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  1. Actually, No, they don't look good, not in Mozilla anyway. The formatting has a problem that runs the last digit of the log date into the first digit of the actual log text.
  2. Ok, seems like there is some interest. I think the first step is perhaps to get a group of us together for a chat and see if we want to organise something more formal. How about a weekday evening at a pub? A Thursday perhaps, (looks at calendar) How about April 1st? Any suggestions for a venue. FF
  3. The latest photographs from my "Beggars Bush" cache (GC8432) are now online at http://www.tuckley.org/BBush/ If you have visited the cache please take a look and let me know which picture is yours so that I can add the correct captions. FF
  4. As it's right next to the airfield at Shawbury and it's obviously a circle of well cut grass I'd say that it was probably the antenna for a radio navigation aid.
  5. Of course, we will need you to balance those that sneak in from Hampshire
  6. Yup, will be there as long as "Real Life" doesn't get in the way. Was really thinking of something further east, I think of the Chi event as a Hampshire/West Sussex event. Was really suggesting something less organised and at least semi-regular since there seems to be quite a few local cachers in Sussex now. FF
  7. It occured to me that it would be fun if all the cachers in Sussex organised a get together. Initially perhaps just for a drink and a natter one afternoon or evening, but with the idea of organising a "Sussex Cache Bash" for later in the summer. Anyone interested? FF
  8. You have been hit by Microsquish! http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?...b;en-us;Q834489 explains what happend. Basicaly they decided that they would stop it from working and F*** the specifications. There is a way around it - you need to add some registry keys. FF
  9. Picked up what appears to be a new type of travel bug from a cache this morning. It's French and is called a Geolutin. They have a site at http://www.geolutins.fr.st with English translations (click the flag). Anyone else come across these?
  10. Just want to add a "Me Too!!" to all the others. A very good day, I'm sure a lot of the people who turned up to see what it was all about now have a good idea. Nice to see some familiar faces and to put names to new faces.
  11. quote: Please ignore my link above as it doesn't seem to work anymore. It's moved to here: http://www.hants.gov.uk/countryside/geocaching/
  12. I've got two caches in/near Worthing which is just in West Sussex and there are about 20 caches within 20 miles of there. The Chichester/Selsy area is also well represented.
  13. I use my Yellow Etrex and a laptop running Autoroute 2000 sometimes when on a long new route. If you plug the Etrex into the laptop (and change the data transmission format) then you get a moving map display.
  14. quote:Don't know about camping !! Is there space for my caravan ?? We are using the CC site at Morn Hill for ours since we are staying several nights
  15. I'm a lapsed Ham, I even let my licence lapse last year after not using it for about 5 years Colin - G8TMV
  16. We hope to be there too and will help if we can.
  17. Congratulations! I'm working until 9:30 this evening but might pop along afterwards.
  18. The camera in the cache was filled up so I replaced it and have put the photos online. Could anyone who has visited the cache let me know which photo is theirs please. http://www.tuckley.org/BBush/
  19. Yes, a big thankyou to the admins. I've done forum admin on other systems in the past - it's normally a pretty thankless job. To the 3 (groups of) admins I offer a "well done".
  20. Lazy Leopard is to blame for getting me involved too - He's a cache-pusher!
  21. According to the referenced thread the move is postponed.
  22. Hi guys, I'm looking for a buddy to work with me on the above cache. See http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.asp?ID=12627 for more details. I'm looking for a location on the line S37 Deg 43.6?? ti use. If anyone is interested in helping then post here or email colin@tuckley.org Thanks in advance, Colin (Friendly Flyer)
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