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  1. I think this issue is fixed now, with the recent update. Can anyone else confirm?
  2. Did you download the cartridge as "PocketPC"? Any other format--the Garmin ones--will strip out the audio files. One easy way to verify this is to compare your GWZ's size with the GWC you download: the sizes should not dramatically differ (10MB vs. 600KB is a dramatic difference, but 10MB vs. 9MB is not in this example). I think this is fixed in the update. Can anyone else confirm?
  3. I have a series of caches I've hidden (each its own container, and each meeting the placement guidelines). I have a single Wherigo cartridge that takes cachers to each of the multiple caches. How should I post the series? - Each cache is a Wherigo type cache, with similar cache page pointing to the single Wherigo cart on Wherigo.com - one Wherigo and several puzzle caches? - ???? Thanks, John
  4. if I didn't know better, I'd say her campaign designer is a geocacher...
  5. Can anyone help get an update from Pi-Soft on their next release?
  6. Maybe I will. Have you considered a web based player? Getting frequent location updates to the server might be a challenge, but it seems like that might be doable.
  7. I see the Wherigo Foundation work. I had seen that before but didn't realize exactly the great work being done there. Question: What is the output of the compiler? Does it compile to an existing format, or a new format.
  8. I'm looking to interpret and run Wherigo cartridges in c#. I have this working a little using NLua for .net, but I'm missing lua code for all the Wherigo objects (ex Wherigo.ZCartridge). I think this could be reverse engineered with a great amount of work, but I'd guess it already has been. Can anyone share their effort running a cartridge in c#? Is there already some sort of Wherigo.lua code file available? Happy Caching, John
  9. Checking back in. This bug seems terribly inconvenient. I guess no one is fixing bug in the Wherigo app for iPhone? Is there any way for me to submit a bug request?
  10. I'm having trouble with the iPhone Wherigo app not playing sounds. When you first open the app the sounds work, but if you push the iPhone home button, and then return to the Wherigo app, no sounds will play. I've reproduced this issue with both the Wherigo and Urwigo players. It seems to work fine on my Garmin.
  11. UPDATE: I created a simple test application in Earwigo, and it also has this problem. Seems like maybe it is the iPhone player. Can anyone confirm?
  12. I've had this problem for a while, and it seems like a big deal to me. The following steps show the problem. Does anyone have a fix for this? 1) Build a cartridge in Urwigo with a single item, with a single action, that plays a sound. 2) Open Wherigo iPhone app and play the cartridge. 3) Select the item and push the button to play the sound. It works! Good. 4) Push the physical home button on the iPhone, to go back to the iPhone home screen. 5) Relaunch the Wherigo app, which is still open. 6) Reclick the button to play the sound - Now it doesn't play! 7) If you shut down the Wherigo app completely and restart, then it will play again.
  13. I'm still looking for a reliable way to play sounds on the iPhone. I'm using Urwigo, and sounds are only playing sometimes. It seems like the sound will play when I first open the cartridge, but if I click the iPhone home button, and then return to Wherigo, the sound doesn't play, and I only see a message at the bottom that displays the sound filename. Does anyone have a reliable way to play audio on the iphone?
  14. This can be argued both ways. Both metrics have merit. Raw point count favors easy and accessible caches over more remote or difficult caches. Can we agree that it would be nice if both were sortable? Then the user could decide which number was most valuable. Still, I think as time goes to infinity, the percentage is more interesting than the raw count.
  15. I'm not seeing the features and suggestions forum today. Did it move, get renamed, or removed entirely? I'm sure this is old news, but can someone fill me in?
  16. yes: http://www.downforeveryoneorjustme.com/img.geocaching.com
  17. Ok, I figured out how to reproduce it easily. The key is to play a sound in the Wherigo, then hit the home button on the iPhone (little, round, physical button centered at the bottom of the iPhone). Then re-launch Wherigo from the iPhone icons screen, and try again to play the sound. I reproduced this with a cartridge with a single media item (WAV audio file), and a single item, with a single command that plays that sound. The good news is it is much simpler than I thought, so hopefully this is easier to fix than bug from a complicated set of interactions bug. The bad news is it may affect every cartridge with sounds on the iPhone.
