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  1. ?? Where do you see that? I don't see this data on Wherigo.com myself,... ?? I see: "Location: n/a"
  2. Hi, I created the following Wherigo module with help of earwigo: http://www.Wherigo.com/cartridge/details.aspx?CGUID=a733e641-19c8-4996-9788-dbe2c30e5997 However the cartridge is specified as being a play-anywhere. If I remove the check from "This cartridge can be played anywhere." (under Edit Details) and save it, it will just come back as being checked. At "This cartridge can be played anywhere." there is no field to fill in any coordinates. I tried different Browsers (Chrome and I.E.) but it's all the same. I found this thread: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=302050 with the comment: "A cartridge is recognized as a play anywhere cartridge by the cartridge object's StartingLocation attribute being set to Wherigo.INVALID_ZONEPOINT." I checked my gwz file by regenerating it from earwigo. Preferably I would like to check this in the file I uploaded to Wherigo.com, but I don't see how I can reach that. After unzipping the gwz file I noticed: cartTrollkarlensElixir.StartingLocation = ZonePoint(55.8493594993562,13.65294277668,0) I am not sure what the 3rd parameter is supposed to be (height?) but that seems to be correct anyway. Anyone any ideas what might be wrong?
  3. I had the same problem as in the original post and ended up here. I tried the zip file and it still didn't work but I fixed it. Though the info can be found on the forum I will post it here for completeness. First some personal background. I am new to Wherigo. I completed one and I am interested in creating one myself. I decided to use Earwigo, (since I use Linux, and Earwigo uses a web-interface) and I wanted to test this on the emulator on my wife's laptop that has windows. This is an AMD64. The problem had to do with these 64 bits and I followed the suggestion http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=212622&st=0&p=3843389entry3843389 Now that didn't work so well either, since the wrong .NET SDK was installed. The x86 was installed. So I uninstalled that one and installed the x64 one instead. Then I run the suggested command and started Wherigo and then all worked. Now I even tried copying back the previous map file and even that one worked.
  4. I had the same problem. Later (after a suspend resume) I pressed back in my browser and it asked for my password (I was logged in before). Then it downloaded the zip file all of a sudden.
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