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  1. Currently i'm using an Axim x51 with a tomtom bluetooth reciever for caching. I would like to use my cell phone. The cell phone sees the reciever. I've found 2 free programs that should work on a cell phone. I've sent them both to the phone using bluetooth but I cant get either to install. Both are .jar files. Will these types of files just not work on the phone? Any ideas would be appreciated. I've got a feeling I'll be waiting for my next free upgrade on the phone and do little more research prior to. Thanks In Advance 'Maro
  2. I got into geocaching because it helped me get out of the house and actually do things by myself or with the family. It has worked very well lately. I use a pda with maps on it. Big deal if someone uses a map program. They are out there enjoying the environment. Seems like some people worry too much about stats. I could care less who's the best, has the most, has found the most in certain amount of time. Post's like this make me think what is the main purpose of geocaching.com? Stats? If it is, someone needs to open their eyes and look at the bigger picture before complaining about others stats and how they got 'em. That's my 2 cents worth, I put a nickle in so I have one left. 'Maro
  3. wow....is there any limitations to the demo of BCNAV? Downloading 10x10 mi. of topo and arial maps. What I really like is the screen that has your current position and destination (long. and lat.) Beelinegps looks great also except it doesnt seem to have that screen or the maps. It might have maps....but didnt see it in their screenshots. I've got a 5/5 difficulty one here that we were within ~10ft of....straight down. Topo will maybe help find an alternate route. Muscles arent what they used to be, let alone bravery (or stupidity)...LOL. Thx Guys and Gals (pic which shoe fits...I dont wanna hear about both LOL) 'Maro
  4. My apologies for not getting back to this post. I tried the first one and got frustrated and stopped messing with it. I'll try all the above and post what suits me and why. Thanks All 'Maro
  5. Same here delay....link is down I guess.
  6. I'm a newbie (2 finds). Just into it. Have had a blast so far. I've got the following: Axim x51v Tomtom Navigator 5.2 bluetooth On my first to hunts I've already noticed something that bugs me. The Cache sites have the coordinates listed. I save that webpage to the ppc for field reading. In the field I open tomtom gps position.....but I cant put in the position i want to go to. Is there such a program that will show you current and destination GPS readings? It's a pain (and slows you down) to switch back and forth between programs to compare destination and current readings. I'll keep searching for an answer. I'm currently going through this pages listings: SOFTWARE LINKS 'Maro
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