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  1. Just a few notes about reducing basic members perks.

    As a basic member I acknowledge that Geocaching does not earn much money from me. I have bought a few trackables, that may have made them a bit of money. So if Geocaching has introduced a reduction in basic members functionality to increase their willingness to pay, that is fine of course for a commercial company. However, I fear that for many non-paying members it will just reduce their fun in geocaching and in the end they may stop with it. I can use my money for more useful purposes. It is my experience that many premium members are happy with non-premium members around (we often go geocaching in groups) so in the end they will also loose their fun and may stop.

    I guess Geocaching will have to analyse which way they can make most money. If they decide to get rid of non-paying members, they loose me (and family).

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