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  2. Are you ready for Arkansas’s ultimate adventure in geocaching? Arkansas has 52 beautiful, historic state parks, each with their own special mission. The other thing they each have is a geocache. This adventure is based around visiting all 52 state parks. Each park cache has a clue that you will need to find the final, 53rd cache located somewhere in the state. Just download the clue sheet and start your adventure. We encourage you to upload photos on the geocaching.com page when you find one and also to tell us about your visit to the park on the state park blog. As an extra incentive, For a limited time you can pick up an Arkansas State Park geocoin at the final location and send it on it's way to visit parks throughout the world! These geocoins will be randomly placed in ParkCache geocaches so keep watching those cache
  3. Well, I'll be!! I had no idea that you could take a state name on to the zipcode in the zop/postal code search, but by golly... it does work! That is a great tip! Going to give it a try and see if I can get Searcy Arkansas (72145) out of Brazil.
  4. Arkansas state parks in the middle of the winter in the middle of the week. Does it get any better than this? http://www.geocaching.com/seek/log.aspx?II...mp;LID=36209328
  5. I'm not clear on the logging connection here. First, if you own the property I don't see why loggers would bother. Second, if this is a small strip of land they wouldn't want to waist there time on it. Third, if this is your land, and it's too small to log, why would a logger stop and ask questions if a car was parked there? Be careful where you place a cache, if it is on privet commercial timber land, you can count on loggers being very concerned about trespassing. No it's our land, 12 acres more or less, with some huge oak and cedar trees. We live in a small town. There are a couple of old logging families in town that don't like to see anyone from “the outside” get the jump on them. Any time one of them sees any activity on this little piece of land they will start waylaying me (Mrs. Beezer) and asking questions. I don't know what part of “it's not for sale” they don't understand. And I guess a mysteries sign will not stop them from doing this but I can tell them it's not for sale, the people you see there have special permission to be doing what they are doing. There is really more to the story but it doesn't have anything to do with geocaching and as much as I would like to witch about it here I will restrain myself. It's just one of those small town things.
  6. Sorry to post and run. We are having problems with our connection. Thanks for all of your suggestions. Much better than anything we came up with. We do have a cache hidden in an area with a regular no trespassing sign with an official geocache sticker attached, just wanted to make this one special. This is a little peice of land set off by itself and we wanted to make it special. Kind of a little geocache park. Most of it is too rough for anything else. Part of an old manganese mining area. Mostly mining cuts taken back by nature 60 years ago. It does set right on a county road with easy access. Local loggers start asking questions if they see anyone parked there.
  7. We own a little strip of land just big enough for three caches. There is a driveway (kind of rough) and a nice little parking area. We need to put up a sign that will deter all visitors except geocachers. We need to avoid using the word logging because there is some nice timber on the property and many Loggers in the area that will start bugging us if they think anyone is going to start logging (as in cutting down trees). Any suggestions?
  8. It was posted as a note to reviewer. Okay, thank you.
  9. Why does the "I took it" note have the little Signal head on it?
  10. And sometimes they go away, come back, go away.... http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=493347
  11. And Merry Chirstmas to each and everyone of you. From Mr. and Mrs. Beezerb
  12. Oops http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...35-af609b674064
  13. This old can has been under water many times. Still there and dry, just gets a little muddy.
  14. We enjoyed finding a couple of these and are looking forward to finding more at ahttp://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?guid=1ea1a911-a5f3-4c0b-af5a-316f867c9ce5 later date.
  15. "The cache itself contains a logbook, several pens, and a number of spotlessly clean recycled empty mayonnaise jars with lids; each jar bears a clean white blank label, which will be filled in by the finder with their name" Vinny, Vinny, Vinny - here's the problem. I think that logbook has got to be signed in blood.
  16. 11 is our personal best. If you look at the area we did them in you might not believe that we didn't get more. Oh well, we did our best. Uperdooper, if you're looking you may notice - WE GOT YOUR HAT!
  17. OH KNOW! I just ckecked and our calander ends on December 31st of this year. But on the bright side it's on a Monday.
  18. Nope, but there is madness to our method.
  19. Congrats on your 200th. We will get there some day, just not this day.
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