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  1. I just noticed this page on the GC website...this is great as I love to track down and move geocoins. My problem is when I go to this page (http://www.geocaching.com/track/geocoin.aspx), it shows a map of some other part of the world with all of its great coins. I move the map to my town, but no coins show up. So, what's the trick? Thanks!
  2. Blows me away that they'd invest the $ to develop these slick new devices (CO, OR) and allow the accuracy to regress. I've noticed a lot written about this, is it as bad as it sounds?
  3. I've only been caching for a bit less than 2 yrs now, and it's not about the numbers for me. I could have a lot more caches found, but I don't get a big charge out of finding 1 in a series of 25+ skirt lifters, or any other hastily placed, crappy micro. I agree that some type of quality control needs to work its way into this hobby. I imagine this idea has already been beat up plenty (but I couldn't find anything all that close in my search), but what about some kind of rating system tied into the logging of a cache...i.e. a 2 or 3 item questionaire asking the finder what they think about the difficulty/terrain/overall experience of the cache and then the option for pocket queries to be filtered based on these numbers. I recall seeing some cache owners with links to such a rating page, but is this possible to be worked into the gc.com cache pages?
  4. I'd like to do a cache that consists of some type of prank (i.e. jelly-bean can jumping snake or something similar that gives a good surprise), but have some reservations as I don't want to be responsible for someone with a weak ticker checking out at one of my caches. Anyone seen any similar caches or have any thoughts on such a cache?
  5. I have an '06, and have tried to do the same thing without any luck. I'm convinced it's not an option. Would be nice though.
  6. I have version 8 on two units (both 60CSX). I can't figure out from the Garmin site if one update (i.e. one $75 fee) will allow me to update both units. Do I have to pay to update both units (i.e. 2 x $75) Can anyone help here? Thanks.
  7. Not directly related to this question, but here's another possibility if you're having problems with single coords. I discovered this the other day..... On the map page, I moved the pointer over a cache to select it and find out its name. I must've double-clicked it or something and inadvertantly moved the icon a bit (didn't know this could be done). When I went to go search, couldn't find it. Called my wife at home and had her check the coords and sure enough, the coords in the GPS were different by about 50'. This happened to me once before but I had no idea why at the time.
  8. Works well on the Samsung Blackjack.
  9. Almost a year now and no signs of this problem. In fact, no problems at all, yet (knock on wood).
  10. I ended up buying a 2gb card thru Amazon (Blue Proton?) for $31.45. I'm in the middle of downloading basically the southern half of the US (159 maps for 856mb)...how long should this take? It's looking like it's going to take about an hour and a half according to my pc. Is this normal? I understand one of the issues with the counterfeits is slow downloads. Can anyone let me know how long it took them to download this number of maps. Thanks
  11. I need to give in and buy a 2 GB card. I just got back from a business trip...realized when I got there that I'd forgotten to load that city's map (I'm still working w/ the orig 64 mb card). I do a fair amount of travel around the states and would like to load all of the CNv8 U.S. maps so I don't have to worry about this again. Any help is appreciated in finding the cheapest 2 gig card out there. Thanks
  12. I wasn't as lucky. I needed a new belt clip knob (the one that screws into the back) for my 60CsX...maybe a .50c piece of equipment. I called hoping they'd be so nice and comp me the piece, but they wanted almost $20 bucks (w/ s/h) for the whole deal with the belt clip. This was a very minor negative episode, but negative nonetheless.
  13. My area has recently been spammed with a series of 25 of these. Can someone tell me the quickest, easiest way to ignore a series of caches (i.e. those with a common name)? I started to open up each one and click the "Ignore Listing" link, but that was taking too much time.
  14. Don't know if you've heard anything, but I'm interested in this phone and am doing some research. Only good info I've found so far is at this link: I thought you might be interested in reading this web page: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...=6&t=153410 Do you have any other info that you'd be willing to share? I'm looking at this phone and the Treo 680. Thanks for the help. Fan4 San Antonio
  15. I'm using a Samsung Blackjack and upload HTML files created by GSAK to it. The entire cache pages, logs and hints are available on the phone and the WAP site is there if I need it. If gpxview won't work, you can always do it my way. Ahh-just the person I wanted to hear from. I'm looking into this phone...how intuitive is it getting the GC pages onto the Blackjack? Does GSAK make it as easy as the palm series? BTW-what do you think of this phone? I'm considering this or the Treo 680.
  16. I first tried caching with the 315, and the .01 issue (and the fact that I had to thumb-jam the coords in for each cache) made it way more challenging than it needed to be for a newbie. Luckily we found the cache or my family would've immediately lost interest. I did some fiddling with the settings after this experience and was able to get it to go out to .001. Never again used this unit for caching though, as that day I began researching for a new one and ended up spending the $ on a 60CSX...Almost a year later and I'm still happy I made this investment. I'd recommend that if you're going to spend any money, spend a bit more and get one of the units folks have been recommending in this thread.
  17. I travel a fair amount, and when I load points in another area, I just look at the map page (scroll until I see the boxes, then drill-down to make sure it's exactly where I want) to make sure they took.
  18. Anyone used this mount on a mountain bike? http://shop.garmin.com/accessory.jsp?sku=010%2D10454%2D00 Can you tell me if the top "o"-shaped piece is soft rubber (i.e. wraps around the antenna)? How securely does it hold the unit? Thanks!
  19. This is a sad practice. I've noticed folks with more coins on their list than caches. I'm with you...I only log coins/TBs that I move.
  20. I set several TBs loose a few months back for a race, and in addition to one of them going MIA within a week, I've been fairly disappointed in the ratio of "discovered it"s to "retrieved from..."s. It seems that there are quite a few folks who are only interested in boosting their stats by "discovering" the TBs and not grabbing them and actually moving them. Sure, I've seen quite a few TBs in caches that I didn't take (because I wasn't going to be able to move them anywhere good), but I didn't write down the nums just to log it and feel cool about my TB stats. Is it just me? Am I missing the gyst of the whole TB thang?
  21. It's set on WGS84. I'll try a few more downloads and look to see if I can get this to repeat.
  22. It's happened a few times now where I get to the coordinates, and I'm about 50-100' away from where I eventually find the cache. I use GSAK, and for whatever reason, some of the points end up on my gps a couple thousandths off while my PDA has the correct coords. Anyone else seen this?
  23. Anyone know where to find a watertight container (threaded w/ gasket, preferably) narrow enough to fit inside of a 1/2" ID pvc pipe?
  24. Wouldn't it be nice if the GPS units performed this function? I just dropped 400 smackers on a new handheld..it's great and I love it, but I wished it could store this kind of info.
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