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  1. I've searched previous posts and FAQs looking for directions on how to copy Mapsource to my computer so I don't need the DVD on the drive everytime. Thanks in advance. LP
  2. I've updated to 2.70 and 2.50 but now I always see 0 for Max Elevation and the other elevation data fields; Ascent, Descent, etc. I've reset and recalibrated several times with no change. Anyone else seeing this? Thanks!
  3. Thanks, I wasn't going down to the next level of setup.
  4. Yes it will. Also something you might consider later on is getting a really high capacity Micro SD card (1 gig or larger) and putting all the maps you will need on it. That way, you don't have to change mapsets every time you decide to take a trip. Just received a 60CSx with a 1G card and loaded City Select and US TOPO but now I can't figure out how to swith between Select and TOPO.
  5. This is a dangerous, or let's better say: inconvenient setting.Only under rare circumstances it will stay at 0mph for 90 seconds. Even under quite good reception conditions it is likely that you will get at least one position in 90 seconds which is far away enough so that the unit will compute a velocity above 0mph (though you have not moved it). That not only means that the compass will never turn on automatically, but worse: if you turn it on manually with the page key it will turn off itself nearly immediately (because the unit thinks at the next position calculation that you moved). In the latter case you will not recognize that on the compass page (it will tell you the compass is on, though it turned itself off), but you will see it immediately on the map page (I configured it in a way that the upper side of the map always shows the direction where I go): The map changes immediately to the gps-direction instead of the compass direction. That drove me crazy at first, because I used a comparable setting than you recommended above, and when I turned the compass on manually, the map changed for one second to the correct direction, and a few seconds later changed back to the (newly calculated) GPS-direction. It took me a day to recognize what the problem was, and after I changed the setting back to 10mph and 5 seconds, everything was fine. I feared that the compass would now activate itself when I am walking (because i don't walk with 10mph ), but it doesn't, and so I can conveniently turn it on and off manually with the page key, exactly like I want it. I just received my 60CSx and I'm a little confused about the advantage of using the compass. Wouldn't I want to rely more on the GPS heading considering the need for it to held level for an accurate compass heading?
  6. Just received my 60CSx yesterday, same day as firmware update, talk about living right...I updated to 2.70 but I can't find where to check if I have GPS SW 2.40 or 2.50. Thanks.
  7. I'll take a look at the Tip section...Thanks!
  8. Great info, I'm going on an extended trip to Alaska in June so I could use the extra life of the 2900s. Thanks, I'm new to this site and geocaching and I can't say enough about the help everyone has been to a newbie.
  9. Good articles photbuff and capt caper.
  10. Looks like the energizers are the way to go. Keeping them in pairs is a good tip, thanks.. Now the hard hard is waiting for everything to arrive!
  11. I just pulled the trigger on a 60CSx (hoping for a quick resolution to the elevation issue) and I'm wondering if anybody has a recommendation on rechargeable batteries. Garmin specs don't say much. Thanks...
  12. OK, I see US TOPO is 1:100,000 scale. Thanks
  13. I'm upgrading to the 60CSx from a Magellen 315 so using cards is all new. Will I swap out the 512 or 1G card when I want to use the 24K info or can I transfer it to the SanDsik? If you haven't loaded too much onto the 1GB card by all means go ahead and load whatever National Park data you can onto the same card. If you are like most of us and have maxed out your primary card, a secondary, probably smaller card would do nicely when you're in the National Park area. I think that if I was going to regularly use the NP data, I'd opt for putting it on my primary card to begin with. It's easy enough to toggle between CS/CN, topo, and NP data. OK, I didn't realize you could toggle between types of maps. Thanks
  14. I'm upgrading to the 60CSx from a Magellen 315 so using cards is all new. Will I swap out the 512 or 1G card when I want to use the 24K info or can I transfer it to the SanDsik?
  15. Thanks for giving me a persepective on the space map segments and. This kind of information is very hard to find. I was confused about Nat Geo maps. I had heard Garmin pretty much forces you to buy their maps but Nat Geo lists the 60CSx as capatible. They just wern't specific to what part was capatible. Have you heard anything about City Navigator V8 coming out soon? I thought I saw a post it will be released by June, but I can't find it. Thanks again...
  16. I'm looking at buying a 60CSx to use for geocaching and hiking in Alaska and Olympic NP this summer. I plan to get a 1GB SanDisk to load topo maps. What topo maps do you suggest? Garmin's TOPO 24K or National Geographic's TOPO. Also, it looks like City Navigator V8 is coming out soon. Should I wait for it or get V7 now and gamble on getting a free upgrade? Thanks.
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