. But I also noticed that his souvenirs are still on his profile. Will those be removed after they are rewarded but the finds are deleted? Now before someone says, "What do you care, if you don't like it...don't look at his souvenir page"....I'd like to point out that I don't care. This guy is the one who missed out on the adventures of actually finding caches. I'm just wondering if the souvenirs go away automatically if the finds are deleted.
  7. "I'm looking for a really huge poisonous snake that lives in this area" usually makes them move along.
  8. If this was the real world ....someone will take all of the items, and leave an empty peppermint patty wrapper, a used roll of cherry chapstick, a rock, and a coupon for some orville redenbacher instant popcorn that expired last October. And they'll leave the lid loose so it fills with water.
  9. One time I posted a Needs Archived on a missing light pole film can at Walmart. The owner hadn't logged in for over a year, and it had DNF's from 10+ cachers. I got angry emails from 2 guys over that one, telling me not to be a cache cop. I figure if people get that mad over a lame LPC, one might expect to be lynched for requesting archival on a historic Webcam cache with lots of favorites.
  10. Hello. I am not trying to be a cache cop, I am just wondering what opinions are out there. I know there are no more new Webcam caches, and that people are pretty protective of the ones still going. There are 2 webcam caches here locally, and both have been down for a long time. Here's one: Beale Street As you can see in the gallery, the camera hasn't worked since 2012. The Earthcam website no longer lists this camera as one you can view. Same for the other Webcam cache down the street. I posted a Needs Maintenance log yesterday since I could not get a picture form the camera, which was promptly deleted by the CO. That's her prerogative I suppose, so I posted a DNF and moved on. My question is, at what point should this one be archived? It's been 2 years since the camera was removed. Posting a selfie with your iPhone kinda defeats the purpose of a webcam according to some I've talked to. Others have no problem with it. Thoughts?
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