  18. I can't tell you how many times I've hit the quit button by mistake. It is the same place as the menu/back button, and where "back" typically is for many iphone apps. It quits the app completely without warning or an 'are you sure' prompt. Don't get me wrong, this is a nitpick, and I love that there is a functioning iPhone app. Just a frustration I've run into.
  19. I will play around with the above suggestions, but I'm not sure they are the cause. I've seen this happen with MP3s as well, so I don't think it is strictly the file format. Also, I don't think it is because the boolean variable is null. I've seen this happen with the most recent version of the Wherigo iphone app, AND the fact that it displays the name of the audio file at the bottom of the screen makes me think it is getting to the play sound block. Any additional thoughts?
  20. I've built a few cartridges with URWIGO and really like the builder. I've notice though, that audio files sometimes don't play, and instead a message box at the bottom of the screen shows the name of the audio file that should have played. I don't think the problem is with the audio file itself, as sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. The below screenshot shows an example, and the URWIGO build portion of the code that is suppose to play the audio. In this case, it is wired up to an action on an item. NOTICE: In the screenshot from the iPhone, at the bottom of the screen the name of the audio files is displayed "audioTickWAV."
  21. Here is a mock-up of what it could look like. If you look close, you can see little red smilies that show in a ring around the main cache icon which are color coded to indicate which friend has found that cache. This is helpful when planning a cache day with a friend, so you can find a place to go where there are caches that neither have found. Obviously if you have hundreds of friends this won't work, but if you have 1-10 close caching buddies, then it is great.
  22. Nevermind, I think I got it. I don't think it works with a GC code, but I did get it to work with coordinates.
  23. Sure, go to Hide and Seek a cache page - enter coords or a GC Code of a cache to center your search ADD A DISTANCE. This will limit the search to some number X of caches within that distance. Now sort on favorites, you won't lose the distance setting on this search. Can you walk me through this a little more. When I go to the hide and seek page, and enter a GC code and click the "GO" button next to the box, it takes me to that exact cache, not a list of caches near that cache. I don't see the "add a distance" option either. Sounds like I'm about to learn something really useful!
  24. Percentage is a very useful mathemtical concept when used properly. Percentage (or more generally a ratio) tells you something about the relationship between two measurements. In this case it would be about the relationship between number of finds and number of favorites. It provides a way to estimate for a partcular cache how many favorite points it would have if it got a certain number of visits. This can give a way to take two different caches and ask the question "If these two caches were visited by the same number of people, how many favorite points would each have." But you need to know this is an estimate and that the estimator has certain biases. If a cache has very few visitor because it appeals only to a few geocachers it may get more (or sometimes fewer) favorite votes than a cache that has broad appeal. It has also been pointed out that many older caches have a lower number of favorite votes than expected because finders of the cache in the past may not go back and award their old favorite vote. And there are difference caused by geocachers not always giving out all of their favorite points and by cache density where the favorite votes that are awarded end up being split among more caches. These biases occur not only between caches but even over time they effect a single cache. A cache with 90% favorites today may get visited by hundreds of mega-event attendees tommorow and see the ratio drop to 50%, even though many of the new visitors might give a favorite vote. Thanks tozainamboku for the well written and insightful critique. I appreciate that you made your arguments without belittling my suggestion, as I sometimes see on this and other forums. I agree completely with the complexity you explain. These considerations are what I alluded to when I noted 'No one system is perfect.' I still think for most/many caches, the percentage metric is less flawed than the raw count, and it would be great if we could have search functionality to find caches with high favorite percentages. Obviously, I would support an effort by Groundspeak to normalize for the age of the cache, density of the area, and other factors, to try and better suggest great caches. In the past I've also proposed a recommendation engine that could take in to consideration which caches you find and favorite, and recommend a customized list of caches to each cacher. There are lots of great opportunities to leverage favorite points. Happy Caching!
  25. Do all paying members have access to the replacement for pocket queries, which I assume is the APIs, or do you have to be a certified app partner?
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